We Refuse To Be Governed By Myths Of Ignorance

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A fantastic American story once suggested Africans were enticed to board slave ships by pancake trees; with the American Health Care plan, Congress has fluttered the kind of same silly temptation in front of America! Its time for Democrat and Republican voters to lay to rest the myths of ignorance and stop feuding. We all have grandmothers/fathers, parents, children, and neighbors and this rushed, half-baked, thoughtless (about healthcare!) bill–rejected by the country’s most important health associations, the AMA and the AHA (doctors/hospitals!)–must be swiftly defeated for breach of promise. It is not cheaper for families and seniors. It does not offer improvements in coverage. One estimate reports premiums might go up $7,000 for a family earning only $25,000! It is a “choice” we cannot afford.

It is a bill that gives away America’s healthcare for tax cuts to the rich! This is not greatness! It’s a sham!

The Affordable Care Act delivered on its promises of coverage and cap removals, extended coverage to 20 million new Americans and is doing fine! The new bill, its “replacement,” cannot put forth its details (it hides them instead!). A bill that doesn’t share its provisions or offer working guidance as it is rolled out, but relies on bashing (without evidence!) the working paid-for plan that expanded coverage and reduced the rates of premium raise, is not a bill that America’s voters support.

Not one Republican has said how the new bill works! It hasn’t be scored by the Congressional Budget Office, which is being attacked in front of the numbers, which obviously will not be great. More cost, less coverage, greater deficits; individual plans that increase the chances of death, that is what the House GOP leadership conceals. That concealment is a subterfuge worst than the fritter tree!

St. Michael, the Archangel of Health, fighting Satan.

St. Michael, the Archangel of Health, fighting Satan.