Hustler University Helps Young Indians Cope with Industry Changes Successfully

Hustlers University is an online training institute founded by theTate brothers, Andrew and Tristan, who developed programs on modern methods of wealth creation. The online university has a large following in India, where many of the country’s young individuals aspire to become successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency traders, freelance copywriters or Read more…

By Brenna Sammie, ago

Biden’s Newest Ad Worries Dems

Biden’s newest campaign ad was meant as a rebuttal to Trump’s insinuation that the Chinese government supports Biden’s candidacy for self-serving purposes. The Biden ad shows how during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, Trump simply rolled over with every information and explanations that China willingly offered. The former Read more…

By Brenna Sammie, ago

Trump’s “I-Think-I’d -Take-It” Stance to Oppo Dirt, Hastens House to Act on Election Security Bill

“I think I’d take it” was U.S. president Donald Trump’s reply to George Stephanopoulos, Chief Anchor of ABC News, which specifically suggested accepting info about his opponent in the 2020 presidential elections. What made Trump’s statement controversial was that it was in answer to a hypothetical question about accepting damaging Read more…

By Brenna Sammie, ago