In this current generation, believing in everything that we see online is a big risk. Getting fresh and reliable information is so rare that we often double check all these facts by doing a quick search on Google. Granted, we have the internet to verify things that we read online, but there are just so many things that can get us farther away from the truth that go near it. We have no one to blame but the fake news peddlers, who are bent on swaying public opinions for whatever personal gain. The worse part is that these fake news peddlers may actually be working for a big boss in power who will benefit the most from all the misinformation.

The more serious part of the spread of fake news online is the people’s perception towards the government and society. People will find themselves arguing among themselves over things that are made up by someone with his or her own vested interest. Good thing that Democrats For Financial Progress is here to deliver you actual and fact-based reports, all bare and unbiased. With the truth being spread online instead of lies, there is hope that our society can slowly move away from deception and move forward towards progress and unity.

Feel free to roam around and read about anything that feeds your interest. With more knowledge that you acquire, you can help change the course of our political history as we march forward.