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Pres. Biden Signs EO Aimed at Reforming Unfair Competition Practices of Big Companies

On July 09, Pres. Biden issued a sweeping executive order containing 72 directives aimed at reigning in powerhouse capitalists dominating various U.S. markets. In rationalizing his administration’s purpose for issuing the executive order, the new POTUS remarked that the core of American capitalism is founded on a simple concept: “open and fair competition.”

Along with several members of the White House cabinet, Biden asserted that keeps the economy growing.

“Competition is the major force that keeps the economy moving toward growth and prosperity.”


The 72 initiatives reflects a major change in Democratic policy making processes, to which a new generation of economists conducted research studies in advocating changes aimed at protecting workers and consumers. The studies support arguments that link high prices and unfair wages to consolidated corporate capitalism.

As it is, Pres. Biden’s new executive order signifies the start of policy shifts that focus on corporate behavior and their impact on consumers. To which the White House administration expects strong resistance from companies that will seek relief by filing legal cases in courts, where some have demonstrated skepticism over arguments over competition.

All things considered, the effectiveness of the new executive order relies heavily on the efficiency of concerned federal agencies in enacting and enforcing the changes, which could take several months before any concrete actions will be carried out. ,

Examples of Sectors that the Biden Administration Identified as In Need of Reforms

The new executive order signed by President Biden enumerated 72 initiatives that aim to implement business reforms particularly in relation to competition. Below are some examples of issues that federal agencies must address:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been tasked to work toward allowing the importation of cheaper drugs manufactured by Canadian pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the order includes permitting over-the-counter sale of hearing aids as a means to reduce costs to consumers by hundreds of dollars.

The Department of Transportation must compel airlines to provide details about the “add-on fees” charged for seating provisions and baggage services. Moreover, reforms must be instituted to make it easier for consumers to claim refunds on canceled flights.

Federal regulators should institute changes to limit the provisions of “noncompete agreements,” which usually prevent employees from switching to jobs offered by competitors.

Financial regulators must require banks to furnish customers data related to their financial transaction even when they transfer to a competitor bank.

The Biden executive order directs regulators to put in place new rules that would put an end to “unfair methods of competition” adopted by online marketplaces for ecommerce like Amazon and app stores like Apple.

Federal regulators are to take direct aim at at the ability of tech companies to merge as a way solidify their influence over American and dominance in the industry by acquiring the companies of upcoming rivals.

Regulators have been specifically tasked to support leading antitrust agencies like the Federal Trade Commissions and the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission in preventing employers from unifying in order to reduce employee benefits as well as suppress wages.

How Politics Has Affected the Stock Market?

Stock Exchange


Politics consistently has the possibility to impact the stock exchange notably. Why? Because political activities such as laws and regulations have a direct impact on organizations, and hence in their fundamental operation.

As presidents appoint economic advisers and fill places like the seat of the Federal Reserve, and financial policies and also the management of their rates of interest (which can be determined by the Federal Reserve) also apply a direct impact on organizations, these activities have an effect on the stock exchange.

Nonetheless, it’s an indirect effect, maybe perhaps not really just a primary you. These areas can impact the fortunes of organizations, and so influence investor opinion about the firm’s stocks.

Regulations which is going to impact organizations, as an instance, will influence people organizations’ possible outcomes. Should they truly have been anticipated to grow the most important thing, investors will be aware and become more inclined to obtain the stocks of the businesses. Should they truly have been anticipated to possess a negative effect on the most important thing, investors are not as inclined to obtain the stocks, and might even put them up for sale.

This indirect effect is just one reason that bank stocks, as by way of instance, increased in the aftermath of the election of President Donald J. Trump. His government was anticipated to prefer deregulation, as well as the deregulation of banks, which will be very likely to boost their bottom outcomes.

But politics aren’t the principal determinant of the way that stocks do. Any buyer purchasing stocks would be currently buying equity in a small company enterprise, perhaps not in any political administration. In stock investing, it’s the prognosis for the firm that matters a lot more than politics but politics may apply some influence on such a business standpoint.

Political News and Uncertainty Matter, however, the Impact Might Be Short-term

All of the news that affects the economic and enterprise environment matters in the stock exchange too. Investors can sometimes view news statements that affect stock markets, even as if information announcers state that the stocks in a certain industry do well due to your afternoon’s news. The operation of oil company stocks, for example, improved over the election of President Trump, due to his effort platform preferred conventional energy organizations over other energy such as solar energy.

But lots of the effects felt news reports could be temporary. The statements might possibly end up similar to froth within a sea wave; it has the longer-term impact — that the inherent roster of this tide — which is really going to make the gap into the stock exchange.

Oftentimes, the true effects of policy implementations won’t be understood before execution does occur and the firms changed respond — and also other aspects can impact the stock prices, too. Again, business principles thing greater than political news perse.


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Uncertainty about politics may also have a direct effect as the stock exchange viewpoints doubt as a hazard. Stocks more likely to be influenced by political decision-making that’s presently in process and expected later on, for example, can trade if there’s uncertainty. Potential traders do not understand if the last decisions are planning to stay favorable for their organizations, neutral or negative. Exchanging could possibly be about a sort of grip in buyer’s heads prior to the doubt is resolved. That is why they should hire stockbrokers such as AJ Bell (see ajbell youinvest review to learn more).

But doubt’s influence on the stock exchange may be short-term. Once doubt is resolved and hazard removed, in actuality, that the once-affected stocks may undergo a rally, as a drawback in the horizon — that the hazard is now not.

