The results of the California gubernatorial recall election turned out to be a win for Democrats as CA Gov. Gavin Newsom won the referendum by a huge margin. Out of the 70% total ballots counted, 64% voted to have Newsom stay on as state governor while only 36% voted in favor of the Republican vying to replace Newsom in his gubernatorial position, The statistics showed that the outcome is similar to the percentage of Golden State voters who voted for Biden and Trump in the last presidential election.

Governor Newsom’s win also demonstrated that the Democratic Party has achieved its goal of cancelling out Trump’s brand of conservatism. During President Biden’s campaign speech in support of the incumbent California governor, the US President warned that Californians have to let Gavin Newsom stay on as their governor, or they get to have Donald Trump instead.

Had the election resulted to Newsom being recalled, the Republican that would have replaced him is a pro-Trump talk show host named Larry Elder.

How Did the 2021 California Recall Election Came About?

The recall effort was started by California Republicans last year by gradually criticizing Newsom’s ability as a state leader. Issues that were thrown against the California governor were in relation to he’s handling of the state’s immigration issues, the increasing size of the state’s homeless population and the most recent, the various coronavirus restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the disease across the state.

Since majority of California’s citizens voted to keep Newsom as their governor, it showed that voters aren’t too eager to replace government officials and other leaders that made it their priority to impose COVID-19 policies that are in effect, against the grain of what Republican politicians are campaigning for.