The Anti-Christ (for Dummies)

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nance2Anti: Opposed to; against.
Christ: Central figure of the Christian faith and originator of its teachings.

Christ told his followers to feed the hungry.

If you are an elected representative who votes to cut off food stamp recipients, you are  anti-Christ.  You are also a despicable human being.

Christ admonished true believers to treat others as they themselves wished to be treated.

If you are a politician who supports laws that treat women, gays/lesbians, those of another faith, race or ethnicity as unequal, you are anti-Christ.  You are also a dumbass bigot.

Christ told his flock that they are their brother’s keeper.

If you fail to “keep” your brother by refusing to extend his unemployment benefits in his time of dire need, you are anti-Christ.  You are also a selfish prick.

Christ bade those who truly loved Him to give up their worldly possessions, and come follow Him.

If you are a mega-church minister living in luxury thanks to church members donating money they can ill afford to do without, you are anti-Christ.  You are also the lowest form of scum imaginable.

Christ said that as we do to the least among us, so we do unto Him.

If you vilify those whose very survival depends on government assistance by calling them lazy parasites who are sucking the nation’s coffers dry, you are anti-Christ.  You are also a lying little fuck.

Christ clearly stated that we should care for the sick and dying.

If you are a governor who refuses to expand Medicaid because your standing among fellow Party members might be negatively affected if you do so, you are anti-Christ.  You are also an arrogant asshole for thinking that your political aspirations are more important than those you condemn to sickness and death.

Christ said, “Blessed are the Peacemakers”.

If you are a politician who promotes war over diplomacy, you are anti-Christ.  You are also a coward who would see others die rather than be labelled a bleeding heart liberal by your warmongering political colleagues.

If you fill your campaign coffers or your collection plate by doing any or all of the above while holding yourself out as a Christian, you are anti-Christ.  You are also a self-serving,  hypocrite whose actions are beneath contempt. Continue reading The Anti-Christ (for Dummies)

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An Open Letter to Rick Santorum (and His Fellow Convenient Christians)

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nance2Re your recent remarks on CNN’s State of the Nation:

“I also discussed how our First Amendment rights are being impacted by ObamaCare. The idea that the First Amendment stops when you walk out of a church, that it doesn’t have anything to do with how you live the rest of your life, I don’t know very many people of faith that believe their religion ends with just worship. It ends in how you practice and live that faith. And now what President Obama is saying, ‘No, once you step outside of that church door, I get to impose my values on you. Your religious values don’t matter anymore. It’s my values that I can impose on you.’ I don’t think that’s what the First Amendment stands for…”

Apparently you have absolutely no understanding of how the First Amendment works. It guarantees your right to practice the faith of your choosing; it does not allow you to impose your faith on others. The ACA offers access to affordable healthcare; it imposes no values, nor does it require anyone to do anything contrary to their religious beliefs. It’s simple, Ricky: if using birth control is against your faith, you are free not to use it. If abortion is contrary to your religious beliefs, you are free not to have one.

But there is something more to your statement, other than your usual habit of opening your mouth and making an idiot of yourself, and it is this:

Sadly, our political system has been inundated with people like yourself, who practice the Christianity of Convenience. They tout their devotion to the teachings of Christ while on the campaign trail, but discard those same teachings the minute they are in office. They brag endlessly about their religious principles, but once in a position to put those principles into action, they toss them aside as a hindrance to the furtherance of their own political careers.

If all of the politicians who claim to be True Christians acted as such beyond the church door, imagine the nation we could be living in.

True Christians take Christ’s admonitions to care for the sick, feed the hungry, and shelter the homeless, to heart. If those in power who claim to be Christians adhered to the beliefs they profess to hold dear, we would have more homeless shelters per capita than any nation on earth – instead of more prisons. We would have universal healthcare available to all – instead of only those of financial means. Our welfare system and all other social safety net programs would be fully funded – instead of being downsized and gutted.

True Christians don’t dehumanize the down-and-out by labeling them as “welfare queens” whose only intent is gaming the system. They don’t ignore the plight of the homeless by driving them out of their cities. They don’t classify the unemployed as lazy moochers looking for a free ride on the taxpayers’ dime. And they certainly don’t hold out access to healthcare as a privilege intended for some, while the less fortunate are left to sicken and die.