The stock exchange facets in political consequences believed to become understood, thus an alteration in the anticipation can lead markets to react. From the 20-16 U.S. presidential elections, for example, many polls were calling the election of Hillary Clinton, therefore stocks while the election drew nearby were trading as when her effort rankings were anticipated to be appreciated.

A surprise, just such as the election of President Trump, may bring about the stock market to react short word, whilst the brand’s newest news gets payable. Once it’s, industry signals trading mainly on principles.

Do Political Parties Matter?

Is it true that the party in power at Washington thing? Not too much. Republicans are usually considered more beneficial to business compared to Democrats, therefore if politics concerning the party in power mattered, an individual could assume the stock market to perform in Republican administrations than in Democratic ones.

However, actually, that the S&P 500 overall gained significantly a lot greater than 11.6 percent an average annually from 1973 to 20-16. While there had been several individual years using downturns, these certainly weren’t connected with a political party being in power, nor were exceptionally powerful decades.

The latest year at the S&P 500 failed badly was 2008 if George W. Bush was still president. This had been the entire season Barack Obama has been chosen. Even the S&P 500 lost 3-7 percent annually, nevertheless, the politics of almost any stripe wasn’t the cause. The reason has been that the fantastic Recession — that underscores the elemental force of financial climate and performance on the prognosis for organizations, and therefore the stock exchange, compared to politics.

The stock exchange rebounded handsomely through the duration of Obama’s term since the market pulled from this downturn. The ideal currency market year of the sentence has been 2011 once the S&P 500 gained 32.4 percent.

In the same way, that the S&P 500 needed a powerful down season in 2002, when George W. Bush was still president, losing over 22 percent. However, it appeared and did well during the majority of the government, with a top of almost 29 percent in 2003.


Pres. Biden Unveils Ambitious $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plans

Last week, President Biden unveiled the details of his $2 Trillion proposal to rebuild the country’s infrastructure in order to reshape the American economy. The infrastructure plan would see to the badly needed repairs of 10,000 bridges and the construction of 20,000 miles of roads, firsts and foremost.

Biden also mentioned that the provisions would enhance internet service, improve the quality of drinking water, shorten commute times, and even out wages. Gradual completions of the plan will enable corporations to increase their revenues, which in turn, will generate more  . At the same time, projects will roll out to address racial inequities and to curb the detrimental effects of climate change..

Many were impressed at the extent of Biden’s proposal as it highlighted his use of the opportunity to address long-established economic and social challenges. White House officials reiterated that federal spending and tax credits will be utilized in:

  • Rebuilding 20,000 miles of roads, and repairing 10,000 bridges; all of which have the most economic significance;
  • Eliminating lead pipes used in providing the country’s water supplies;
  • Creating millions of jobs for American citizens through an assortment of infrastructure construction projects; and
  • Reinforcing competitiveness among American citizens in the long haul.

The proposed infrastructure plan also aims to address climate change by speeding up the process of shifting into cleaner energy sources, which would aid in encouraging racial equality.

The funding of the projects would generated through an increase in corporate tax credits that will remain in effective for 15 years. Not only will this strategy fund the plan, but it would also induce multinationals that book their earnings and profits in other countries. The improved infrastructures and tax credits would nudge companies to produce and invest locally. .

Pres. Biden Still Making an Appeal for Bipartisan Support

President Biden is still making calls for support from both Republican and Democratic lawmakers in Congress, even though Republicans have already been mentioning their opposition to the plan.

Biden described the program as the largest American jobs investment ever since the last World War, it would take only a span of eight years to complete. The projected 15-year period within which tax revenues will increase would be more than enough to offset the spending. Furthermore, the increase would eventually reduce government’s budget deficits.

Bitcoin Mining Profitability on the Rise as BTC Price Surges at $51,960

Bitcoin prices have surged further as BTC trading today (Feb.18) closed at $51,960, after major companies bought bitcoins to seed their digital business funds. During the week, BNY Mellon and Mastercard led the pack of companies that have already instituted plans of including cryptocurrencies in their business operations. These latest developments will likewise make bitcoin mining more profitable for successful miners.

Still, the continuing rise in the number of mining participants will heighten mining difficulty that will in turn, increase global electricity consumption. The growing concern among advocates of climate change movements is that the high energy used in cryptomining will greatly impact, if not negate the results of all actions undertaken to reduce carbon emissions. This is considering that climate scientists have set the year 2050 as the crucial period by which zero carbon emission must be achieved.

A recent study by Cambridge University researchers has already established that fact that about 0.56% of the global energy used in 2020 was used for mining bitcoins and various altcoins. Using a device in analyzing the electricity consumed by all cryptocurrency miners throughout the globe, the Cambridge researchers reported that the global mining industry has been using up to 121.36 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity per year.

The amount was compared with other countries, to which results showed that it exceeded the 113.20 TWh of electricity consumed by the United Arab Emirates and has slightly exceeded the 121 TWh of electricity consumed by Argentina.

Wide Use of Renewable Energy as a Way to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of the Bitcoin Mining Industry

While many bitcoin mining farms are using renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydro, as well as nuclear, as means of reducing cost of electricity, not all bitcoin miners have access to these types of electrical power generators. Some have formed mining pools in order to optimize the coal-powered electricity consumed by their bitcoin machines. However, the strategy proved effective at the time when bitcoin trade was dominated by retail traders, and when bitcoin was not widely used as payments for online transactions.

Nonetheless, the use of renewable energy is at present, still the likeliest solution to reducing the carbon footprint generated by the mining machines used for global mining

Mining As A Service as an Alternative to Running Mining Machines on Coal-Powered Electricity

To provide small-scale bitcoin mining businesses and independent professional miners with a solution to reducing CO2 emissions, the Elevate Group is now offering Mining As A Service. The services offered through the group’s platform include using one or more bitcoin mining machines running actively in the company’s low-cost mining facility.

