Trump To Comey:

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James Comey’s firing is the greatest sleight of hand in America’s politics; it is the substance of things unseen; it puts the pea where it is not–it is a master sham of . . . → Read More: Trump To Comey: “Your Fired!”

Hillary: Fire Your Campaign

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Disclaimer: The thoughts and views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Democrats for Progress or its members.

I am angry. Hillary needs to fire her campaign. The unnamed advisors and managers, the . . . → Read More: Hillary: Fire Your Campaign

Witch Hunts and Mobs

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Have you read your emails today? Did you get one finally from Hillary Clinton’s State Department? Or receive a subpoena from Republicans in Congress demanding access to your email account to ensure you didn’t . . . → Read More: Witch Hunts and Mobs

The Shaman and the Clown

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Too much of the talk this season has been devoted to the names when the nameless millions have spoken and changed the game; they shock the dungeons and chased the elite from . . . → Read More: The Shaman and the Clown

Democrats and Strategy: On Race In the Race

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Consider for a moment the only mea culpa done in American politics without a jury sentence or a judge’s finding was done by a governor of Alabama, George Wallace, . . . → Read More: Democrats and Strategy: On Race In the Race

Single Incident Politics

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As President Obama demonstrates world class skills at building solid coalitions, from his Africa Summit, to financial embargoes against a variety of aggressor states to a far reaching trade agreement with 11 Asian countries, . . . → Read More: Single Incident Politics

They'll Need a Bigger Clown Car

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Grumpy2Grumpy: Well Mouse, like it or not, here we are only days into 2015 and the 2016 presidential election is already underway with Teapublican wannabes already busily making fools of themselves. Iowa has seen the clown car come and go already and the Koch network of secret donors has already been busy auditioning and grooming their favorites in Palm Springs, California. Palm Springs? Nothing says outreach to the unwashed masses like confabs in Palm Springs, I guess. But I digress.

Ordinarily these early (dare I say infantile) days of the four-year election cycle leave me absolutely grumpy, but this year I am actually giddy. I feel like a kid watching in awe as the circus parades into town. Of course no circus parade would be complete without a packed-to-the-roof clown car, and this year’s clown car is absolutely overstuffed. Some of the names are familiar, even infamous, while others send one running to the Google machine.

Comedians must be absolutely over the moon at the prospects ahead. The list of wannabes and potential wannabes is staggeringly large. Just look at the list of current and former governors who are currently thought to be lusting for top job in the US of A: Bush, Walker, Christie, Ehrlich, Gilmore, Palin, Kasich, Jindal, Huckabee, Pataki, Pence, Romney, Perry, Daniels, Scott, Snyder and Martinez. That’s 17 already packing the clown car even before we get to the likes of Herman (Pizza Godfather) Cain or John (The Stache) Bolton and Carly Fiorina, who have never been elected to any public office.

That brings us to a nice round number of 20 stuffed into that car. Surely that is enough, right? Wrong! The list goes on with the likes of Carson, Graham, Bachmann, Corker, Cruz, King, Paul, Trump, Rubio and Santorum.

Phew, I literally ran out of fingers and toes to count on, but I think that comes to 30 Teapublican wannabes. For the likes of former RNC head Michael Steele that adds up to an incredibly deep bench, but for comedians like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher it adds up to comedy gold.

Mouse: What can I say but “President Hillary, here she comes!” Never thought I’d see a woman as President in my lifetime.

Grumpy: It certainly may happen that Hillary is elected in 2016. In fact I would venture to say that if she runs she will win. But what if she doesn’t run or circumstances beyond anyone’s control intervene? Is Steele right? Is the Democratic bench really shallow?

Rachel Maddow seems to think Senator McCaskill would make an appealing general election candidate. Whether she could survive a primary campaign with her less than stellar liberal voting record remains in doubt. Even as she endorsed the idea Maddow injected a note of skepticism, given the Senator’s unfavorable reputation among more liberal Democrats.

Then there is Elizabeth Warren, she who refuses to run. Could she be persuaded if Hillary is out of the picture and could she appeal in the general election?

Another name that has been bandied about is Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Mostly he is thought of as a possible VP pick but his star certainly shines brightly in liberal circles. Being from the all-important Buckeye State certainly adds to his appeal for a ticket mate or even to head up a Democratic ticket.

Others that could be in the mix include Gavin Newsome, Joaquín Castro (or his twin brother Julián), Kirsten Gillibrand, or even (and I am going out a limb here) Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. I make no claim that this list is exhaustive and there are many others that could easily make it into the White House. Continue reading They’ll Need a Bigger Clown Car

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