Why 2012 Will Be a “Close” Election

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I so wish I could tell you that the upcoming general election will be close, and that it will be due to the life-and-death seriousness of the issues as they relate to our economy, the environment and our foreign policy — but I cannot honestly say this.  I do believe that the 2012 election will be close, but for the wrong reasons; one being that it is how media conglomerates generate large sums for themselves during an election year.  So when the media crows again how this will not only be close, but the most expensive ever, don’t think they aren’t at the same time counting on the millions they will earn throughout.

We must understand that the protracted Obama-Hillary primary wars of 2008 were a boon to media coffers!  Couple that with the birth of the limitless Super PACs (thanks to our Republican-dominated SCOTUS), and you can easily see what I see: media mavens relying on  their potential earnings after facing lean advertising years. If you hadn’t thought about it before, think about it now, while closely observing how desperately reporters are handling the Republican primaries. It may seem quite entertaining at the moment (to some of us), but I would respectfully suggest that we ought to be preparing for what is to come in the general.

Speaking of the current sorry-ass Republican primaries, it is mighty strange that although there is only one halfway electable Republican left standing, we are now witnessing a media-termed “horse race” as we head toward Super PAC-spending Tuesday. It’s not because the alternative candidates to Romney are actually worth anything (because they aren’t); it is because the faster the Republican Primaries end, the less money the Super PAC will spend, and that would greatly reduce the media’s anticipated advertising windfall.

Look, it’s no accident that the media has been all over candidate Romney since his big win in New Hampshire.  At the exact time the announcement was made that Mitt held an insurmountable double-digit lead in South Carolina polls, the corporate media got hella serious!   To add to the media’s trouble, GOP candidates were dropping like flies, Mitt Romney reeked of the inevitable stench, and the primary season was ending before it had started.  But by golly, all was not lost, as we witnessed the re-resurrection of the twice-fallen Newt in just 7 days!  I will add that this wasn’t an easy get by any means. Just ask Ginger Chuckie on MSNBC; he seemed quite exhausted with that renewed Newt surge!

Yes, truth be told, our poor corporate media has had the hardest time coming up with a plausible scenario to get that primary GOP Super PAC money bomb coming their way, considering what they were given to work with! It isn’t typical of our media to get so resourceful as to report on the manner in which a GOP millionaire candidate built his fortune, or to just allow GOP candidates to be dumb enough to literally destroy each other, after all that St. Reagan preached on that subject!  The media corporations, after all, are not left-leaning, nor have they been for quite some time.  No, the media corporations lean green with greed, and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to forget that.

As for the general election of 2012, we have already been repeatedly warned that it will be close due to the economy, and it has been left at that. It is a mantra that too many of us sheepishly agree with. But, come to think of it, wasn’t it the Republican Party who brought upon this nation the worst recession since the Great Depression? Wasn’t it largely Republicans who deregulated our financial institutions, which brought us to our knees? And aren’t they now promising us more of that, and calling it “restoring America”?

Wasn’t it the Republican Party who started an unjustified war via lies trumpeted by our media, and kept the war’s spending off the books for all the years they could, while still to this day proclaiming “cowboy diplomacy” as the only way to go?

Wasn’t it the Republican Party who brought us the tax cuts for the rich, and yet is still proposing tax cuts for the rich as the remedy to the original fiasco? And what about the Medicare drug programs that wasn’t paid for, meant to destroy Medicare by not allowing government drug price negotiations in their legislation?

Wasn’t it Republicans who recently claimed that deficits were their priority concern, deficits that they themselves expanded widely during their eight years of power?

Isn’t it the Republican Party which now vilifies American victims of the great GOP recession, using unemployment benefits as a bludgeon against the jobless, shaming those in need of food stamps, and using outright racial stereotypical slurs in so doing?

Aren’t those Republicans, who, with one hand on their bible, refuse to even consider lending the other hand to their brothers and sisters who happen to be “the lesser” among us?

Isn’t it the Republican Party that assailed our teachers, police and firefighters’ unions and their pensions, as they stay busy laying off many of those same workers at a time of high unemployment?

Wasn’t that a  Republicans audience who cheered Americans dying in the streets for lack of health care, and booed our brave soldiers?

Isn’t it the Republican Party that believes that corporations are people, that money is speech, and that hailed the Citizens United decision as justice served?

Isn’t it Republicans who work diligently at separating the United States by race, creed, religion and sexual orientation, while claiming that discussing income inequality is simply envy and a topic best whispered about in quiet, dark rooms?

Yes, that was all brought to us by the Republican Party. And wait, there’s more…

For the past three years, as most in the Democratic Party have attempted to save this country from a financial abyss while being fought tooth and nail by 99.9% of Republicans (plus 20% Republican-lite), we have observed how Democrats have had to argue and fight for benefits paid in and previously guaranteed to the American people. By now, we should see clearly which party is against jobs programs that would benefit the nation during these very difficult times. We really do know who saved the auto industry and all the jobs associated with it.

We understand who got Bin Laden, ended the Iraq War, passed health care and financial reforms, is ready to cut defense spending and has indeed created jobs despite government job cuts at the state level.  We have an inkling as to who proposed immigration reform, as well as a logical  energy solution, and who opposed all such things.

… and yet, “they” tell us that the election will be “close”?


Let us be clear that a corporate media which spent 2.5 years promoting a figment of the GOP’s wettest astroturf dream, the Tea Party, and a long decade of appealing to our worst fears, is not our friend.  So please, note that the corporate media is not currently reporting on one of Willard Romney’s many sleazy undersides because they are out to expose the truth.  They are not marketing a doubly repentant but still hypocritically arrogant Newt because forgiveness is in their hearts. The media is not ignoring the blatant racial dog whistles emanating from Republican mouths simply because they don’t hear them.

No, the media knows exactly what it is doing and it has nothing to do with the best interests of Americans. All one has to hear to really get where media is coming from is the noise of cha-ching! It really is that simple. It is what they do, because it is how they earn a living.  It’s all about business. and that, my friends, is why the 2012 election will be “close”.