Freshly Appointed Congressional Candidate Rodney Davis Out of Touch on Health Care

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Illinois’ 13th Congressional district is one of the top pick-up opportunities for Democrats nationally. It’s a newly created, Democratic-leaning district with no incumbent after Republican Tim Johnson dropped out of the race.

Republican county chairmen recently chose to replace Johnson on the ballot with Rodney Davis, a staffer for Congressman John Shimkus. Shimkus isn’t well known outside Illinois, but he received national attention for his anti-science views on climate change, and for his role in helping to cover up the Foley page scandal.

The State Journal-Register surprised me with something I rarely see in the press anymore: an article that delves into a specific issue instead of relying on soundbites and polling numbers.

Rodney Davis makes several comments about health care in the article that suggest he fits the mold of his current boss, the uber-partisan Shimkus. Davis spoke about his wife having cancer, which thankfully, she survived.

“With the extensive bureaucracy of Obamacare, I’m not too sure we’d have that same result today,” Davis told Sangamon County Republicans when he appeared before committeemen last month.

Really? A claim as outrageous and inflammatory as suggesting that people would die as a result of Obamacare bureaucracy should be backed up. Unsurprisingly, the article provides no quote of Davis explaining exactly what provisions in Obamacare would result in people dying due to lack of care. Probably because it’s stupid bullshit. It’s a line that sounds good in Republican committee meetings but there are some of us who like to hear claims backed up by things like facts and reality.

Davis goes on to claim that single-payer health care would “cede control of where and when we seek medical treatment to a faceless bureaucrat.” He also suggests Americans are happy with their current health insurance.

Really? Like most people, I’m very familiar with “faceless bureaucrats” telling me where I can seek medical care and what treatment I’m allowed to have. They’re the bureaucrats who work at the for-profit insurance companies and HMOs I’ve been covered by, NOT the government. They tell me which doctors in the network I’m allowed to see and what procedures they’ll cover, instead of leaving those decisions to me and my doctor. Apparently, Davis is just fine with faceless bureaucrats dictating health care decisions, as long as they’re making money for a private insurance company.

I can understand why Davis is out of touch with what health care is like for most people. His opponent, Dr. David Gill, pointed out why.

“God bless Mrs. Davis for surviving,” Gill said of his opponent’s wife. “But should she go on to have a problem, if they didn’t have that taxpayer-subsidized, political operative, congressional employee, gold-plated Cadillac type of health insurance, there’d be some jeopardy in terms of purchasing or getting coverage for anything related to a recurrence or a late metastasis showing up.”

Yes, Davis is another one of those Republican hypocrites who want to deny others from having the same big-government health insurance he enjoys.

In his comments about Obamacare, David Gill shows he understands what the real problem is for those of us who have to deal with those insurance company bureaucrats making health care decisions for us.

“At the end of the day, it delivered 32 million more people into the clutches of a private healthcare industry whose main mission is not to preserve or maintain health,” Gill said. “Their main mission is to maximize investor return. That is at the root of the problem.”


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