Take Five Update

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Yesterday’s Take Five featured the story of Ray Dolin, who was shot in Montana during the course of a cross-county hitchhiking trip. Dolin is concurrently working on a memoir, whose title has been variously reported as “The Kindness of America” or “Kindness in America.”

Last night, according to the Valley County Sheriff’s office, Dolin confessed to having shot himself. His motive: “a desperate act of self-promotion.”

Lloyd Christopher Danielson III, who had been arrested on suspicion of being the shooter, is off the hook for the attack, though he could still be charged with driving under the influence based on his condition at the time he was apprehended.

Charges are possible but have not yet been filed against Dolin. Despite the guy having spoiled a perfectly decent edition of Take Five, I’m a bleeding heart liberal, so I urge clemency. Any man who would shoot himself for self-promotional purposes deserves sympathy, and more urgently, a thorough medical evaluation, physical and otherwise.