If True Christians raised their voices during elections, those seeking office would tell the truth about themselves, instead of fabricating lies about their political opponents. The fairness of our elections would be above reproach, because suppressing the votes of any citizen, or tampering with vote-counting or voting districts, would be something no True Christian would countenance, no less actively engage in.

True Christians acknowledge their responsibilities when it comes to the stewardship of the planet and its resources. They would never vote in favor of corporations being free to rape the earth for profit, or to endanger our environment for the sake of enriching themselves and their shareholders.

True Christians take the Commandments seriously (does “Thou Shalt Not Kill” ring a bell?) and, as a result, would never lobby against gun control laws that would keep firearms out of the hands of those likely to use them to harm or kill, despite whatever campaign donations might be promised by those who profit from the sale of those firearms. They would never align themselves with those who condone war-for-profit, torture, or false imprisonment, and would fight tirelessly to put an end to capital punishment across the board.

True Christians would publicly and vociferously denounce those who threaten to harm the president, or incite violent action against those who they disagree with politically. They would use their access to the media to ensure that hate-mongers like Rush Limbaugh were so thoroughly disgraced as to be unable to peddle their bigotry over the public airwaves ever again.

Those in need after a natural disaster like Katrina or Sandy would be overwhelmed with available aid, because no True Christian would hesitate to do unto others as they would have done for themselves in the same circumstances. If all of those currently in office who held themselves out as Christians actually walked the walk instead of just talking the talk, financial aid to those in need would not be debated; it would be a given. Continue reading An Open Letter to Rick Santorum (and His Fellow Convenient Christians)

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Please Proceed, GOP

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nance2Over the past four-plus years, it has been downright mind-blowing to watch you, the GOP, rewrite history in a never-ending attempt to compare the current administration to the overwhelming failure that was the Dubya presidency – and somehow come to the conclusion that between our man and your boy, Obama is the one who is somehow found wanting.

You have compared every aspect of Obama’s term in office to the Reign of Error that preceded him. And while those comparisons have been blatantly ridiculous, the entertainment value of watching you equate the astounding accomplishments of one with the dismal record of the other is priceless.

For the record, let me remind you of history as it actually unfolded, rather than as you want it to be perceived.

Barack Obama never received a briefing entitled Bin Laden determined to strike in the US”, which he immediately ignored, along with dismissing the constant and dire warnings of the intelligence community. The attack of 9/11 happened on your boy’s watch, and you can chalk up the resulting deaths of over 3,000 people in his column. You can, of course, count that as a win in your “war on terror” – although I doubt most Americans think of it in that light.

Barack Obama never invaded a country based on wholly fabricated assertions of possession of WMDs, leading to the deaths of thousands of US troops, untold numbers of innocent civilians, and expenditures that led to the largest deficit in US history. That was your boy. In fact, the only aptitude your boy ever demonstrated in his eight years in office was his ability to lie to the American people almost as easily as he spent their money.

Barack Obama has never landed on an aircraft carrier to announce “Mission Accomplished” when the only thing accomplished was the prelude to a disastrous war that plunged our own nation into unfathomable debt, and the nation of Iraq into unfathomable death and destruction. Again, that was your boy (the one who never did come up with even a modicum of proof that he had completed his military service) strutting around, all gussied-up in military gear as he sent US soldiers to die for what he perceived to be his political glory. Our man’s citizenship, despite your propensity for spewing bullshit, has been proven. When did your boy even come close to proving that he actually served?

Barack Obama never boastfully vowed to “get Bin Laden, dead or alive” only to sheepishly admit later that, “I really just don’t spend that much time on him, to be honest with you.” It was our man who stated unequivocally that he would get Bin Laden – and then did so. It was your boy who turned out to be all hat and no cattle – a term in keeping with your boy’s pretense of being a tough-talkin’ Texan, when what he really was is a gutless mama’s boy whose lack of intelligence, skill and work ethic would have landed him a career of pumping gas at some obscure interstate truck stop were it not for his daddy’s connections.

