Friday Talking Points [150] -- A Fortean Week

Sometimes it is hard to come up with a metaphor to describe the week that was. This was not one of those weeks.

Of course, the easy way out would be to get all self-referential and talk about our sesquicentennial column (or, perhaps more accurately, sesquivolumenical, in a literary sense… or even sesquihebdomadal, in the strict calendrical sense… but then I don’t speak Latin, so what do I know?). But that would be a cheap shortcut indeed, so we’ll get to that sort of thing in a bit, but we have to shy away from actually leading off with such blatant patting-ourselves-on-the-back-ism.

Instead, we must present the dominant metaphor of the past week: Republicans take control of the House of Representatives, and masses of dead birds begin dropping from the sky.

Boy, that just leaves all sorts of openings, doesn’t it?

You could go with a “sky is falling” angle, you could go with an “omen of dark days” type of thing, or you could even go with the “Nature out of balance” theme (in the grand tradition of the movie Koyaanisqatsi, of course).

We choose to take none of these too-easy metaphorical paths, however. Instead, we choose to honor the memory of Charles Fort.

For those of you unaware of his name, Charles Fort was the father of taking seriously reports of things falling from the skies. Continue reading Friday Talking Points [150] — A Fortean Week

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