Well, If the STFU Fits (A Cautionary Tale)

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It took me a while (duh!) to realize this, but being as the GOP has had its head up its ass for a while now, they may be totally unaware of the facts.  So in an effort to reach across the aisle and slap some sense into the senseless, I will state the following…

Women VOTE.  It was a hard-won battle to secure that right, but it has been a reality since 1920.

Women who use birth control VOTE.  Women who want their daughters to have access to birth control VOTE.  Women who have never used birth control, but see it as a right that should be available to all women VOTE.

Many women who toe the GOP party line publicly VOTE in accordance with their conscience in the privacy of the voting booth.  Many women who consider themselves devout Catholics do not allow the dictates of the Pope to control their lives, and they VOTE accordingly.

Women who believe in a woman’s right to limit the number of children she has VOTE.  Women who do not believe that a child conceived as a result of rape or incest is a ‘blessing from God’ VOTE.  Women who think that the health of any woman should not be sacrificed, or even compromised, in order to bring another child into the world VOTE.

Women who hold their reproductive rights to be sacrosanct VOTE.  Women who believe that men have no right to dictate their behavior VOTE.  Women who are appalled by male politicians attempting to limit their rights, or dictate their conduct VOTE.

Women who are anti-abortion and want to see fewer unwanted pregnancies via contraception VOTE.  Women who make decisions for themselves without expecting those decisions to be adopted by all of their fellow women VOTE.

Women who view male politicians as having no business weighing-in on women’s health issues, especially the issue of reproductive rights, VOTE.  Women who believe their dominion over their own bodies is a matter of inherent right, rather than a matter to be debated and decided upon by pandering politicians, VOTE.

Women who are concerned not only with their own rights, but the rights of their sisters, their friends, their daughters, and the daughters of their friends, VOTE.

All American women are the natural offspring of those who went before them – those who fought for equality, those who faced unspeakable torment and still adamantly refused to acquiesce to the notion that women had no right to participate in elections – and they VOTE.

Women VOTE.  And they have done so since the embarrassingly late recognition of their right to do so.  They are legion, they are strong, and they will NOT be moved.  They will not be cajoled, persuaded, or shamed into voting against their own self interests.

And that’s just the women.  If we add in the men who stand with their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters, we’re talking about a lot of people who VOTE.

While the Republican Party parties on, women will VOTE with their own self-worth and hard-won rights uppermost in their minds – and all of those in opposition to same will be left to their own self-serving, and ultimately self-defeating, devices.

I have long viewed the Republican party as out-of-touch, ignorant, ill-informed, and incredibly stupid.  But when they decided to pick this particular fight, I finally realized that they’re all truly bat-shit crazy.

This November’s elections will be a great day for the Democrats – and we can thank the GOP for helping us achieve our goal of defeating the knuckle-dragging, self-righteous, pseudo-Christians who just couldn’t shut the fuck up before it was too late to do so.