Fresh off the Impeachment Trial at the Senate, US President Donald Trump appears to seek more than just proving his innocence from all the allegations thrown against him that almost cost him his seat of power at the White House. At this time, the Republican leader promised to not let those people behind the movement to oust him from office get away with what they had done.

Specifically, Trump is said to be holding grudges against those personalities who went to the witness stand during the Impeachment Trial. With the way things are going right now, it is clear that Trump and his allies are starting to exact revenge on the witnesses.

Public Servants Under Fire For Standing Against The President At The Impeachment Hearings

A handful of diplomats and government officials gave their testimonies regarding the Trump administration’s questionable dealings with Ukraine. Unfortunately for them, Trump is now going after them with Lt. Col. Alex Vindman being kicked out of the White House last Friday, which is unexpected as Vindman is set to leave his post only after several months. Although with Trump’s revenge machinery, Vindman’s removal is totally expected after standing witness against the former. As for now, Vindman will see his way back to the Pentagon, but his future still appears uncertain.

Another casualty is US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who was also recalled from his post recently. Like Vindman, Sondland also played a significant role during the Impeachment inquiry.

Many others connected to the Impeachment Trial have already left the government office, or at least re-assigned themselves to another office just to have a safe distance from the White House. However, there is no guarantee that Trump won’t be able to touch them. After all, Trump made it clear that those who showed dissent against him will NOT be tolerated. His message is strong enough that he won’t need any soundboards to be heard.

For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and all other Democrats who have worked for Trump’s impeachment for the past few months, the battle is still on. Their concern for now is to call out Trump’s childish behavior in seeking retribution after the impeachment hearings.