The terms of the service contract is indefinite as termination coincides with the life of the bitcoin mining machine. That being the case, the Mining as a Service (MaaS) includes cost of maintaining the machine and the facility to ensure prolonged productivity of the mining machine even as difficulty rises.

Moreover, in the event of power outages, professional bitcoin miners will have less to worry about if their mining machines are supported by Elevate Group’s Mining as a Service platform.

How Democrats Will Pass Biden’s Relief Fund w/o Republican Support

A budget resolution had empowered Democrats to pass President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package via a process called reconciliation procedure. Although voting resulted to 50-50 votes between Democratic and Republican senators, Vice President Kamala Harris exercised her duty to break the tie, by voting in favor of the Democrat’s “Yea” votes.

Still, during the overnight session, the Senate voting resulted in the exclusion of an immediate increase of the national minimum wage from the present $7.25 per hour to $15 per hour. Majority of the senators voted in favor of tailoring the $1,400 direct payments to qualify only the low-income earners.

Apparently, the changes had already been discussed in a previous meeting held at the White House with the top leaders of the Democrats. They all agreed that there is a need to immediately pass and enact the $1.9 trillion relief package to enable the government to battle the still ongoing pandemic that has already claimed more than 450k American lives, whilst putting millions out of work.

President Biden Settled for Compromises to Avoid Lengthy Negotiations

Although Biden said he was willing to compromise with Republicans, he rejected the $600 billion relief package suggested by the Republicans. Still, the President said that he’d settle for some compromise just so the passing of the bill won’t be slowed down by long drawn out negotiations.

President Biden said that it was a matter of choosing getting help to Americans right away to Americans who have been hurting badly, instead of having the relief package be delayed by lengthy discussions and negotiations. According to the President, the data showing that the job market is still showing a continuing weakness is proof that the government must take a more aggressive course of action.

In a related announcement, Democrstic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi projected that the final passing of the COVID-19 relief bill would pass before the recently released special unemployment benefits expires on March 15, 2021.

Understanding the Cost of Lawsuits, as Trump and His Team Continue to Ask for Donations

When reading about news of multiple lawsuits filed by lameduck president Trump, those not familiar with lawsuits might think that litigation costs come cheap. On the contrary, filing a lawsuit from the very start costs money, especially if the complaint is civil in nature. Mainly because the plaintiff or the complainant has to pay the filing fee prescribed by the court.

Other court fees may be required if the lawsuit includes a request for garnishment, or other writs requested from the court, as deemed necessary by the attorney handling the case.

On top of the court fees, a plaintiff has to pay his or her legal representative the agreed attorney fees, deposition fees, copy fees and other fees that arise in relation to obtaining records from government, medical, school and/or other similar /institutions. In civil cases related to accident settlement claims, litigation costs would include accident reconstruction fees.

In most cases, the estimated cost of pursuing a lawsuit must be known beforehand. Even if a settlement lawsuit has a likely potential of being awarded the sum of money being claimed,   it would all be a waste of time and money if the litigation costs exceeded the settlement amount.

Trump Team’s Solicitation of Donations to Fund Multiple Lawsuits Across Different States

While Trump’s lawsuits are largely political and have seen many court rejections, he is not paying for the litigation costs out of his own pocket. As soon as the November 03 election results started showing numbers trending toward a Joe Biden win, Trump’s campaign team started sending emails soliciting donations, allegedly to fund lawsuits that will seek to overturn the fina election results.

However, the emails came with a disclosure in fine print stating that 60% of each dollar donated will be used to pay off unpaid election campaign obligations.

Nonetheless, there are loyal Trump supporters, including big-value donors who contributed to the cause despite the remote possibility that the lawsuits will garner favorable court rulings. So far, reports have it that of the 36 lawsuits filed in different courts, 26 were rejected, including an appeal turned down by the Pennsylvania Appeals Court.

Trump Legal Team Drops Lawsuit, Big-Money Donor Seeks Refund

Just recently, a donor is seeking a refund of the $2,5 million he contributed to the Houston-based Trump team called “True The Vote.” This was after learning that the group has dropped all lawsuits seeking to get legal court rulings that will declare the election proceedings as fraudulent.

The donor, Fred Eshelman, a businessman whose investment company Eshelman Ventures LLC primarily invests in private health-care companies, has actually filed his own lawsuit against “True The Vote” in order to seek refund of the huge sum he donated.

It would be interesting to find out how a federal court will rule on Mr. Eshelman’s claim for refund since the money was supposed to have been given as a form of donation. It’s not as if he gave them as a lawsuit loan to fund a settlement lawsuit the way pre settlement funding companies do.

Even if it was a form of investment, it was obviously an unwise investment decision on his part, as he should have been aware that the election lawsuits lacked merit. Federal judges did not allow the cases to prosper in court as not a single evidence could be presented as proof that there was fraud.

Political Betting – Political Events To Bet On

One of the most popular and widespread form of entertainment are online casinos, wherein players could either play at a reliable online casino website or may opt to download judi online. Downloadable casinos, download judi online, as the term implies, are gambling sites where users download and install the casino software in their PC in order to play. Trusted download judi online sites usually provide a very straightforward and simple instruction to make the process of downloading and installing their software uncomplicated.

Once the software is downloaded and installed, players are able to access the casino games through the software. However, players need to make certain that their device are compatible with the required Windows OS and other specifications to make certain the software would work and run smoothly as well as have high-quality graphics which would better your gambling and gaming experience.

