Just Wonderin'

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For the past few days, I can’t help but wonder how Romney/GOP supporters have justified their support and votes to the people in their lives.

How did you explain to your daughters that you voted for the party that wants to curtail their rights, and thinks that a pregnancy resulting from “legitimate rape” is a blessing from God?

What did you say to the disabled vet down the street about how you voted for the candidate who didn’t think them important enough to make his “laundry list” in his speeches, and the party that consistently votes against initiatives to protect their rights, fund their ongoing care, and put them back to work?

Where did you find the words to explain to your neighbor with a pre-existing condition that you supported the party that wants to repeal Obamacare – leaving them uninsured and facing the possibility of bankruptcy due to medical bills?

How did you explain to those in your community who have had their jobs outsourced or disappeared that you stood in solidarity with the candidate who profited from that outsourcing, and who destroyed businesses for his own personal gain?

What did you tell your relatives – especially those living on the social security they earned, and those presently serving in the military – to justify having voted for a candidate who dismissed them as being part of the 47% who are parasites looking for a government handout, unwilling to accept responsibility for their own lives?

How did you explain to your children, who you have taught to tell the truth at all times, that you voted for the candidate who had lied consistently throughout his campaign?

What did you tell your unemployed friends about having voted for the party that has demonstrated its willingness to fight any initiatives that would expand the jobs market, simply because it would make Obama look bad if the unemployment numbers rose rather than diminished?

How did you tell your friends who lost their jobs, their homes, their pensions and their savings under the W administration that you supported the candidate and the party that want to go back to the very policies that caused their losses in the first place?

What excuse did you offer to your hard-working, middle-class acquaintances for having voted for the candidate who refused to reveal his tax returns, and has parked his millions in offshore accounts so as to evade paying any taxes at all?

How did you explain to your community that you stood in support of a party that is clearly not interested in their welfare if they are not of the “right” race, ethnicity, or religion?

In speaking with your children’s educators, what reasoning did you use to justify voting for the party that believes teaching actual science and earth history should be replaced with Biblical accounts of how the universe was created?

What noble cause did you cite when explaining to your wife, your sister, your mother, your daughter that you supported the party that believes their health and reproductive rights are best determined by old men?

Where did you find the words to express to your best friend that you voted for the party that thinks her fourteen-year-old child should be forced by law to carry her rapist’s child?

But above all, I am particularly interested in how you explained to your Christ that despite his words and example, which you claim to revere and follow, you wholeheartedly supported the party that sees the homeless, the poor, the sick and the dying as completely unworthy of the care your Christ repeatedly admonished you to contribute to and participate in, every day of your lives.

I am an Obama supporter. I have no need for excuses or justifications as to why he and his party had my support in this election, and will continue to have that support for the next four years. I suspect that the Romney/GOP supporters will be ‘splaining their own votes for a very long time to come.