BREAKING: Birthers Question Legitimacy of New GOP Chair

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Shortly after Reince Priebus was elected to replace Michael Steele as Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Birther Movement founder Orly Taitz told reporters that she has already been in touch with RNC headquarters and has submitted a formal request for a copy of Mr. Priebus’ birth certificate.

“I remember hearing him speak once, and I distinctly remember him telling the audience that he was born and raised in Kenosha,” Ms. Taitz — or ‘Orka’ as she was known to friends growing up with her in the area of the former Soviet Union which is now Moldova — told reporters.  “I forget exactly where in Africa Kenosha is, but based on his name and complexion, I’m guessing it was once a part of South Africa — which would make sense as it’s only appropriate that the party — if they did intend to put a foreigner in charge — would elect someone with firsthand knowledge of how successful a repressive white-minority government can be.”

While it is not against Party rules for the chairman to be born outside of the United States, Ms. Taitz added that, “it just sets a bad example and gives the appearance that the party is getting soft on immigration. I mean, first the Schvartzer and now this?”

Ms. Taitz also announced that she and her supporters are planning to picket Mr. Priebus’ first official event as Party Chairman, a $500,000 a plate fundraising luncheon with executives from Wall Street and the banking community that is expected to allow the GOP to repay the $20 million debt it accrued during Mr. Steele’s tenure, “and still have the least a few million left over.”