The Media Searches for Meaning In Trump's Words But Does Not Look At What Trump Does

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DDNow the national search is on, at least in the media, for the larger dimensions of the attack Trump ordered, how it fits into a plan for the region’s ongoing conflicts, hoping to uncover its meaning for foreign policy. Look outside foreign policy to understand Trump’s intent and purpose in Syria: from his campaign days, he has relied on grief to advance his political stature, whether through the fatal crimes of undocumented residents (his special office for victims of these crimes is a political wedge), or through community violence (when he often gloated how he was right before expressing condolences to families (remember how he used to shooting death of Dwayne Wade’s niece?).

Where others see grief, Trump sees political glory. It is shameless that a man who blocks the refugees of Syria from entering America, taking away new hope and a new life would mock their pain and devastation by destroying none of the weapons, chemical or conventional, that caused their plight; instead military flights resumed the next day.

The main story is not Trump or his consistent pursuit of benevolent toughness through illegal actions and violence–it is the Syrian people, caught in waves of national/religious/terrorist/international armed conflicts, their country a free-fire zone, their carnage now also used by Donald Trump for his standing agenda of narcissistic vanity.

His attack of 59 Tomahawk missiles didn’t destroy the base’s two runaways! That’s certainly the definition of a fake attack–by a man whose refugee policy shuts out the living children who mirror the dead children he used to enhance his own image.