Barack Obama has never overseen the phenomenon of millions of US dollars in cash simply disappearing in the “fog of war”. It was your boy and his cohorts who pulled off that magic act – while funneling millions of taxpayer dollars into their own pockets via their shareholdings in corporations that were coincidentally awarded no-bid government contracts, the oversight of which was conveniently non-existent.

Barack Obama never sent our troops into harm’s way ill-equipped, lacking the most basic necessities in order to complete their mission safely. It was your boy who sent our soldiers into battle without body armor, and then added injury to insult by supplying them (via his VP’s corporation, Halliburton) with contaminated drinking water while they risked their lives in the middle of the fuckin’ desert.

Barack Obama never outed a covert CIA agent, jeopardizing her life and the lives of others in service to the country, nor did anyone from his administration. That was your boy’s administration, the same group of pathological misfits who freely used their political power to discredit their detractors, regardless of the consequences to the individuals involved, and the country at large.

Barack Obama has never vacationed while a major US city and its citizens was left to drown in the aftermath of a hurricane. That was your boy eating birthday cake with John McCain, and strummin’ the ol’ geetar for a photo-op in California while NOLA residents died for lack of food, water, shelter and medical attention. It was our man who responded to the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy with skill and expediency – and eating cake and strummin’ wasn’t even remotely part of the picture.

Barack Obama has never owned a fake ranch in Texas, an off-the-beaten-track hideaway where he can drink himself rancid every weekend out of public view. It was your boy who required his lackeys to explain the cuts and bruises resulting from his drunken escapades as a brush-clearing mishap, a biking excursion gone awry, or an epic battle-to-the-death with what was undoubtedly a would-be al Qaeda assassin disguised as a pretzel.

Barack Obama has never made a complete fool of himself on the international stage by attending events of global importance too soused to speak coherently, too drunk to know that giving a “massage” to a fellow world leader is inappropriate, too stupid as well as stupefied to understand that the office he held not only demanded a certain decorum, but deserved it. It was your boy who repeatedly embarrassed our nation in front of the entire world; it was our man who had to undo the damage your clueless idiot caused to our international reputation.

And while we’re on the topic… Continue reading Please Proceed, GOP

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Good News Is No News

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nance2As though any further proof were necessary, the reaction of the mainstream media to the launch of the Obamacare website, and its attendant glitches, has become yet another example of one overwhelming truth: if there is anything that can be used to discredit this President’s competency, motives, or ability to govern, it will be discussed 24/7 on every major news outlet ad nauseam.

Could the rollout of the Obamacare website have been smoother? Duh, do ya think? Should the website have been tested more extensively before launch? I’m leaning towards the bleedin’ obvious here. Should the website’s glitches have been anticipated and dealt with to every extent possible before its launch? I think “you’re damned fuckin’ real” sums it up nicely.

All of that being said, it is still a given that had the Obamacare website been perfect from day one, had millions of people been successfully registered without a hitch within weeks of its launch, had the site’s efficiency surpassed every expectation, no one would have heard about it – because when it comes to Obama’s achievements, the MSM is only interested in reporting perceived failure rather than any actual success.

To hear the media bobbleheads tell the tale, the website’s glitches have resulted in a disaster that ranks somewhere between the attack on Pearl Harbor and 9/11 – only much, much worse.

“The Dems are abandoning Obama in droves! This spells heavy losses for the Dems in the next election! This will be the ruination of the Obama presidency!”

If those phrases sound familiar, they should – because they are trotted out like clockwork. Thus far, the entire Democratic party, according to the Cabal of the Clueless, has abandoned Obama at least twice a week for the past four-plus years – and counting.

While we are all aware that over-the-top hyperbole has now completely replaced honest reportage, the lengths to which the MSM have gone to discredit the launch of Obamacare is only surpassed by the depths to which they are willing to sink when it comes to this administration – and sadly, those depths continue to be plumbed.

In the past week, I have heard the phrase “Obama’s Katrina” bandied about – and truth be told, the similarities between the aftermath of Katrina and the problems with the Obamacare website cannot be easily dismissed. How many heart-wrenching photos of people standing on their rooftops, holding up hastily-crafted signs saying, “We cannot access the website – please send help!” have assaulted our senses since October 1st? What level-headed American does not immediately see the connection between people stranded without food, water and shelter and those who are living the nightmare of not being able to log onto a website?