Political Betting

While many enjoy online casinos and sports betting, others find political betting exciting. With the emergence of social media and its involvement in the entertainment and news world, things that people don’t bet on before are now being wagered on, hence the term political betting.

With the political climate as well as the gaming industry being hot as ever, both reflect each other to involve people in political races whilst making use of political betting websites to potentially earn some money based on their predictions.

Political Events to Wager On

People who engage in political betting could place a wager on various political events. Below are some examples:

US Presidential Election

The most popular event where you could bet on various odds is the US Presidential Election. The odds are often posted a well as changed since stock for presidential candidates fluctuates during the presidential run. Handle increases naturally when the election season is nearing and where presidential candidates are more solidified. This puts the political betting season at full blast.

There was a lot of action during the 2020 Presidential Election on numerous political betting websites. Many have also added more situational props as well as altered odds especially when the election was getting closer. Several of these changes were because of the debate performances and public reception.

US Congressional Election

Although this political event isn’t that popular as the US Presidential Election, the event still has occasional handle that comes in for these. Individuals who are constantly informed and updated with politics frequently have the knowledge to handicap this less popular election however still very much important. As this event are reliant on the state itself, wagers for the Congressional Election are actually more regional than they are national, since they don’t have the appeal that the Presidential election has.

Other Political Betting Examples:

  • British Parliament Election
  • Australian Parliament Election
  • Referendums (Brexit for instance)
  • London Mayoral Election

The Truth About the Politics of Online Casinos in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa


South Africa is fast rising to become one of the planet’s most busy online casinos enjoying destinations, also many forecasts this trend increases tenfold overtime ahead of.

As the nation continues to invest heavily in the creation of technical infrastructure, in addition to more accessible and more inexpensive online access because of its visitors, the outcomes find a lot of its players glancing on the internet to find a brand fresh amount of casino entertainment.

Contemporary South African Gaming Not Fully Defined

Surprisingly South Africa has rather a rich gaming history, one that crosses as far back as the 1700s, in addition, it appears to be quite a history that has seen a range of changes to its territory and internet gaming action. For this reason, it’s no surprise many gamers have been left confused and unsure about what the present status is of gaming within the nation.

Gaming Legislation in South Africa

The Southern African American landscape has ever been a somewhat rocky land up until recently, that of course with regard to the nation’s longstanding oppression under the Apartheid regime. Beneath the then authorities that the freedom to love games of chance and luck in almost any circumstance or placing wasn’t only greatly criminal but often indicative of.

From a historic standpoint, it was just very before the 1965 South Africa Gambling Act an actual formalized ban was put on nearly all kinds of gaming actions, the sole exception with this bit of law was horse racing, solely on account of the simple fact that it had been deemed a game as opposed to a kind of sports gaming.

Strict Ban

Inevitably the 1965 Act was a spark into the fire of casino playing fans since they watched the opportunity to discover alternative methods of educating their favorite pastime, and much also more importantly an opportunity to earn some significant cash. From the time that the Apartheid regime has been abolished in 1994 and the first democratic elections occurred that there were an estimated 2000+ prohibited gaming institutions throughout the nation.

To present a more organized and regulated condition to betting from South Africa the new authorities handed the National Gambling Act of 1996. The act then allowed for the performance of casinos that were online, in addition to internet sportsbooks they owned the appropriate operating licenses provided by one of the 9 provincial gaming boards. It was also in that time that Lottery, bingo, and similar gaming activities were regulated, sadly, Interactive gaming, also known as internet gaming, was deemed prohibited within the boundaries of South Africa.

With the creation of this National Gambling Act of 1996 came an undercover governing body called the National Gambling Act. This had been the board’s duty to be sure the regulating of gaming action in South Africa, of that support and aid at the provincial level, could be offered from the 9 recently elected provincial boards.

Legal Online Gaming in South Africa

Concerning interactive gaming (online gaming), segment 11 of the gaming action 2004 issued by the NGB still stays company, it says that:

“An individual shouldn’t participate in or make accessible an interactive match except as authorized regarding this Act or another federal law.”

With that said, you will find a rising number of large scale overseas casinos requiring both South African gamers in addition to South African Randsthis, obviously, raises the issue concerning possible legal loopholes permitting local players the chance to practice online gaming with no repercussions.

The interpretation of this South African National Gambling Act and its following changes comprises two quite conflicting statements. On the 1 hand, it asserts that the sole platforms that may offer online gaming services into the SA participant pool would be such online bookmakers accredited from the NGB.


…says that no support at all should offer online gaming services to inhabitants of South Africa.

With this kind of conflicting statement, off-shore casino sites such as those that can be found on https://kiffslots.co.za, sportsbooks, poker rooms as well as the likes have discovered there isn’t any explicit text from the African law that prohibits players from playing these games that were online, nor suggests punitive steps.

Therefore, numerous trustworthy and internationally famous platforms with headquarters out the Southern African authority have come to be the ultimate alternative for lawful gaming actions by South African players.

Even the “by-way” of obtaining and enjoying online gaming services were devised, however, the topics of reliability and trustworthiness nevertheless stayed as crucial concerns. This was mainly on account of the simple fact that such foreign platforms were accredited by overseas authorities.

