Democrats And Evangelicals

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DDWhite evangelical Christians have chosen to self-segregate themselves, in direct contradiction to their principle charge, the “Grand Commission,” the work of reaching out to evangelize others to the glory of God and the salvation offered through belief in Jesus Christ as Savior. They ignore Paul’s example. They prefer instead to judge others and apply the standards and rules of their belief without deep examination. That tendency makes them perfect Republicans. They chose demands over debate. They rely on blame before examination.

It is not Democrats who have rejected evangelical Christians, rather they have chosen to reject the party’s support of a woman’s right to chose, despite biblical scriptures that say life begins with breath, not conception (also in line with Old Testament and Jewish teachings). God breathes life into the human form consistently in scripture, how this is extended to conception is a issue Christians rigidly refuse to discuss. The same is true with issues of homosexuality. Other interpretations beside evangelical orthodoxy are possible but never discussed. To enter into Democratic politics, evangelicals must be willing to engage in dialogue and rigorous examination of their views. God is unchanging but man is evolving!