Due to the conflicting ideologies of many countries throughout, they found themselves at opposite and clashing ends. In spite of the intense pressure on the aggressor, that country would opt to stick to its current form of governanance, and with this, the country has always felt alone in this part of the world. Feeling that it is detached from the rest, it would continue its terrorizing ways, and trouble would seem endless.

In the modern times, having the freedom to choose what is best for your own country must be uphold. For some countries who have endured years of conflicts due to its different view from the rest of the world, life must go on. Things may have gotten better now for one country and its diplomatic relations with its neighboring nations, yet the issues of poverty and corruption still remain.

Here in Democrats For Financial Progress, we strive to give all sides of the story so that we can have a fair assessment of different pressing issues. One day, we can get more than enough reasons to support every country that needs our help. We can use our knowledge and awareness in other corners of the world. With unity and compassion, we can help shape the world and make it a lot safer and peaceful than it is today.