How Putin Out Dealt Trump

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In a world where the life being lived is always the “best” or the “worse,” it’s an easy choice: facts, evidence, and actions; ideas, explanations, and decisions direct our deliberations to the amateur, second rate, diabolical worthlessness and inimical damages and dangers Trump has unleashed–as he steps into his self-created role of the hero-as-the-victim, lamenting his own self-inflicted tumble into endless free fall.

To his sympathizers: his censure is not built on whether he is liked–it’s tied to performance–the difference between governing the people and grabbing power, between mandating a private agenda and effectively managing public programs. Many programs in government work well and benefit the collective interests of the people. The new administration only knows and sees one side, the private interests, and the cabinet and decision-makers are stacked against social benefits, casting these aside for profit and greater wealth for the rich. The field of play is tilted–toward wealth.

His “cheaper” healthcare raises premiums on the elderly and gives a monstrous tax cut to the rich! It will drop 24 million who are currently covered.

Governing–building a national culture, protecting non-monetary interests, understanding how these interests affect business environments and profits is beyond the logic set of a man who, by all reports, skims global intelligence and impulsively gives away classified secrets to adversaries.

America first? Closing the White House visitor logs sunsets transparency; yet the Russian visit was highly visible–their photographer took photos! Why is the government being separated from American eyes?

In the world of nations, power and influence are acquired/communicated symbolically, psychologically, and politically! He understands low level symbolism–every executive order he signs is held up for the cameras, but he utterly failed to grasp how Putin played him!

Putin out dealt him at every step when Putin pivoted a Fairbanks, AK meeting (The Council of the Arctic) into a Oval Office photo-op, where he knew Trump could be skillfully baited into spilling classified data, getting nothing back. At all three levels (see above), this was a major Russian win!

The Washington Post reports Trump was completely unaware of Russia had not been welcomed into the White House’s inner sanctum (because of its aggression and land grab in Crimea), and in particular, when Putin suggested his foreign minister would be in the United States for a meeting, Trump had no clue that the meeting was being held in Fairbanks. Alaska! Then “America First” meant permitting a Russian photographer to attend the meeting without previous clearance and as the sole media representative at a meeting from which the American press were barred.

The penultimate insult that turned Trump into a global laughing stock was Putin’s public offer (while in Italy) to settle the dispute over whether Trump divulged classified material shared with an ally that had special restrictions for its distribution by offering a copy of the Russian transcript of the meeting–but only if Trump requested it!

Trump will never realize psychologically, you can’t govern by blame and fear. Or by fiat. It will never register in his narrow thinking: politically, you can’t call the constitution “archaic.” Or splash imaginary blood on judges. Or attack cities and states that have diverse views on public safety that include the immigrant community, refusing to make them pariahs because of their status. His craving of the spotlight blinds him to important symbols.

But nothing could be worse than his current state of embarassment. If Russia is a “hoax”—if you are innocent–then let the investigation play out.