Us v. Them

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While watching the coverage of both the Republican and Democratic national conventions over the past two weeks, I heard a lot from the political analysts, pundits and MSM bobbleheads about the ideological differences between the parties.

At this juncture in our political history, I believe the difference between the GOP and the Dems is a simple one, which the respective parties’ conventions made glaringly obvious. This is no longer a fight between groups who have different visions of America, or how those differing visions should be pursued. It is a fight between intelligent adults and childlike stupidity.

Republican adherents are not low-information voters; they are low-IQ voters. And therein lies the greatest difference between us and them.

As was made evident by the speakers at the RNC, from the lesser-known personalities right up to the presidential and VP candidates themselves, they were preaching to a choir they know to be too dumb to find the church without directions written in block letters in crayon.

The speeches were delivered with the demeanor and tone of grown-ups trying to keep the kids interested with an abundance of references to mom, apple pie, Fourth of July picnics and flag-waving patriotism – all meant to elicit knee-jerk responses of applause, lest the children become bored and wander off to the snack bar.

The DNC, in stark contrast, offered adults talking to adults – big words and big ideas being presented to a group of people who have the intelligence to comprehend both. As the President himself said, “You didn’t elect me to tell you what you want to hear. You elected me to tell you the truth.” He then went on with an honest assessment of what he had achieved, what he had yet to accomplish, and what his vision for the country is on a go-forward basis.

Romney and Ryan, on the other hand, spoke in terms that only the truly stupid find compelling – “We will be the leading leaders in leadership!” – without a single detail as to what they would do if elected, or how they would go about doing what it is they still have yet to specify.

To say that the Republicans just don’t “get” we Democrats is not a matter of our party not communicating our ideas and ideals. It is a matter of low-IQ voters not having the intellectual capacity to understand them.

They don’t understand that we are strongly opposed to any of their ranks being in charge of anything – from the writing of the textbooks our children will be taught from, to the acceptance of such ridiculous notions as a woman’s body being able to shut down the process of impregnation by thinking good thoughts while she is being raped – not because we oppose their party, but because we oppose stupidity becoming an acceptable part of our national identity.

We live in a world where facts are easily accessible. They live in a world where facts are a matter of opinion – and the opinion they rely on is usually the last opinion they heard from some fella who stood at a podium and looked kinda like a grown-up, and had the suit-and-tie to prove it.

We’ve all seen the protest signs – Keep the govemint out of my Medikare, make Inglich the offical language, say NO to the pubic opshin! – proudly carried by those who are so easily misled by anyone who has enough book-learnin’ to spell correctly, anyone who tells them what they want to hear as opposed to what is actually transpiring, anyone who guests on a pretend-news network or has access to a radio show microphone.

A few days ago, Rush Limbaugh told his audience that the weather for Charlotte, N.C., was holding steady at zero precipitation on the day Obama’s nomination acceptance speech was moved to an indoor venue in anticipation of predicted thunder-and-lightning storms. I couldn’t help but wonder how many of his listeners who lived in the Charlotte area were wondering why, as they stood there drenched by a rainfall Rush insisted was a completely impossibility, we Democrats have come to believe that Republican voters are truly too stupid to come in out of the rain. Maybe it’s because they are.

The GOP voting base will believe anything and everything they are told, as a result of being just too damned stupid to think for themselves: Obama will take all your guns away, will force you to become gay, will set up drive-through abortion clinics across the country, and will remove the word “God” from our currency. The fact that none of the above has ever happened is no deterrent to those who, bereft of intelligence and common sense, continue to insist that it’s just a matter of time before such things are implemented.

This election is not about differing ideologies, divergent paths or incompatible goals. It’s about choosing between the smartest guy in the room and those too stupid to even know where the room is. It’s about adults running the country versus idiots being in charge. It’s about voters who remember the Dubya years and their consequences, and those who hear the same Republican plans being regurgitated yet again and expect a different outcome than the last time those disastrous plans were put into action.

It’s not a matter of wanting a Democrat at the helm; I want a smart adult captaining the ship of state – and these days being a smart adult and being a Republican are a contradiction in terms.

What we are up against is people who watch Fox News and think it’s journalism, who think the Soviet Union not only still exists, but is the current greatest threat to world peace, who think a mindless dunce like Sarah Palin was a great choice for being a heartbeat away from the presidency, who think Glenn Beck can prove that liberals are evil by writing it on a blackboard, who think God talks to Pat Robertson on a regular basis, and who think science is a tool of the devil.

And now they have two candidates in Romney and Ryan who not only cater to their stupidity, but are actually counting on it as their path to the White House.

If Republican voters had the intellectual capacity to comprehend statistics, retain facts, understand graphs, or even count to ten without using their fingers, they’d know the score. They’d know that the deficit we’re dealing with was caused by a drunken idiot who sat reading My Pet Goat while the country was under attack. They’d know that the economy crashed as a result of their party being in power. They’d even know that their current presidential wannabe’s most important speech shouldn’t have been bested in the ratings by Honey Boo Boo on the basis that she had something more substantial to say.

But they don’t know any of those things. That’s because they’re stupid, and “stupid” has become the GOP base.

Once upon a time, Republicans traditionally rallied around those who proffered themselves as truthful, America-loving, hard-working Christians who stood in awe of a military that sacrificed for their country. The fact that they are now anxious to elect a known liar, who earned his money by destroying businesses and outsourcing US jobs, who evades his taxes by off-shoring his millions, who practices a “religion” that is no more than a magic underpants-wearing cult, and who doesn’t talk about the troops because he thinks they’re not important enough to warrant a mention, speaks volumes about how easily led the stupid are.

Needless to say, the propagation of sheer stupidity is aided and abetted by the mainstream media, who identify with low-IQ voters, being themselves low-IQ bobbleheads who believe that fact-checking is the job of some Google-adept fourteen-year-old with a blog, rather than themselves.

It’s not that we need to keep Republicans out of office; we need to keep idiots out of office. And the fact that they’ve become one and the same can no longer be disputed by those of us still in full possession of our mental faculties.

Stupid is as stupid does – it’s also how stupid votes. And that is truly a sad state of affairs.

Now is the time for all intelligent citizens to come to the aid of their country. That means voting for Democrats.

‘Nuff said.