Offering millions of Americans access to affordable healthcare is – as our no-bullshit VP Joe Biden pointed out quite correctly – a Big Fuckin’ Deal. In fact, it is the Biggest Fuckin’ Deal the citizenry of our nation has witnessed in decades, a program that means an end to those with preexisting conditions being denied coverage, an end to life-saving measures like preventative care and early detection of disease being dismissed as unimportant, an end to hardworking Americans being bankrupted by exorbitant medical bills – an end to good health being a privilege of the wealthy rather than the right of all Americans.

In the meantime, while the all-but-brain-dead idiots who pass themselves off as “journalists” babble incessantly about website woes, the rights of millions of voting Americans are being compromised, the rights of millions of American women to exercise control over their own bodies are being gutted, and the rights of millions of Americans to find work that pays a fair wage are being jeopardized at every turn. Continue reading Good News Is No News

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“Frothy Mixture of Fecal Matter” Strikes Again

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nance2Well, Lil’ Ricky, I am in receipt of your latest “Patriot Voices” newsletter – and, as always, my mind is boggled (although never surprised) by your blatant self-serving hypocrisy.

“Patriot Voices has always stood up for the traditional values that made America strong and great. But that’s not enough. We have to stand up to what Hollywood entertainment is peddling to the country.”

Well, who’da thunk it! You get a job with a movie production company, and you’re now deeply concerned about the evil-doers in Hollywood. But, as they say, wait – there’s more:

“While the challenging economy is taking its toll on our country, the moral decay and lack of decent quality entertainment is every bit as great a danger.”

Let me ‘splain something to you, Lil’ Ricky (and as always, don’t be ashamed to ask for help with the big words that you probably don’t understand).

Yes, we are living in a “challenging economy” – an economy that was damn near bludgeoned to death by your party and its president, George W. Bush. (That’s the guy you and your cohorts have chosen to conveniently forget, along with the damage he did.)

And now the economy has become even more “challenging” thanks to your party’s shutting down the government, which it is now estimated has cost our already-fragile economy in the neighborhood of $24 billion.

To call the “moral decay and lack of decent quality entertainment” as great a danger as the fact that millions of Americans are struggling to survive in the wake of a “challenging economy” is beyond despicable. And while we’re on the topic of despicable, being that you are now the CEO of a movie production company, the fact that you are telling your “Patriot Voices” dupes (sorry, I mean “donors”) that “the lack of decent entertainment” is one of the greatest dangers facing the nation is so transparently self-serving, I am actually embarrassed for you.

Let me tell you what’s really happening here, Rickums:

The greatest moral decay in this country is the fact that truly immoral people are fighting tooth-and-nail to cut as many holes as possible in the social safety nets that keep our fellow citizens-in-need housed, fed, and clothed – and they are doing so while holding themselves out as Christians pretending to adhere to the teachings of The Nazarene, while refusing to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and care for the sick as He specifically admonished them to do.

The greatest moral decay in this country is not due to the filmmakers who produce movies depicting violence – it is due to those who produce violence on our streets by refusing to enact gun laws that keep weapons out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them, and keep automatic assault weapons out of the hands of anyone not currently serving in the military. It is due to those who encourage such violence by stirring the pot of uncontrollable outrage towards illegal aliens, homosexuals, Muslims, atheists, liberals, non-whites, and pro-choicers, along with constantly attempting to undermine the legitimacy of Obama’s right to the office he was duly elected to hold – twice.

The greatest moral decay in this country emanates from a party that encourages bigotry, racism, homophobia, xenophobia – and does so not only in the guise of patriotism, but in the name of Christ. That moral decay literally oozes from every fiber of your party’s being; it is prominent in Republicans’ speeches, their public statements, and their votes on pending legislation. And what is deemed to be even too disgusting for GOP elected politicians to state publicly is simply relegated to right-wing radio and TV personalities, to be broadcast to your constituents on a daily basis. Continue reading “Frothy Mixture of Fecal Matter” Strikes Again

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ODS – Obama Derangement Syndrome

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nance2If you believe the following, you are probably suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS):

If Obama said it, it’s a lie. When it’s proven to be the truth, he got lucky – because it’s just a crazy coincidence that his lie turned out to be the truth after all. If he knew it was the truth, he would never have said it in the first place.

