The New GOP Messaging

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DDClimbing the ladder of power, the administration and Republican message becomes more strident and direct: now, we are a short step away from genocide, an executive order away from box cars and fences. No enslaved this time–workers are waste, capital’s excess. Let them die. To give tax breaks to the rich.

What we know is Trump is not alone. An array of bad fellows have hitched on to his administration’s chaos, holding the rope whose slack both trips and protects the dark secrets of a new government that fears its own shadow and sees conspiracy after conspiracy in its bumbling of power and its pastiche of lies.

After every denial is the outcry: the whiplash of public whippings foretell what to expect. 46 US attorneys abruptly fired, disrupting justice and litigation across America and Wall Street; executive orders approving gun sales to the insane, investment advisers tendering their financial interests ahead of clients; a global gag rule forbidding abortion from being discussed.

Yet hate is the rage. It is openly shared; its false premises the new political logic. Grand ideals, rigid ideology, whether about politics, economics, or religion, or healthcare, grind a personal ax.

These who love the fight are always on the lookout for enemies, always looking to assert tautegorical existence. They reject issues of peace and never admit to the possibility of being wrong. They praise evil in common fellowship. They believe in double standards of law and wealth. Their racism is a ladder.