Due to the nature of Internet gaming for South African players, now We’ve created a number of Important standards to assist gamers in Picking the Ideal operators for their gaming needs, these standards include:

  • Permit to function — Though the licensing authority can’t be local, it’s still a good idea to decide on a platform that conveys a permit to run from any other authority. This is true as a result of standards and criteria enforced by the said government so as to attain some ordinary degree of support quality and therefore player gratification.
  • Safety protocol — SA players must also look closely at their preferred casino system’s safety. Those using good SSL encryption sign it alongside the site address from the browser bar, in addition to in corresponding webpages (such as ‘Around US’) about the phone or PC customer.
  • Game suppliers — With all the match supplier variety reaching huge proportions, you will find both top business giants with respectable applications offering and newer developments to the company seeking to show their reliability. This option mainly depends upon the players’ taste — broadly accessible, reliable titles, or even more specific gameplay choice.

Banking Strategies for Southern African players

The significance of maintaining funds and trades safe during their whole gameplay experience has induced players to pay an exclusive focus on the Cashier page in the preferred casino stage. The perfect banking systems for Southern African casino gamers are the ones that permit them to process trades in their home money, the South African Rand (ZAR).

While it has not been around for long, today, there are multiple Respectable platforms which have oriented towards this particular participant pool and offer several Kinds of techniques that take this money:

Credit & Charge cards

South Africa is growing increasingly more attractive destinations for internet gaming content suppliers, which includes, in turn, brought a growing amount of payment solutions. While the very initial platforms just watched two of those debit and credit card chips, SA players may now deposit and withdraw money with Visa, Maestro, MasterCard as well as American Express.

E-wallets & e-money chips

There are lots of e-wallet and e-money transport services available on the internet that offer SA gamers an opportunity to sign up for their money deposit and swap it in a licensed one. But it’s necessary to be aware that the top international e-wallets PayPal, Neteller along Skrill, in addition to e-money providers EcoPayz and PaySafeCard all supply this particular player pool with protected and also appropriated payment processing solutions.

Bank transports / EFT payments

Bank transfers and EFT payment arrangements make it possible for players greater freedom concerning the total deposited and removed. They might take a little more time to process the payment request, however, their longstanding, dependable, and simple operations ensure it is a good banking choice for SA gamers in their particular gaming platforms.


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Cyber Security Experts Consider Trump’s Refusal to Accept Defeat a National Security Risk

Political security experts consider Trump’s refusal to accept defeat as a potential threat to national security by preventing an orderly transition of power. One such threat that is being given much attention is the possible launch of cyber attacks, which makes early transmission of classified government information to President-elect Joe Biden necessary. That way, the new administration will be better prepared to respond defensively and offensively in dealing with cyber attacks. .

First Secretary of Homeland Security Voices Concerns Over Trump’s Uncooperative Stance

Former Pennsylvania Republican Governor Tom Ridge, who served as President George Bush’s Assistant for Homeland Security and the first to hold the position of Secretary to the United States Homeland Security, warned that cyberspace has always been and will continue to be unsafe. He gives advice that it’s important for Pres-Elect Joe Biden and his administration to prepare for both offense and defense strategies as soon as the new set of officials assumes office on the 20th of January in 2021.

The former Pennsylvania Governor added that Trump’s uncooperative stance will only worsen the present situation in which the country is juggling with problems coming from all directions, and while facing an economic fallout and amidst a worsening worldwide pandemic. That is why the country cannot afford to lose time in initiating the transition of presidential and administrative powers.

Cyber Attacks Expert Also Considers Trump’s Refusal to Allow Transition as Posing Security Risks

In a Washington Post interview, Marcus Fowler, who served as CIA officer for 15 years in the development of global cyber strategies and technical operations, voiced opinions similar to Mr. Ridge.

Mr. Fowler who is currently the Director of Darktrace, a leading AI cyber security company that deals in cyber threat detection and in developing responses to global threats, said Trump’s continuing refusal presents risks in the security of the country. According to Mr. Fowler, even without any major cyberattacks, the delays Trump is causing only makes the country an easy target for espionage campaigns by way of cyber attacks that could come from known adversaries like Russia, China and Iran.

Nonetheless, several Washington Post correspondents reported that President-elect Joe Biden’s team has been provided with a more than 10,000-square feet wide office space at the Herbert C. Hoover Building. Additionally, the transition team has been provided with government-issued computers and iPhones to use in conducting secure communications.

Yet Trump continues to assert that his numerous lawsuits across different states will prove that he is the rightful winner of the recently concluded presidential election. He continues to push for recognition as the winner despite the fact that he is not gaining positive grounds in his legal challenges. Mainly because his enablers still can’t produce reliable proofs that there really was voter fraud in the concerned states.

Why Is The USD The Most Popular Currency To Trade

The Forex market is the most popular in the world which is not surprising when you consider that money is something you can get almost anything for. Currently, the dollar followed by the euro and the yen are the most popular currencies in which to trade directly or through Forex brokers.

Why is the US dollar so popular?

  • The US economy is the largest in the world.
  • America dominates not only economically, but also politically and militarily.
  • The US dollar is the currency that is used for many transactions, for example, oil can only be bought with dollars.

Speculate on the Forex market

It is nice to know that many people speculate / gamble on the price of the currency pairs. When you apply a well-functioning strategy, it is possible to dominate these daredevils by making a profit from the blunders of this more than ninety percent of the market!

Here, the play of liquidity or the volume of a big role. The volume indicates how many people trade certain currencies in a day and how big the differences are between them. For a professional, these values ​​are very important as they can determine the speed at which the market can change at any given time.

Liquidity or the amount of trade often differs from time to time and is linked to the opening of different international markets.

Currency pairs and their mutual relationships

When you actually trade in currencies, mutual relationships are very important. In order to trade in something, mutual relationships are required, and these are expressed by the so-called currency pairs.