If Obama makes a speech about a specific issue, he’s just spewing pretty words. If Obama doesn’t speak on a specific issue, he’s trying to hide something. Or he should have spoken about something else entirely, because when he gets specific about one issue, that means he’s ignoring all of the really important issues he should be speaking about – those issues being whatever it was he didn’t mention.

If Obama did it, it must have been the wrong thing to do. When it turns out to have been the right thing to do, then Obama never did it. And if he did do it, he did it the wrong way. It was too little, too late – or it was too much, too soon. It went too far – while, at the same time, it didn’t go far enough. And even if it turns out to have been right, it’s still wrong.

If Obama proposed it, it can’t possibly work. When it does work, it was somebody else’s idea all along, an idea he blatantly stole just to make himself look good. That’s because he knew it would work all along – even though it can’t possibly work.

If Obama stands firm, he is being stubborn. If he seeks compromise, he is caving. Obama should lead while following. He should be more hands-on while staying out of it completely. Why can’t he take the reins and do what must be done? Why can’t he mind his own goddamned business?

If Obama acts, he shouldn’t have. If he doesn’t act, he should have. If he said he was going to act, he was lying. If he repeatedly said he was going to do something and then actually does it, he only did it because a bunch of keyboard warriors held his feet to the fire, and forced him to do it. All credit for anything and everything belongs to them.

If a survey/poll shows that the vast majority of Democrats are pleased with Obama’s performance in office, it is skewed, biased, and not to be relied on. If a respected liberal icon speaks favorably about Obama’s actions, someone got to them and forced them to say it. If a long-reviled GOPer slams Obama – well, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Continue reading ODS – Obama Derangement Syndrome

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We Don't Need Another Hero?

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nance2It has been fascinating to read the discussions about Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden on political message boards over the past few months.

What has been especially interesting is the fact that both were elevated to “hero” status without much in the way of hesitation, despite the fact that few facts were actually known about either when the hero-worship groundswell began. It has also been interesting to note that the anti-Obama crowd were the first – and for the most part still appear to be – the staunchest supporters of both.

As most of us who read certain (alleged) Democrat-supporting websites know, Obama-supporters are regularly labelled as mindless cheerleaders who simply ignore any inconvenient facts where the president is concerned. We are, to hear them tell it, too in awe of Barack’s awesomeness to fault him for anything; we are, according to some, hero-worshippers of the Nth degree, who refuse to see anything past our own supposed adoration of the man we continue to support.

And yet those who accuse us of being blinded by Obama’s light appear to have zero insight into their own blind adoration of two men in whose light they desperately feel a need to bask. They seemingly have no cognizance of the fact that where Manning and Snowden are concerned, they have become everything they have long accused the Obamabots of being: mindless cheerleaders who simply ignore any inconvenient “facts” where their heroes are concerned.

In other words, the anti-Obamans have a deeply-held desire for a “hero” they can worship – they just didn’t want that hero to be the man who sits in the Oval Office. And as for the reasons why they didn’t want it to be a Democratic POTUS is a topic still open for discussion – but it isn’t difficult to surmise what those reasons are.

One cannot opine on Manning and Snowden without including Julian Assange and Glen Greenwald, the self-appointed mouthpieces/puppet-masters, who both left their informants high-and-dry after their usefulness had run its inevitable course. In certain quarters, any attack on Assange or Greenwald is seen as heresy – the fact that one is in hiding to escape charges of rape, and the other has announced his plans to publish a revenue-generating book based on what he learned from his Moscow-airport-bound source, should never be questioned, nor perceived as anything less than heroic truth-telling at its finest. Again, such facts about either must, above all else, be ignored as irrelevant – or outright damned.

The Snowden hero-worship was, and continues to be, a classic example of projection: those who endlessly accuse Obama-supporters of being crazed fans who ignore the truth jumped on the Snowden-is-a-Hero bandwagon within twenty-four hours of his name being disclosed. They had no background information on who it was they were hoisting on their shoulders, but they deified him nonetheless. Continue reading We Don’t Need Another Hero?

