Where's The Intelligence Report On Russia's Active Measures During The Election?

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DDWhere is the release of the intelligence report that ties Russia to the interference in the US national election through active measures?  Some of those measures were picked up by Trump and repeated by during his campaign (as he claimed, he had other sources!). They were deliberated constructed to undermine and weaken democratic institutions (as Trump did when he added his false claim of 3 million fraudulent voters–massive national fraud to the Russian active measure on social media that the election was rigged (also repeated by Trump, [as testified by Clinton Watts before the Senate Committee]. This hearings should the intelligence community focused on old forms of counter-intelligence, spies, access, hacking, and missed the new availability of active measures in plain sight, those that use the mass and autonomous appeal of social media in heavy layers; these lead directly to Trump’s election through messages amplified by Russian bots, attacking Hillary.

When will the White House release the intelligence on the most dangerous (and possibly successful!) attack by Russian assets on American politics? When will we see a detailed, documented chronology of the evidence given before Congressional committees that make clear the danger to the American people and their highest institutions and offices of government?

Or does Trump have something to hide that causes him to put himself before America, as he retrofits America and re-purposes the country for his inflated vanity? What exactly is he hiding as he distances and deflections a close, systematic look at his and his campaign’s ties to Russia? We know he used its active measures? What know many of his appointees and campaign aides had contact with Russian officials. We know Trump’s former National Security Director lied about the nature of his contacts and conversations. Who believes this, in Trump’s world, to have been an isolated event?

Why is the Secretary of State not addressing this direct, sustained, comprehensive, inclusive attack on America’s electoral system in his talks with Moscow? Why, in the agenda of the Moscow talks, is there no defense of America?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met yesterday (April 11, 2017) in Moscow.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met yesterday (April 11, 2017) in Moscow.