White House Video Feed

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Welcome to Democrats for Progress

The video feed below will be live any time the White House is broadcasting.  The schedule for broadcasts is irregular, but you can usually be assured that State of the Union addresses or other speeches in prime time will be aired.  Occasionally the White House streams panel discussions and other items of interest.  Check the White House website for details.

Below the video feed is a chat room for the use of those wanting to interact with each other while watching the video feed.  There is no signup required, and you may use any name you like.  The chat room is not attached to a DFP forum account in any way.  If you would like to use the chat room to converse with others but prefer to watch your own television or some other feed, simply click the button that says Float, and the chat window will open in a separate browser window that you can use.  To return the floating chat window back to its home, click the Embed button that will appear when the window is floating.

To see the video feed and use the chat room, you must have javascript enabled on your browser.


This chat application requires Java support.
This chat also available via IRC at:
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