The Shake Up Is A Shakedown

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DDWhat we know is Trump is not alone. An array of bad fellows have hitched their hopes to his administration’s chaos, holding the rope whose slack both trips and protects the dark secrets of a new government that fears its own shadow and sees conspiracy after conspiracy in its bumbling of power and its pastiche of lies.

Suddenly, leaks are “deep government,” domestic enemies embedded in the vast, salary-frozen bureaucracy. The press, too, and judges. Every institution that checks the power of the Presidency except the Republican Congress is on a public enemies list. The administration’s own darkness increases as its own denials advance power. The cabinet of billionaires’ open secret is they are thieves, never held accountable. Private email accounts, robo-signings, insider stock buys have been cursorily dismissed. Their corruption is denied.

After every denial is the outcry: the whiplash of public whippings foretell what the opposition can expect. The rope leads through a maze of contradictions: a tax cut bill masked as healthcare; a high official in the campaign and cabinet being paid by a foreign government—reported to the campaign and White House but denied by the Vice President who received the reports; 49 US attorneys abruptly fired, disrupting justice and litigation across America; executive orders approving gun sales to the insane, investment advisers tendering their financial interests ahead of clients; a global gag rule forbidding abortion from being discussed.

Crazy includes the rain stopping doing his speech, Obama bugging his phones, conducting national security discussions in a public dining room, removing regulations to lower the high prices of unregulated drugs.

With the bashing/bluster, his voters say he is shaking up Washington. They don’t care about the effects!

We do!


Marion Post Wolcott photo. FSA, 1939.