Trump Knows He Is Evil

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DDMen know when they do evil. They may pretend, they may deny, they may lie, yet they know. So obsessed with snatching every Obama accomplishment, the new president would strangle the planet and become the architect of its slow motion death. His executive order is not a story about jobs and prosperity; it’s a story about a single-minded need to mutilate the legacy of his predecessor. At any risk, at any cost. To him, it’s worth any lie. He is consumed by his own self-induced evil.

The entire world agreed with the Obama legacy of US leadership in environmental protection and climate change. Except one man who would now inflict his obsession upon the world and damage its health for generations.

When it comes to coal, prices have dropped and demand has fallen. Miners should be retrained as nurses to provide health care for the new patients who will suffer from environmentally-caused illnesses inflicted by one man’s evil obsession.