Here at Democrats For Financial Progress, we only bring the latest information only from the most reliable and trustworthy sources. We do not condone the spread of so-called fake news, which have contributed to the divisiveness of our society. At this point in time, what we need to most is for us to be united. We should stand together against all the deceit and injustices that continue to plague the country. The only tool at our disposal is the truth, and this truth will be the one to guide us in our call for transparency and justice.

The state of our country’s politics and finance matters not only for the upper and middle class citizens, but also for the incapable ones. We do not only report the rise of the economy or the performance of different industries. We bring you information about important things that are felt by everyone, and not just by the privileged few.

Each one of us has an important role to play in the society, and there is no reason for some of us to feel neglected or left behind. The government, while it may be trying to address all issues that we are facing, is not new to instances of making the ordinary people feel abandoned. The way to fix this is to make the public well-informed, and that is what this blogging site aims to do today.