In his typical last minute change of mind, Trump signed the $1.4 trillion Appropriations Bill, including the new pandemic relief package in its original form. The signing last Sunday is not necessarily a change of heart as Trump still insists that Congress pass a supplementary bill for the release of an additional $2k stimulus check.

Democrats Make a Strategic Political Move by Passing a Bill for the $2K Stimulus Check

House Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, immediately made a strategic move of passing a supplementary bill for the $2k stimulus check requested by Trump. Doing so had placed Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel in an awkward position.

Apparently, what the Republican House Representatives were prepared for when Congress went into session last Monday was to vote for a bill overriding Trump;s veto power.. Since Trump already signed the bill, 44 House Republicans had instead voted to support the supplementary $2K Stimulus paycheck bill introduced by House Democrats. The Republican votes allowed the Lower House to garner ⅔ majority support that saw to the passing of the proposal.

Republican Senators to Emerge as Villains in the $2K Stimulus Check Saga

Now here’s the thing, if Senator McConnell stays adamant in rejecting the $2K proposal, by not calling the bill for voting, the move can hurt the Republican Party’s chances of winning the Georgia senatorial runoff election. Should Republican senatorial candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue fail in their bid to win both senate seats, the Democratic Party will gain control of the Senate House. Mainly because Joe Biden’s had placed several Democratic senators in the Upper House.

Trump on the other hand, will not be blamed by his MAGA supporters for not getting Congress to release a stimulus check, much higher than the original $300 he ordered sometime in August. Notwithstanding that Trump could have saved everyone the trouble and the American people the anguish if he had said so earlier during the bill’s negotiations. The Democrats after all, were actually negotiating for $1,200 as stimulus check payments, while the Republicans were only looking to approve $300.

Yet Trump’s fickle mindedness still caused the $300 unemployment insurance benefit to expire last December 26, 2020. As a result, 14,000,000 jobless Americans will not receive the $300 unemployment money in the last week of December 2020. As it is, the more than 10 million still unemployed will have to wait until the first week of January 2021, being the soonest possible time they can expect to receive the #300 unemployment check.

According to Congress staffers, lawmakers had planned to override Trump’s veto powers in order to pass the 2021 Appropriations Bill, to prevent a partial government shut down taking place. Regardless of the veto override, Democratic lawmakers still planned to introduce a supplementary bill to give the American people additional funds to augment the $600 paycheck stipulated in the newly enacted $900 billion pandemic relief package.

The Saga Continues with Millions of Americans Still in Economic Distress

In the meantime, many individuals have plans of taking out personal loans they can use in managing financial obligations that will fall due this month. After all, even if by chance the Republican Senators change their mind and approve the $2000 paycheck, the earliest time the extra funds will reach their bank accounts is also on the first week of January 2021.

All the political wrangling has affected the lives of millions of Americans during this precarious period of depression, made even more difficult by a pandemic that is foreseen to get worse if the new strain of COVID-19 enters the country. While there is hope that things will soon change for the better once incoming President Joe Biden is in control, Americans should also take control of their finances. They should transact only with legitimate lenders, and make it a point to shop personal loans from among those that are highly recommended by financial advisers and former borrowers.