The EUR/USD is among the most traded currency pairs where you buy a certain number of dollars for one euro. The demand for both currencies is constantly changing so that the exchange rates/ratios are always different. This is the particular value of the euro against the dollar, and when the euro rises in EUR / USD, the USD automatically falls in value against the euro.

Exotic currency pairs

Many brokers also allow you to trade in exotic pairs. Exotic pairs are relationships in which for a well-known currency such as the dollar you receive a lesser-known currency from an often emerging country, such as Brazil or Laos.


The size of the Forex market and its liquidity

The special thing about the Forex market compared to other financial markets such as the New York Exchange is that the Forex market does not have a central location. It is a market that is always active and runs through a large network of banks where demand is determined by the total demand for certain currency pairs.

Moving to Online Conferences to Schedule Hearings

Can you picture how the Speaker of the House is trying to delete any unruly MPs from the chat or perhaps, a tech-challenged person has accidentally live-streamed himself doing chores to the entire country? In today’s time, the pandemic has really changed the landscape how we do things and even the Parliament is not an exemption to it. You’d notice that there are a lot of politicians who are embracing virtual meetings and taking in all the benefits and drawbacks associated to it.

As what we have recently mentioned, there are many politicians who are now learning to adapt to the Post-Covid19 world much like everyone else. We have our national cabinet and leaders doing their meeting through a video chat, live TV on Skype as well as parliamentary committee members discussing national issues right in their home.

Challenges that are Given

So as with everyone else trying to battle the intermittent internet connectivity and left in awe with colleagues who do not know how to mute, it is definitely time among politicians to join the bandwagon and consider doing zoom meetings too. Given with the tech challenges of working from home, it created tons of memes throughout the course of the lockdown, which is expected with the way how people are reacting to the virus.

In all fairness, the connectivity is getting a lot better than they were before. Imagine this, during questioning, rather than ejecting any unruly members or temporarily muting the mic, the Speaker of the House just kicked out an MP in the conference if they will not stop making interruptions.

The Speaker or the host has the power of muting all participants in one click, lest an important dialogue has to be marred by MP simply because they forget to turn off the video or mute the audio before doing something else.

Failure Perhaps

Refraining from committing any tech failures with some older folks of the chamber is inevitable. There is no doubt that there is one in the group who is not familiar or aware of how to use certain features and streaming with only their foreheads seen, or the inside of their nostrils. With the incorrect webcam placement, they look either too far or too close from the video.

While it is true that everyone else in the cabinet is trying to make adjustments in this “new normal”, seems that online casinos like Bandarqq and other business that is online in nature have been prepared all their life. Eventually, politicians would get used to it and have a smooth transition.

Trump Signs EOs for Coronavirus Relief, Even if Unconstitutional

Trump acted unconstitutionally again, when he signed executive orders (EOs) on four coronavirus relief measures after Congress failed to agree on 4th stimulus bill. Even if the EOs are likely to be challenged in courts, Trump signed the directives, whilst calling them “bills” which were hardly reflections of real concerns for the American people.


What Trump Orders as Economic Relief

The Executive Order Trump signed last Saturday (August 08, 2020) addressed only four major issues.

On the $600 Coronavirus Relief Paycheck That Expired Last July 31, 2020

While the Democrats want to extend the economic relief paycheck at the same amount of $600 ($150/week), the Republicans want to cut it down to $400. Trump’s memorandum reduces the $400 further, as the directive was to allocate the funds as aid for both the states and their people. The state government will receive $100 out of every $400 of the fund allotted as coronavirus relief. This means that Americans can expect to receive only $300 per month or ($75/week).

On the Eviction Moratorium That Expired Last July 24, 2020

On the matter of the expired eviction moratorium, the Democrats are negotiating for additional financial assistance to renters on top of the extension of the eviction moratorium. The Republicans in Congress simply suggest for an extension up to December 31, 2020. However, Trump’s memorandum does not make any mention of extending the moratorium; but only reiterates federal policy that recommends minimizing eviction proceedings on renters during the ongoing pandemic, Trump’s memorandum merely suggests that government officials should identify legal ways of helping renters and homeowners.

Suspension of Payroll Tax

Trump’s EO includes a memorandum suspending payroll tax effective August 01, 2020, which only means deferment of taxes; perhaps until Trump gets himself re-elected. Although Trump made hints that he will make permanent the suspension of payroll tax if he stays on as president, doing so would only mean a reduction of Social Security funds, which is tantamount to a reduction of benefits derived from the system.

Pause on Student Debt Payment and Accrual of Interests


As far as federal student loans are concerned, Trump’s order is aligned with bipartisan support for the extension of suspending collections and accrual of interest on student debts for another three months. Since the pause on student loans under the CARES Act is set to expire on September 30, 2021, it means student loan borrowers will resume making payments in January 2021.

However, it seems that the pause on payments and accrual of interest applies only to federally-backed student loans, which denotes that Trump’s memorandum has no provision for students debts obtained from private lenders.

Trump’s Policy May Lead To Another Financial Crisis

The American President terminated the Iran Agreement in 2018, thereby splitting the rest of the world from the United States. With this tactic, Trump is not only against Europe but also against China, Japan, and Russia. In this regard, Trump will have to strengthen financial markets. Brokers such as Xm Broker may feel an intense pressure knowing that the economy is relying heavily on trade markets. 

Trump: Economy ‘May Be’ Heading Toward Recession Due To Coronavirus

Donald Trump drives the US into isolation by denouncing international agreements. In the past few weeks, the American president has implemented his campaign promises. Although politicians do not necessarily keep promises, Trump is committed to keeping such promises.

