The Judas Goat

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To: Nadine Maenza
Executive Director, Patriot Voices:

I was most interested to receive your email this morning, ironically entitled “Don’t Be Fooled,” which began with this statement:

“For months now, the Obama campaign and national Democrats are suggesting that they are the candidates who are looking out for the issues important to women.”

Allow me to enlighten you, to whatever extent women like yourself are educable. The Obama campaign and the Democratic party are not suggesting anything.  Instead, what they have consistently done is take action where women’s issues are concerned, while Romney and the Republicans continue to wage war on women’s reproductive rights, access to contraception and abortion, and equal wages for equal work.

You are shamelessly shilling for a party that differentiates between “legitimate rape” and not-really-so-bad-after-all rape, and champions the idea of women being subjected to invasive, humiliating, and totally unnecessary medical procedures as punishment for seeking to exercise their legal right to an abortion, along with promoting a candidate who changes his position on women’s rights as often as he changes his magic underwear.

What you are, my sweet, is a Judas Goat – an animal who leads its fellow animals to the slaughterhouse. The difference between the goat and yourself, of course, is that the goat is a dumb animal and you are – well, perhaps the difference is too minimal to be mentioned here.

You state:  “But let me share with you a few statistics about how women have fared under President Obama’s administration…”  and then go on to cite how many women are currently unemployed and/or are living in poverty.

Who ya tryin’ to kid, little Judas Goat? The GOP has proven time and again its absolute disdain for these women, along with the children they are trying to house, clothe, feed and keep in good health. These women are part of that 47% Romney dismissed as irresponsible parasites who stubbornly refuse to take responsibility for their own lives. And here you are attempting to lead your fellow women to the slaughterhouse that a Romney/Ryan administration would construct within minutes of taking the oath of office.

“We need a new president who will create an environment where women can find work.”

That comment is downright laughable – but dumb animals are incapable of getting the joke. We already have a President who has attempted to get women, and men, back to work – attempts that have been thwarted at every turn by the Republican Party you support.

“Governor Romney has put forth an aggressive economic plan that will create millions of new jobs…”

Really? And what is that plan exactly? Maybe he’s explained it in detail to you goats – but the rest of us are still left wondering.

“Your help to elect the Romney-Ryan ticket along with Republican candidates down the ballot is critical as we work to change the economic course of this country.”

I can only surmise that Judas Goats can’t read. Because if you could, you’d know that under Obama’s administration, unemployment is down and the stock market is up.  Is that the “economic course” you’re now trying to convince people needs changing? You must be even dumber than the average goat.

Given the Romney/Ryan ticket’s position on women’s rights and their rightful place in our society as a whole, I find it incredibly amusing that they would even attempt to sell the idea that they, or their party, represent the interests of women. Romney recently expressed his concern by suggesting that if women are to be part of the workforce, their employers should be mindful of their female workers’ need to be home in time to cook dinner. Continue reading The Judas Goat

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