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A WORD, If I May?

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A word with Richard “The Dick” Cheney:

You recently made the following statement on the Sean Hannity Show:

“I watched Benghazi with great interest, Sean, and I think it is one of worst incidents, frankly, that I can recall in my career.”

Really, dick? Apparently your memory of the events you’ve seen over the span of your career is faulty at best, or you are yet again engaging in a deliberate, self-serving attempt to catapult the propaganda your administration was famous for.

I would think (as would most people, I’m sure) that lying a nation into war might stand out in one’s memory as one of the “worst incidents” to be recalled in one’s career – especially when one was actually the author of those lies.

Let me refresh your memory as to what YOU are responsible for – and maybe you can explain your faulty memory to the following:

Every soldier who lost his or her life fighting a war based on your lies.

Every child growing up without a mom or a dad, because a parent never made it home from their tour.

Every mother and father who grieves the loss of a son or daughter who died on a battlefield created for your political goals.

Every widow and widower who will never hold a beloved spouse again due to your malicious dishonesty.

Every man or woman who had to bury a cherished brother or sister, niece or nephew, cousin or friend, as a result of your blatant untruths.

Every community that lost a neighbor, a local merchant, a selfless firefighter, a dedicated teacher, a devoted healthcare practitioner, a skilled craftsman, an auto mechanic, a plumber, an electrician – and all of those who contributed to their community in ways great and small.

Every soldier who will spend his/her life in a wheelchair, or a hospital bed – every soldier who will never experience another peaceful night’s sleep due to the nightmares they came to know in the furtherance of your contrived “war.”

Add to the above every Iraqi mother who watched her child killed or maimed due to your lies, or cradles a baby born with horrific birth defects thanks to your endless pursuit of carnage at any cost.

Every Iraqi father who was made to stand helplessly as he saw his son dragged off to Abu Ghraib, or cried hopelessly as his traumatized daughter described the violence she witnessed and endured.

Every Iraqi citizen who saw their beautiful country systematically destroyed, their culture spat upon, their priceless art stolen, their invaluable archaeological treasures pillaged, their revered ancient sites reduced to rubble.

Every Iraqi child who was orphaned, every school that was leveled, every hospital that was blown out of existence, every business that was shuttered, every citizen who had his religious beliefs disgraced, every man, woman and child who watched their homeland decimated while you masturbated to the sounds of “shock and awe.”

Every man or woman who was imprisoned, every man or woman who was tortured; every potential ally who was turned into a potential terrorist, bent on revenge against all Americans for what was done to their people, under your direction, in America’s name.

Every world citizen who once revered the American way of life, and now despises it. Every global neighbor who once respected our nation, and now abhors it. Continue reading A WORD, If I May?

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Dear Alleged News Reporter/Journalist

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As I read the various articles, blogs, and political message boards discussing the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, I can’t help but be reminded of the brave men and women of the mainstream media, who – as the nation stood poised to launch on a misadventure of mammoth proportions and unimagined consequences – picked up their poms-poms and cheer-led a president and an administration that had already proven themselves to be incompetent decision-makers at best, and lying warmongers at worst.

Of course, we all now know the latter proved to be the case, beyond all reasonable doubt.

So I thought this would be an appropriate time to ask a few questions of our illustrious “news reporters/journalists”, with a view to getting some answers that might enlighten us all as to exactly what it is that causes once-aspiring truth-tellers to turn into people who will lie to their own countrymen in order to make a buck.

My questions are as follows:

When you find your vision completely obscured as though you are trapped in a narrow, dark tunnel, do you immediately realize that the sensation is caused by your head being, yet again, stuck firmly up your own ass? As a follow-up question: When your head is stuck up inside someone else’s ass, can you tell the difference between one asshole and another?

At what point in your career did you lose your ethics? Was it all at once, or was it due to a gradual wearing away of that part of you where your obligation to your profession and your loyalty to your fellow citizens also used to be?

