End The Double Standard

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DDDonald Trump has turned the national government into a giant, real life game of the old Hugh Downs’ game show, “Concentration.” “Concentration involved solving a rebus, deciphering the meaning of a series of clues that had to be matched, interpreted and arranged in the right order for the puzzle to be solved.

Trump’s new government is a rebus. Behind each faceless block (persons/statements) is a moving part, revealed for a flash, quickly reversed. America is forced to remember where it saw it and how it connects.

More: the blocks are disparate; fragments of a larger picture, their meaning absent in the shreds revealed. We are left to speculate. Security (a favorite of Trump’s!) says “think the worst”–until we figure out what is going on (the Trump doctrine).

Trump immediately rejects any examination of his White House’s process, immediately creating a double standard. He expels a mother for using a false social security number (her daughter is left to pack up her clothes and personal affects), but a wealthy corporate executive who hired an undocumented worker is confirmed for a cabinet position!

Trump’s double standard says question others, but don’t question me.

Extreme vetting, by its own standards, must be applied to the White House, its advisers, policymakers, and appointees. Right now, Trump and his appointees seem inconsistent with the values of our country. Especially, the national alert by 31-year old, wet-eared kid who lectured us about democracy, demanding in his infantile certainty that the President’s powers over national security is absolute, telling us sternly not to question either the President’s wisdom or authority. (He is so over his head!) One day his sound bites will have the same effect as prom pictures–the hipness of the time that seemed so permanent and magic and held all the answers is swiftly left behind.

Another principle, outside of politics, recalls things happen with equal and opposite reactions. Is Russia’s buzzing a US plane and ship, and repositioning a missile an indication of its goal–domination of the US from within? (Was Flynn an open mole?)

Time to end the double standard and judge Trump by his own reckoning.