House Democrats recently rejoiced over a Supreme Court decision that didn’t side with Republicans’ mapping schemes because it denied Black voters their right to participate in elections. According to Chief Justice John Roberts, the GOP electoral mapmakers had illegally diluted the potential power of Black voters in the state of Alabama.

The significance of the said Supreme Court ruling is that it would put back the Black voters not only in Alabama but also in other states where the Voting Rights Act was made to fail. The greater significance is that in the next 2024 election, the House Democrats will have increased chances of winning back the majority leadership of the Lower House.

There are speculations and expectations that the ruling, which aims to prevent the weakening of the Voting Right Act, will cause a domino effect in other Southern states, namely: Louisiana, Georgia, Texas and South Carolina.

What Exactly is the Voting Rights Act

The Voti g Rights Act was enacted by Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson in August1965, which made it illegal for southern states to enact legislation that discriminated voting rights in terms of practices adopted, including conducting literacy tests as a condition for a voting right privilege.