This gives voters the impression that he is a reliable politician but, on the other hand, takes an uncritical view of things. The deal with Iran, which Trump has described as the worst deal of his predecessor Obama since the beginning of his term, has now been canceled.

The NAFTA agreement between Canada, Mexico, and the US is also to be renegotiated since the United States was ripped off after this agreement after Trump. Such actions seem like rash children’s games but have a fatal effect.

Jobs and prosperity thanks to the agreements

The alliances, some of which were created with great effort, are now of no value. These agreements have had a considerable advantage for the global economy in recent years. The trade, the mutual purchase and sale of products, was built on this foundation, not only between Germany and the USA with an annual trade volume of over 100 billion euros.

Europe and the Asian countries also benefit from these relationships, the Middle East with its huge oil reserves is an excellent business partner. Jobs and prosperity were created, from which broad sections in all countries benefited.

With this new tactic, the termination of trade agreements, Trump is not only against Europe but also against countries like China, Japan, and Russia. The Europeans who are now at disposition due to the close relationship with the United States have a lot to lose: jobs and economic growth are now at risk.

The Europeans have had a shock trauma in the past few weeks, but now they are working. French President Emmanuel Macron in particular, together with Angela Merkel, is taking control of the action. Together with the Europeans, China and Russia, he wants to forge a trade alliance to show the United States that Trump’s isolation tactic will not work.

Agreements are a long way off

However, the negotiators must not lose the will to continue talking to the US about a way out, and must not let the contact break off. The newly forged alliance must now stand closely together and must not go it alone or be provoked.

Germany, as the largest economy in the European Union, is likely to face the biggest bloodletting if all efforts within the new alliance are to no avail; in the end, a new financial crisis could hold the world in suspense.

The Chinese and US business delegations negotiations were unable to report any significant success. The agreement is still a long way off, as the US delegation has brought in an extensive list of demands.

According to American ideas, the trade deficit with China at this year’s level is expected to shrink by at least $ 200 billion by the end of 2020. In return, China wants to end the US investigation into IPR violations. However, the Middle Kingdom will bite on granite with this project in Washington.

Biden’s Newest Ad Worries Dems

Biden’s newest campaign ad was meant as a rebuttal to Trump’s insinuation that the Chinese government supports Biden’s candidacy for self-serving purposes.

The Biden ad shows how during the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, Trump simply rolled over with every information and explanations that China willingly offered. The former Vice President projected a tougher stance by saying that if he was in Trump’s position he would have demanded openness from China:

‘“You (China) have to be open; be clear because we have to know what is going on”

However, Democratic voters, particularly those not supportive of a Biden leadership, are saying the party’s presidential nominee is sending mixed signalsthe party’s presidential nominee is sending mixed signals. They are concerned that the campaign could stir anti-Asian sentiments that Trump encouragedwhen the latter later accused China of causing the coronavirus pandemic.

Surge in Harassments Committed Against Asian American

A report published by Stop AAPI Hate revealed that since March 2020, the organization has tracked more than 1,100 incidents of verbal and physical assault against Asian Americaans.

According to the report, harassment actions were mostly directed at women and children; usually taking place in pharmacies and retail stores across 46 state where shelter-in-place has been mandated.

Agencies under the Trump administration, including the Department of Justice (DoJ) or the CDC, are not taking action to stop negative sentiments toward Asian Americans. Although the DoJ made efforts to reach out to Asian American advocacy organizations, the action came only as a show of response to queries put forward by the Center for Public Integrity.

Speaker Pelosi and Her Impeachment Standoff Strategy to End This Coming Week

Last Friday (January 10, 2020) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signified that the 3-week standoff in the holding of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is about to end.

Through a letter sent to her fellow Democrats, she gave particular instructions to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-New York), to be prepared in the coming week. Rep. Nadler will take on the responsibility of bringing to the House floor, a resolution that officially transmits the articles of impeachment to the Senate, while also naming House members who will be appointed as the House’s manage in the impeachment trial.

Although, the articles of impeachment were ratified by the House of Representatives before Christmas, Speaker Pelosi did not send them immediately to the Senate. The move sent Repunlican Senators, specifically Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel in limbo.

McConnel announced that it was his plan to turn the impeachment trial into an open-and-shut case. As it is, the Republican-controlled Senate simply intends to pass a resolution that will outrightly dismiss all impeachment charges against Donald Trump, without having to call on witnesses even for Trump’s defense.

Apparently, much has happened during the 3-week hiatus including the US-Iran conflict that Trump escalated by ordering the killing of top Iranian military official Major General Qasem Soleimani. Certain incidents and developments seem to have made the time ripe for the continuance of the impeahment trial.

Speaker Pelosi said the impeachment trial will proceed, even without securing a detailed plan of how the Senate will move forward once the ball starts rolling in the Senate floor.

Still, the House Speaker harshly criticized Senator MacConnel (R-Kentucky) for his show of total disregard for the oath he has taken in carrying out his duty as an impartial participant to an impeachment trial… to uphold the interest of the American people and not just that of Donald Trump.

Although Speaker Pelosi’s move to hold out was derided by president Trump and his staunch Republican minions in the senate, there are now indications that the impeachment trial might not carry on the way the Senate Majority Leader had strategized.

Some Republicans Intend to Make a Bipartisan Move to Bring in More Witnesses

The Republican Senator of Maine. Susan Collins has come out with a statement delivered via the Bangor Daily News that she has been working with a small group of Republican Senators, to make certain that the impeachment trial will include the presentation of additional witnesses for the benefit of the appointed House managers and the president’s counsel.

Senator Collins emphasized that they have taken an oath to carry out their duties with impartiality and it is important that both sides will receive fair treatment.

