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The essential ideals of Democrats for Progress are:

  • We are a volunteer group of Democrats who believe the best way to improve our nation and achieve progressive goals is through support of the Democratic Party. Democrats for Progress is a notforprofit organization with the goal of getting Democrats elected to all levels of government and supporting Democratic office holders.
  • Democrats for Progress, while not affiliated with the Democratic Party, is here to promote the policies of and help to elect Democratic candidates to office.
  • Our mission is to provide a supportive community for Democrats to discuss and examine issues, candidates and legislative initiatives associated with the Democratic Party.
  • Our support for the Democratic Party is based on the fact that it is the only viable avenue to pass progressive legislation given the constraints of the US political system.
  • Democrats for Progress seeks to become the foremost independent website for news and discussion about the Democratic Party and what it is doing to improve the life of all Americans and secure our country.

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