An Open Letter to George Will et al.

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My Dear Mr. Will (and cohorts):

During a recent guest appearance on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, you made the statement that Mitt Romney would be “a much better president than the one we’ve got.”

It’s a remark we’ve been hearing from many on your side of the aisle for months now, along with comments about what a great president Romney would make.

I have but one simple question for you and your colleagues who keep repeating this meme: You believe Mitt Romney would make a great president based on exactly what?

One would think that before expressing an opinion about someone’s ability to successfully handle the most powerful position on the planet, there would be some basis for that opinion, some past record to be pointed to as evidence of same, some demonstration of the skills required, some actual support for so lofty an opinion of his capabilities.

But in the case of Mitt Romney, there exists no evidence, past or present, that he possesses any of the qualities that would suggest competency, no less greatness.

So you think Romney would make a great president? Would that be based on his miserable record as governor of Massachusetts? It’s a rather small state, Mr. Will. Do you honestly believe he would do better with an entire nation to fuck up? And then there’s the pesky problem of his having destroyed so many records of his tenure there. Seems to me that if he thought his time in office was a sterling example of his ability to govern, those records would not have been expunged.

Perhaps it’s Romney’s business experience with Bain that leads you to believe his presidency would be one of exceptional accomplishment. Making money by destroying the livelihood of hard-working Americans, and outsourcing US jobs for profit; are those the achievements you think could be applied to cure the nation’s current unemployment ills, or would solve our economic woes due to having shipped so many manufacturing plants overseas for years?

Maybe it’s the man’s inherent truthfulness that you find worthy of praise – if you don’t count all of the blatant lies he’s already been caught in. Or maybe it’s his willingness to be vetted by the citizenry he wants to lead – if you don’t count the fact that he steadfastly refuses to produce tax returns like his predecessors, including his own father, did for the sake of true transparency when seeking the highest office in the land.

Could it be the fact that Romney has consistently off-shored his massive wealth in foreign tax havens that causes you to place so much confidence in his ability to lead a nation through a time of economic crisis? Do you think that evading US taxes is a perfect example of confidence in one’s country that a president should be demonstrating? Or do you think paying one’s fair share is only for those categorized as you people by a man who thinks gaming the system is some kind of achievement to be lauded?

Then again, there is Romney’s experience in foreign affairs, which is non-existent other than his ability to insult our allies while guesting in their countries. Is that what you had in mind when you declared him “better than the president we have”? Or perhaps it was his recent non-acknowledgement of the troops during his convention speech, along with his draft-dodging during the Viet Nam years, that leads you to believe he would make a great commander-in-chief?

I am going to assume that in view of the total disaster that has been the Romney campaign from day one, along with his penchant for pissing off whole voting blocks with his arrogance and insulting comments, even you won’t be stupid enough to point to his political savvy as a plus in the presidential wannabe column.

You are not even in a position to state that Mitt would change, alter, modify or repeal any of the initiatives set in place or in motion by the Obama administration which you believe should be undone. That’s because Mitt changes his position from one day to the next – and often on the same day, depending on who he is talking to – so that any promises made, now or ever, are as empty as Mitt’s head and as vacuous as his character.

So we come back to my question, sir: You think Mitt Romney would be a great president based on exactly what?

I can only think of three reasons for you or any other Republican to make such a statement: He has an (R) behind his name, he’s white, and he’s not Barack Obama. And it’s a sad day in America when any of those things are considered to be the qualities necessary to declare a lying, arrogant, inconsistent, inarticulate, deceitful charlatan as being made of the stuff that great presidents are made of.

Yours Truly,
Nance Greggs