In New Zealand, Elderly Care Becomes A No-No For Municipalities

Municipalities sound the alarm bell about the bill for helping older residents. The costs rise enormously while the income falls. A million-dollar threat is imminent, signals VNG municipal umbrella. More and more elderly people turn to their municipality for help in their daily lives. Municipalities offer such services for vulnerable […]

By Quintin Andre, ago

Should We Trust 100% in Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is claiming that it’s the very first decentralized P2P payment network that’s powered by its own users without the presence of middlemen or central authority. As a matter of fact, it is the same reason why there are so many trading platforms and bots like that have filled […]

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Are There Laws That Regulate Lawsuit Loans?

If you are a plaintiff in a personal injury (or other type of lawsuit) and have a cash shortage, you may be considering a lawsuit loan. With a lawsuit loan such as pre settlement loans auto accidents, you can receive the funds you need right away. A private lender prepays […]

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How Charitable Are The 2020 US Presidential Candidates?

Charity is providing or voluntary help to indigent individuals, as a philanthropic or humanitarian deed. Others put is as altruism, the practice or idea of unbiased, selfless and self-effacing concern for the welfare of others. Insuring These Philanthropic Acts Because of these altruistic and humanitarian deeds, numerous charity organizations of […]

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Unfortunately, Supercars aren’t for Everyone

For the past decade, the word “supercar” becomes a staple in automotive industry. And despite the fact that some are using it a bit loosely, its general description is a car that’s extremely luxurious, outrageously powerful and remarkably expensive. Despite the fact that you can walk into several car dealers […]

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The Politics of Happiness Without Money

People indulge in the timeliness of working hard always for the sole purpose of being able to get that paycheck and save up big and bigger. People dwell their whole lives working for their family, then for themselves, then for their respective families again when settled on marriage. In between […]

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Personal Loans From Political Candidates

The most usual form of personal injury settlement loan is for vehicular accidents. The American Pride Legal Funding or APLF could provide settlement loans for such accidents. These settlement loans are related to various funding, which includes loans for pre-settlement, loans for legal funding, as well as loans for legal […]

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Policymaker’s Take on Federal Student Loans?

Democratic candidates for 2020 election have the same sentiment or at least, has the same bill with regards to the crisis of student loan debt. Believe it or not, college debt in the US has almost tripled from 2006 and now has exceeded 1.5 trillion dollars. That is trillion with […]

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World Leaders Discuss the Future of Cryptocurrency

With the constantly growing demand for cryptocurrency, it is not long until it caught the attention of world leader and global regulators. Majority of the digital currencies are actually decentralized. Meaning, there is no legal body or support from central government that is backing it up. Thus, it gives every […]

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Trump’s “I-Think-I’d -Take-It” Stance to Oppo Dirt, Hastens House to Act on Election Security Bill

“I think I’d take it” was U.S. president Donald Trump’s reply to George Stephanopoulos, Chief Anchor of ABC News, which specifically suggested accepting info about his opponent in the 2020 presidential elections. What made Trump’s statement controversial was that it was in answer to a hypothetical question about accepting damaging […]

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Digital Marketing To Aid Political Campaigns

Clickfunnels is a funnel builder for online sales wherein it aids businesses to promote, sell, as well as deliver their service and products online. This is a software and an innovative toolkit that makes it particularly easy and simple for entrepreneurs to build or better their online businesses. Clickfunnels pricing […]

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Governments Around The World Are Considering Cryptocurrencies

Governments around the world – Russia, The United States, Canada, Republic of China, Japan, Venezuela, and others – are taking significant actions to explore and learn more about cryptocurrency (learn crypto on With governments keeping a keen eye on digital currencies, there’s a huge question of whether cryptocurrencies such […]

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A Great Way to Borrow Money in Times of Federal Shutdown

Introduction In some countries, such as the United States, a federal or government shutdown is inevitable. In general, a federal shutdown is an itemized plan for the yearly public expenditures of the United States. This has, somehow, positive impacts to the government. However, the major downside of this is that […]

By Ilean Jameson, ago

The Politics of Cryptocurrency

Without a doubt, politicians are still at the early stages of understanding cryptocurrency and thus, it’s still blurry what proper regulations or tax laws to implement on it. The IRS or the Internal Revenue Service has released guidance on these virtual currencies among taxpayers back in 2014. Since then, there’s […]

By Ness Seward, ago

Behind Self Funded Political Campaigns

While many running candidates have relied on campaign finance to back their political campaign, there are quite a few who have funded their own political campaigns. Self-funding in electoral campaigns had always been a fact as far as politics can go. Many known politicians have had spent a huge amount […]

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2013 06 02 Stormy Monday 6313

In our world today, getting unbiased and fact-based reporting is a big challenge. We have the power of the internet to verify every article that we read online, but there are just so many things that can get us farther away from the truth that go near it. With the rise of fake news peddlers […]

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2013 05 26 Stormy Monday 52713

As free citizens, we have the right to call for change, especially if the world around us has turned for the worst. Unfortunately, the path towards change will not be that easy. For one, advocating for change in our society is actually a bit more complex than anyone has thought it would be. Electing new […]

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