Has the term “journalistic non-integrity” become part of the reporters’ lexicon, or do you pretend amongst yourselves that you still have integrity, all evidence to the contrary? Or have you simply changed the definition of the word “integrity” to now mean a lack thereof , in which case you can proudly boast that you are indeed – uh, full of it.

Does your paycheck include bonuses for things like (a) being a spineless shill for the corporations that own your network or sponsor your “news” programming, (b) perfecting the art of “going to commercial” when someone confronts you with the truth, (c) standing outside in a hurricane because your viewers are too fuckin’ stupid to know what a hurricane is without constant visual reminders each time one occurs?

Are fledgling on-air newscasters expected to be able to lie convincingly from their first day on the job? Or are occasional slip-ups, where actual facts might be inadvertently blurted out, overlooked due to whatever remaining vestiges of truth-telling they learned in journalism class having not been completely expunged – yet?

Do you ever experience a twinge of conscience when you look straight into the camera and lie to the American public? Or was your conscience surgically removed as part of the terms of your employment?

Did you ever want to grow up to be a conscientious news reporter? Or did you always want to grow up to be a professional propagandist who will say anything for money?

Can you pinpoint the day you decided to sell your soul for financial compensation? Do you celebrate the anniversary of that day each year by buying yourself something extravagant as a reminder of exactly why selling your soul was worth it? Continue reading Dear Alleged News Reporter/Journalist

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I Just Can't Quit Ya, Ricky

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Well, it looks like I’m still on Lil’ Ricky Santorum’s email list. I could ask to be removed, but his senseless ramblings are just too damned entertaining to give up. A guilty pleasure on my part? Absolutely.

His Frothiness is now sharing his stupidity via a group he founded called Patriot Voices – obviously established as an attempt to remain politically relevant. I can only suppose that when Bobby Jindal recently stated that Republicans have to stop being the Party of Stupid, Ricky didn’t get the message. Apparently, Ricky did lose that number after all.

Ricky’s most recent PV emails have been fact-free diatribes (FFD being a language he speaks fluently) about how the national security of the US will be utterly destroyed should Chuck Hagel be appointed Secretary of Defense, and how Obama & The Dems are out to annihilate the Second Amendment, because registering guns and insisting on background checks would be an invasion of the privacy of weapon owners – and if a few potential murderers of kindergartners slip through the cracks, that’s something we should all just learn to live with, or die from, as the case may be.

But today’s missive from everyone’s favorite dead-baby-fondler was intriguing, to say the least:

Today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) outside of Washington, I launched the American Dream Challenge, where we want to know what your American dream is. Join us by taking the challenge and answering this question: What is your American Dream and what are you doing to make it happen?

Simply click on the link (What is your American Dream and what are you doing to make it happen?) and let us know what your dream is and what you are doing to attain it. We at Patriot Voices are committed to starting a candid conversation about what Americans see as their American dream and what can be done to make it happen.

Each of us has our own idea about what it is to attain the American dream, and we want to share those ideas as part of this discussion. I look forward to hearing about your American dream.

Admittedly, I simply could not resist the invitation to respond:

Dear Ricky:

My American Dream begins with all Americans enjoying the same rights and freedoms, regardless of color, ethnicity, gender, religion, social status, financial well-being, or sexual orientation.

My American Dream would mean a nation where our children’s education is based on history as it was, not on some conservative nutcase’s rewriting thereof, and science based on actual facts, not on some religious idiocy that enshrines the Bible while dismissing what is known about the universe in which we live. Above all, my American Dream would recognize the separation of Church and State – just as The Founders envisioned it.

My American Dream consists of would-be Americans – who have proven their work ethic, their desire to contribute to their communities and the nation as a whole, and have raised their children with the same values – becoming citizens as expediently as possible.  (If you think there would be too many citizens as a result of same, I will gladly provide a list of those whose citizenship could be revoked, in order to make room for those who truly take the ideals of democracy to heart, regardless of their country of origin.)

My American Dream would entail less war and more diplomacy, less money spent on weapons and more money spent on things that would benefit not only Americans, but our global neighbors as well. It would encompass recognizing that we, as a nation, have as much to learn from the global community as we have to teach, and we would conduct ourselves accordingly. Continue reading I Just Can’t Quit Ya, Ricky

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