TSW #13

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You know, when I ran in 2008, the issue people were most concerned about, during the primaries was Iraq. And the surge in Iraq. And John McCain ran a very good campaign. He focused on his experience as a military leader, as a senator. He focused on Iraq and the surge. And that worked very well. Today, the issue people care about is the economy. And not just thinking about next week, or even next year. They are wondering whether 10 years from now, their kids will enjoy the America that is as prosperous as the America we’ve enjoyed. And the answer is this president has failed to deliver on the issue people care most about. And what people care most about, which is the economy, is in my wheel house. I spent my life not in politics. I’ve only been in politics four years, I was governor, four years. I didn’t inhale. My life has been as a private sector guy.

Willard “Mitt” Romney, Hannity, June 2