An Open Letter to Republicans (from an Insufferably Snobby Democrat)

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While the gulf between the ideologies of the left and the right has often been a wide one, there is something more at play these days, and that is the downright stupidity of Republican voters.

One can debate the virtues of big government versus small government, the distribution of wealth, fair taxation, the handling of deficits – and any number of things the parties tend to disagree on.  But you can’t argue with stupid.  And I, for one, refuse to even try.

I admit to being an intellectual snob, especially when it comes to politics.  I have no patience for people who literally know nothing about how government works, but ramble on incoherently as though watching FOX News makes them experts on the topic.  I have no patience for FOX News either: a collection of bobble-headed idiots who spew GOP propaganda on a 24/7 basis to those too dumb and/or lazy to find a legitimate news source, or investigate the outrageous “news” stories they are fed day in, day out.

I have no desire to interact with people who believe that Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim – despite all evidence to the contrary – simply because that’s what they want to believe, the facts be damned.

I have no want to discuss anything to do with the governance of my country with those who insist that the USA was founded as a Christian nation, and who view the separation of Church and State as something dreamed up by liberals, rather than being something enshrined in the Constitution.

I cannot be bothered to try and persuade the oh-so-proudly ignorant that signs and bumper-stickers that say “Keep the goverment’s hands off my Medicare”, “Inglich is our offical langage,” or decry the idea that healthcare should never include a “pubic option” that their stupidity places them in the category of the embarrassingly laughable.

I have no compulsion to communicate with those who cherry-pick random quotes from the Bible as support for their bigotry and their prejudices, while at the same time ignoring the words and teachings of Jesus Christ – whom they profess to love and revere, but only when convenient.

I have no time for those who cling to ever-changing rewritten history on an ongoing basis, those who have access to the hard facts as to which president, with the overwhelming support of his party, plunged the nation into unprecedented debt, but simply accept whatever ludicrous fabrications are proffered by right-wing sources to contradict the realities of George W. Bush’s disastrous administration and the consequences thereof.

I give no credence to those who consistently vote against their own best interests, simply because some loud-mouthed know-nothing has convinced them (without too much convincing necessary) that their best interests lie with the party that has devoted its every endeavor to legislation that favors corporate power over that of the hardworking citizen.

I cannot bring myself to debate the necessity of social safety nets for the homeless, the poverty-stricken, the sick and dying, with people who are literally one paycheck away from financial disaster – and yet cling to the belief that they are somehow immune from the consequences of electing a POTUS who would gladly dissolve those safety nets once in office.

I will not discuss the concept of :Supporting the Troops” with those who happily vote for representatives who deliberately choose to ignore the plight of our veterans, or those who believe there are more important things to spend our money on – like preparing to wage the next war with troops who will again be abandoned once the fighting is done.

Over the past few decades, I have watched in wonder while GOP supporters have devolved into being mindless, shallow, don’t-confuse-me-with-the-facts lemmings,
ever anxious to follow their fellow locksteppers off the nearest cliff.

But what was once a matter of idiotic voters has now become a matter of equally idiotic GOP candidates: a VP candidate who couldn’t even fake having read a newspaper while running for the second most important position on the planet, presidential wannabes who pull non-facts out of their asses on a regular basis and tout them as the truth, representatives who run for office on the I’m-as-stupid-as-you-are platform – aided and abetted by a mainstream media that has dumbed itself down in order to appeal to the yes-I-am-TRULY-stupid contingent as often as possible.

What the upcoming election boils down to is not a clash of ideology; it is a clash between the informed and the willfully ignorant, the fact-seekers and the deliberately factually impaired, the intelligent citizen versus the stupid citizen.  It’s as simple as that – and it’s a concept that the stupid voter is just – well, too fuckin’ stupid to understand.

As Democrats, we are fully aware that this what we’re up against. This is what we have to focus our attention on and strive to defeat: not a difference of opinion, or an alternate way of seeing how government can best work for all citizens. What we are up against is stupidity, in all its ignorant, misspelled, misled, misinformed, ungrammatical, fact-free glory.

Our candidate is articulate, intelligent and well-informed. He has proven, time and again, his grasp of issues both foreign and domestic, his ability to visualize long-term policies and the benefits thereof, an undeniable desire to move towards humanitarian ideas and ideals, and has garnered the respect of the international community based on all of the aforementioned.

Your candidate, on the other hand, is as blatantly stupid as they come; a man who is incapable of holding a position on any issue for more than twenty-four hours, or articulating a single thought without insulting the very people he is hoping to persuade. And he will no doubt be voted for by the equally stupid, who recognize and support one of their own.

Republicans seem to delight in believing that we Democrats are divided as a party, that we are often at each other’s throats – and I can tell you, in no uncertain terms, that we can fight like proverbial cats and dogs when we’re of a mind to. But make no mistake: we are united in our drive to re-elect our Democratic president, Barack Hussein Obama, and in that cause we stand firm – and together.

While you were busying yourselves chasing down birth certificates, we have been busy fighting for equal rights for all, including our gay/lesbian sisters and brothers. While you have been engaged in purging voters from the rolls based on “rampant voter fraud” that doesn’t exist, we have been engaged in attacking the real problems that we face as a nation. While you have been misinforming the public, we have been educating them with the facts. While you have been touting your so-called Christian values, we have been practicing the Christian values of ensuring that the poor, the sick, the homeless and the poverty-stricken are cared for.

I commend President Obama’s encouragement for both parties to act in a bipartisan manner, to bring us together in our endeavors to right what is wrong, to plead with those on both sides of the aisle to join forces in ensuring that we prosper as a country.

I also applaud the fact that in doing so, he has exposed the GOP’s unwillingness to do what is best for our nation, and to instead champion the rights of corporations over the workers that make such companies profitable, to ignore the plight of the least among us, and to stubbornly dig their heels in for the sole purpose of some wrongly perceived political gain.  Again, it must be said: only the stupid would have taken the bait – and you Republicans did so with relish.

Here’s the truth of the matter:  We Democrats are just too busy dealing with real issues to be bothered arguing with the stupid. They lack the intelligence to understand logic, they are devoid of common sense, and they desperately want to see someone like themselves in charge – so as to validate their own abject stupidity, something they are inordinately proud of. That’s your base, GOP.  Not ours.

As the sun goes down on your floundering party and its sheeple, you might want to appoint the last among you to do what is necessary – assuming you can find someone among your ranks who has the intellectual capacity to turn off the lights as they leave.