Sarah Palin disses Illinois State Fair

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Sarah Palin’s bus sneaked in and out town before I knew she was here. Apparently, she only stayed long enough to visit the Lincoln Presidential Museum, only two blocks from the Old State Capitol building where Obama announced his campaign for President.

Just a few days ago Palin claimed she took her bus tour to the Iowa State Fair during the Republican straw poll, while all the national press happened to be there, to celebrate the historical importance of state fairs. She even said, “I love this all-American venue. I consider the Iowa State Fair very historical.”

OK, that’s cool. And since she’s in Springfield today it makes sense that she would also stop by the Illinois State Fair that’s happening here right now. But no! She totally skipped the Illinois State Fair!

What, our state fair isn’t historical enough for you, Sarah Palin? But, the fair grounds are listed on the National Register of Historic Places! Springfield held the first one in 1853! Iowa has nothing on the Illinois fair! Our butter cow is just as good as theirs!Palin at Lincoln Museum

She gets to Illinois and all of a sudden she doesn’t care about “historic” state fairs anymore. Whatever.

If you’re really interested in the historical significance of the fair, unlike Sarah Palin, check out the Illinois State Fair Museum Foundation.