A Friendly Reminder

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A friendly reminder… just in case you forgot.

The enemy of your enemy still isn’t your friend.

The TV “news media” still carries water for the corporations that own and operate their networks, and/or sponsor their broadcasts.

TV “journalists” are still brainless bobbleheads who spew whatever they are paid to spew.   And what they are paid to spew is still anti-Dem/pro-GOP crapola.

The political websites that were catapulting rightwing propaganda during the BushCo years are still doing exactly that.  Only more so.  They did not become legit news sources at any time in the past – and will not become legit news sources at any time in the future.  Quoting their fallacies as facts is still as annoying as it was when the Republicans were doing it – it is even more annoying when done by self-proclaimed Democrats.

An unidentified “someone” is still not a reliable source for anything.   That includes the entire Someone Family:  someone in a position to know, someone in attendance, someone who heard, someone who knows someone, someone sworn to secrecy, someone who you’d-die-if-you-knew-who-it-was, and the ever-popular someone who can only speak on the basis of anonymity.

This is especially true of the latest “someone” on the scene, that all-knowing and downright prescient “someone who is familiar with this Administration’s thought processes.”   This particular someone is invariably touted as “knowing” exactly what the POTUS will say or do on any given issue – the after-the-fact inaccuracy thereof never being acknowledged.

The RW loudmouths who were lying, self-serving assholes during the Bush administration are still lying, self-serving assholes.  They didn’t suddenly become honest and intelligent, nor interested in your welfare or that of the country.  They were full of BS when they told you there were WMDs in Iraq; they are full of BS when they tell you that Obama plans to destroy Social Security or Medicaid.

The legitimacy of polls and/or the accuracy of their numbers doesn’t fluctuate commensurate with what you personally want to hear.

The RW Troll is still alive and well, and infiltrating Democratic message boards.  They pose as former Obama supporters who feel a need to express their disappointment with his leadership as often as possible.  How to spot them?  Well, posting nothing but RW talking points and cut-and-pastes of every negative article they can find about Obama and the Democratic Party – to the exclusion of anything else, ever – is usually a damned good, in-your-face, how-obvious-can-it-be indicator.

The President is an intelligent, well-educated, politically sophisticated man.  He does not believe that being polite to the opposition will make them want to be his friend. It’s not about friending; it’s about fulfilling the obligations of one’s office as is appropriate.  This is RL, folks, not FB.  I’m glad the POTUS can tell the difference between the two – especially when it seems so many people can’t.

The President is also keenly aware of how the citizenry – especially those of his own Party – feel about programs like SS.   He will not be gutting, damaging, overhauling or dismantling such programs based on floating “trial balloons” and monitoring the reaction to same as posted on political message boards.   I’m not saying you’re stupid if you believe such a thing – I’m just saying that the person who is trying to convince you that this ridiculous theory makes even a modicum of sense thinks you’re incredibly stupid.  Obviously.

Words matter.  When someone paraphrases a news story, rather than simply quoting it verbatim, you are more than likely being had.  Declined an invitation does not mean “adamantly refused to attend”; was unaware of the situation does not mean “deliberately hoodwinked”; disagreed with does not mean “angrily expressed contempt and disgust.”

There are people out there who stand to profit – politically and financially – from any division within the Democratic Party.   They assign nefarious motives to every statement emanating from the WH, every move made by the Administration, every word spoken by the President.

They also do what they do best; they simply make shit up.

Ironically, the people who squawk the most about how the citizenry should question everything about this Administration are the very people who have not only swallowed this “news story” whole – they continue to disseminate it as though it were irrefutable fact.

It would seem that for certain folk, some things are just more questionable than others.