Abuse Is Always in the Name of Love

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Mitt Romney’s latest ploy is to pretend he is Barack Obama. For the past month, he has tried to walk in the President’s footsteps, in a brazen attempt to broaden his appeal. That ploy is a word-thin disguise to attract undecided voters and disgruntled Democrats to his radical-right positions on health, taxes, and women’s rights that these groups would normally reject.

If America accepts such a naked, transparent deceit, it has become an abuse victim, a country willing to ignore reality, past history and bad decisions, to willingly put itself at-risk by embracing all the wrong done in the name of a love for America.  What kind of people try to stop the abuse by reuniting with its perpetrators? Especially when the threats to safety and security never stopped, but in the classic fashion of abusers, have increased, becoming more distorted, domineering and shrill?

In fact, Romney wants to deny the abuse and put it on Obama, the blame-shifting that is the hallmark of dysfunction. Fault is always on somebody else. The interior narrative goes, “My errors, of which there are none, were made in good faith. Can’t you see my desire and devotion? And I have to be this way because of what happened.” Abusers rearrange the details of history to fit a narrative of good and evil that distorts and conceals truth and freedom. So the slaps and screams, the seething anger, the spontaneous rage, the stripping away of dignity, the shredding of self-worth, the putdowns and retorts, the demeaning language breaks the victim’s will.

Some in America have brought into the blame-shift. Victims beget victims. Their experience of abuse becomes a template. It recreates itself and perpetuates itself when it hits a tipping point. I have seen this with inner city crack epidemics in eastern cities; an out of control dysfunctionalism that altered the social fabric and changed the arc of success put in place by previous generations. I can tell you that healthy common sense is hard to recover for people conditioned to thinking abuse is a way of life. Continue reading Abuse Is Always in the Name of Love

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Romney: SHARIA Will Create ‘Jobs Mecca’ in U.S.

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Speaking at a press conference on the grounds of his La Jolla, California vacation compound, former 2012 GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney today ‘broke ground’ on his proposed jobs creation plan, which he claims, “will create a jobs Mecca in the United States that people around the world will look to and pray they had five times a day.”

The Secondary Home/Ancillary Residence Investment Act – dubbed ‘SHARIA’ by the former Massachusetts governor – would provide a two-for-one tax credit for taxpayers who improve and/or expand their vacation homes or any other non-primary residence.

“By making it profitable for those who create jobs in our private sector to also create jobs on their private property as well, I predict SHARIA will result in a hiring tsunami that will wash away the current unemployed – and after all, shouldn’t that be our number one priority?” asked the solid number two, who was dressed casually in a smoking jacket and baby seal slippers.  “In fact, if you look behind me right now, my own planned expansion will create at least 27 high-paying jobs where they’re needed – right here in La Jolla.  And that’s not even counting the illegals.”

The candidate also added that as President, he would personally see that his plan was implemented to create jobs in Washington DC by expanding and renovating the White House.  “That would have to be priority number one, not just for the image of the country but also out of consideration for my family – not to mention the office of the Presidency.  Right now the place is totally inadequate – I mean, do they really expect the President and first family of a civilized country to be comfortable in a little dump like that?” Continue reading Romney: SHARIA Will Create ‘Jobs Mecca’ in U.S.

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