Trump's Cruelty

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DDNobody’s “pouring in;” you can’t get a visa in a week! Trump has a cruel streak, its aspect detected in his groping unknown women, in the full page ad demanding the death penalty for the Central Park teenagers (later exonerated!), in his stiffing contractors on his sites, his infidelities—and now in national policy—esp. the unconstitutional ban the courts stayed.

His cruelty denies compassion, is filled with blame; it also lacks courage—its toughness is a pretense, as the fault is always elsewhere and forces his draconian response—always the response, outside the law.

The law finally caught up with him. But not before he cruelly overturned the industry-wide regulation requiring money managers put investors interests first (for retirement accounts). No longer! Former Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn filled with glee as he made a deflecting analogy to hide his thrill that the right to pilfer client accounts had been restored; collectively it could total a $20 billion annual swing. A vote for Trump just cost investor retirement accounts en masse $20 billion! The new despots and pirates are computer-driven and engage in planned, high tech theft. Well concealed; it is real.

So faced with a loss and huge embarrassment on immigration and his ineptness as a military commander (He killed kids for flash drives!),Trump wins one with a big cruel slap to families. He took down the wall marking off their financial security. Our greatness just got poorer, to benefit the rich.