Greed Is NOT Good

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The GOP wants government limited and small enough not to interfere with Big Business but to allow deregulation, cut social programs, cut taxes for corporations that ship jobs overseas and for the Top 1%, spend more on defense than the next 10 countries combined, but big enough to stop a woman’s right to choose, allow discrimination against anyone that isn’t white, male, and/or heterosexual, push their religion and other moral issues into the public sphere.

“Small” is a relative term. They don’t really want small or limited government, they want a limited-focus government with the focus on their moral and emotional issues. Some examples are the attacks on women’s right to choose and the latest assault on affirmative action, Fisher vs. University of Texas. It cannot be a coincidence that the recent Supreme Court level of assaults against affirmative action, in this case, affirmative action in higher education, all have young white women, all scorned from their top choice of university, as plaintiffs. Hell hath no fury…

A limited-focus government does not mean small. A LOT of government is required enforce morals and emotional issues. A lot of government also requires a lot of money, so no wonder the GOP talks about tax cuts to solve all of the world’s problems. Tax cuts are a distraction and an excuse. They are an excuse to cut social programs; the distraction is to call those who require government programs “deadbeats” and “irresponsible”― Romney’s infamous 47%. That helps create incentives to cut social spending. When government money is not being spent on social programs, that money is available for defense, prisons, and for Big Business to do as it wants without government interference.

The GOP and the rest of the political Right hate spending money on books, bread and beds, but love buying bombs, bullets and prison bars. The US has the worst social safety net of the developed world, in addition to the highest incarceration rate and highest prison population, greatest number of prisoners condemned to death, greatest number of police officers, highest child poverty rate, to name a few categories that put us in the company of some Third World countries that we don’t like very much.

When you’re in the same category as some theocratic Taliban-run countries, you’re doing something wrong.

How and why do the GOP get away with it? They appeal to emotion because their record shows that they don’t work on issues that benefit the majority, but on issues that benefit the Top 1%. When you cannot run on your sparkling record based on your work for the majority, emotion is all that is left. The Republicans pander to the ignorant, the greedy, the self-serving, the bigoted. Greed is NOT good. They seek out the worst in us and trumpet those as virtues. That’s no way for a great country to act.