President Trump, Senator McConnel and other Republicans who have continuously lambasted the impeachment proceedings as a hoax, can goad and gloat all they want for having the numbers that will see the charges against Trump instantly dismissed. Yet it only takes four (4) Republican Senators to take a bipartisan stance in making sure a fair trial will transpire by hearing more witness testimonies.

Speaker Pelosi calls Senator McConnell’s intention of immediately passing a resolution to dismiss the impeachment charges as a “cover-up.” He and Republican Senators who support McConnel’s vastly unusual behavior, continue to show total disregard for the oath they had taken.

House Speaker Pelosi Tells Republican House Representatives to Get Serious

Speaking on behalf of the House Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a press conference last Tuesday (October 15, 2019) that the House of Representatives will not subject the impeachment inquiry into a voting process.

Speaker Pelosi said

“We’re not here to call bluffs,” “This is not a game to us. This is deadly serious.”

Yet, Republicans continue to question the authority of the Lower House to conduct the impeachment probe. Actually, their contention is one of the “talking points’ recommended by the White House to support the Trump administration’s refusal to cooperate in the ongoing impeachment inquiry; particularly in submitting other documents related to Trump’s controversial phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky.

In fact, the White House officially declared war against the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives by way of a letter that conveyed the Trump administration’s refusal to cooperate with what it terms as an “illegitimate court.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Republican Representatives are aware of the power given by the Constitution to the Lower House with regard to the impeachment process. Chairman Schiff rationalized that Republicans know it, but are merely dodging discussions about Trump’s illegal conduct, by steering focus of discussions on the impeachment process instead.

However, as the House continues to issue subpoenas, the White House is slowly losing ground as former Trump administration officials defied orders not to appear before the impeachment inquiry hearings.

White House’s Flimsy Position Crumbles as Former Ambassador and Ukraine Advisor Confirm Whistleblower’s Complaint

Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, testified in Congress that she was ousted from her post through the machinations of Rudy Guilani and two former Ukraine officials (now held under indictment charges filed by the FBI.) The ambassador said the ouster came about because she disapproved of how Rudy Guilani was making deals with corrupt Ukraine officials.

After Ambassador Yovanovitch, the House proceeded in receiving the testimony of Fiona Hill, former national presidential adviser for EU affairs specializing in Russia and Ukraine matters. Ms. Hill volunteered to testify, outside of the subpoena issued to her by Congress.

Her testimony provided information upholding the whistleblower’s complaint that there is an underlying quid pro quo shrouding the controversial Ukraine telephone call.

Ms. Hill mentioned the names of EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, and of course, Rudy Guilani as persons having a hand in the plan to withhold the Ukraine military aide, in exchange for Ukraine’s cooperation to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. According to Ms. Hill, Sondland claimed he was in-charge of the matter, whilst claiming that his authorization to do so came from Donald Trump himself.

Ambassador Sondland was previously called upon by the House to testify in connection with a text message mentioning quid pro quo about the Ukraine aid, but backed out because he received orders from White House not to do so. Ambassador Sondland though, has now expressed willingness to appear in Congress, despite White House orders, but after he was issued a subpoena.

He is scheduled to appear next Thursday, October 24, 2019, to which Chairman Schiff’s committee will grill him not only about the text messages, but also on the information provided by former Russia and Ukraine adviser, Fiona Hill.

Republicans’ call for impeachment voting has apparently been doused by the spate of serious information underlying the controversial Ukraine call. Now silent, they are apparently waiting for advisory on “talking points” they could use on how to best defend their “lord and master” Donald Trump.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren was Once a GOP Voter

Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the leading presidential candidates running under the Democratic banner used to be a GOP voter. Political news website Politico, went about checking Senator Warren’s previous records of registration, and interviewing the senator, her friends and former classmates to ascertain that this piece of trivia is true.

Apparently, her years as a Republican voter were at a time when the good senator had not yet developed a political inclination whatsoever. In Politico’s interview with Ms. Warren, she acknowledged the information to be true and that it was not until she became a Harvard law professor that she decided to change political party from Republican to Democrat.

Based on the records found by Politico in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts where she spent most of her mid-adult life, her years as a Republican voter ended sometime in 1996 when she was 47 years old.

In those years, which covered six (6) presidential elections, Ms. Warren recalls that she voted for only one Republican presidential candidate, Gerald Ford, who ran for the presidency in 1976. Being a former GOP voter was something Ms. Warren hardly mentioned at all, not even in her books. She explains that it was because she still did not think much of politics in those times.

Why Senator Elizabeth Warren Changed Party Affiliation

In a 2014 interview by TV host and political commentator George Stephanopoulos, Ms. Warren said she decided to leave the Republican Party because its political agenda was tilting in favor of Wall Street. She explained back then that she supported the GOP with the perception that it was conservative in its approach to economic and financial matters; but she later came to feel that the party had moved to a different playing field.

Ms. Warren stated further that before she decided to champion the cause of the liberals, she was an independent. She later joined the Democratic Party when it was clear that the Republicans were standing up for the big financial companies that were just pounding on the middle class American families.

Her views as a politician are supported by Politico’s review of her early scholarship, and from information gathered from interviews with the Senator’s more than 20 colleagues and friends who knew her since her high school years, through her academic profession.

They attested that Senator Warren’s conservatism centered mainly on economic policies and not on social issues; views that she now carries in her presidential campaign slogan, urging American voters to “Join the Fight.”

What’s the Influence of Social Culture in the Flow of Politics?

If you live in Canada, then you know that the shape of political system largely depend on the engagement of its people in politics. