Family Affairs Are Not The Public's Business

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DDWhat did you do last summer? “I am Donald Trump. I ran for President. I won. Three million dead people voted against me. Now I rule the world.”

The White House press secretary argued a company is punishing Trump’s daughter for his politics comes dangerously close to a conspiracy which is in the verge of becoming a public shakedown. The White House press secretary and the President made a private market decision into a public affair. Without review, due process, or equal protection, ignoring the obvious conflict of interest and the legal prohibitions on using public office for personal enrichment/benefit, the White House lashed out to attack a company. In doing so, the principals breached the public trust, abused and broke the law, while bypassing other remedies.

Trump continues to demand America do his bidding and places his family’s wealth first. The White House is no place for the press secretary, who works for the people, to defend Trump’s daughter’s private interests by conflating a political conspiracy–as her father daily attacks congress members, world leaders, judges, corporations, the intelligence community and others for their views and differences with him. Her private matters have no place in a public forum, at taxpayers expense. This commingling of private/family interests with government duties is inappropriate to the Presidency and its powers.

Likewise, his demand that judges approve his edicts highlights a dangerous gap in Trump’s understanding of the courts, despite his many appearances before them for discrimination, bankruptcy, divorce, business suits, collection claims and fraud.