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After Obama’s re-election was declared, something both the SO and I never had any doubt would happen, we settled in front of the TV for what we’d long looked forward to as the most rewarding part of the evening: watching the GOP spokes-mouths and their RW pundit buddies cry and bemoan the outcome. Truth be told, we pumped up the volume way past acceptable, neighbor-friendly levels in the wee hours of the morning, so as not to miss the sound of teeth being gnashed and garments being rent.

Apparently, they were shocked to learn that their silver-spoon-fed candidate, who had flaunted his wealth and privileged status in front of the citizenry throughout his campaign, was not swept into power by the hard-working middle class whose jobs being outsourced served as a profit generator that increased his wealth as it destroyed lives.

They were dismayed to find out that a man who had evaded the draft during the Viet Nam years – instead choosing to fight in the hellhole that is Paris, France – was not embraced by the veterans who had served and sacrificed, nor the troops on the ground that he didn’t think were significant enough to even mention in his campaign speeches.

They were chagrined to discover that a man who dismissed 47% of the nation as lazy parasites did not capture the hearts-and-minds of those he’d labelled as irresponsible leeches looking for yet another government hand-out.

They were astounded that a man who talked about self-deportation and NAACPers looking to live on government handouts failed to secure the votes of minorities.

They were truly flummoxed by the fact that a man who refused to release his tax returns, couldn’t provide any details about how he would pay down the deficit while providing 20% across-the-board tax cuts, and had parked his multi-millions in offshore accounts so as to evade paying his fair share could have missed so decisively with those who pay their taxes, understand arithmetic, and believe that millions stashed in foreign bank accounts falls short of expressing a belief in the America he professed to believe in so strongly.

They were beside themselves with outrage when it became evident that a man who believes that Iran is a land-locked country that borders Syria (“Iran’s only route to the sea”) was less than successful with voters who (a) own maps, and (b) think a presidential wannabe should, at the very least, have more than a passing knowledge of a nation that has been the subject of foreign policy discussions for decades.

They sat slack-jawed as it became apparent that gays and lesbians – along with their parents, siblings, friends, and supporters of their rights – did not come out and vote in droves for a man who, if elected, would have fought against those rights with as much sensitivity as he demonstrated when securing his dog to the roof of his car.

They expressed their disbelief that a man who lied repeatedly was not carried to victory on the shoulders of voters who cherish the truth; that a man who changed his positions on every major issue at least once, often twice, in the same news cycle was seen as less than dependable when his watch this space principles proved to be subject to change without notice.

They stared, wide-eyed and incredulous, as they realized the man whose positions on women’s rights was a resounding admonition to STFU and go cook your man his dinner did not entice said women (and the men who support them) to rush to the polls and ensure his victory with their votes.

They cringed in utter disbelief as the truth sunk in – the truth that a draft-dodging, tax evading, Magic Underwear-sporting cultist, who managed to insult NASCAR attendees with as much ease as he insulted our international allies, who made his fortune by dismantling US companies and “harvesting” them for profit while workers were left without jobs, who talked about “getting tough on China” while profiting from the American jobs that were sent their way, who belittled the poor, the sick, the disabled, the homeless, the veterans, the uninsured, the victims of rape, the victims of natural disaster – had failed to capture the imagination (and the votes) of the very people he’d belittled, dismissed and demeaned.

Obama’s re-election sent a clear, unmistakable message to these people, i.e.  Go fuck yourselves.

Sadly, given the cluelessness displayed by the GOP and their MSM bobble-headed cohorts, it could be a long time before they actually comprehend the obvious reasons for the failure of their most recent presidential candidate, along with the inevitable demise of their party.

Some folks are slow to catch on.  Those folks are called R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N-S.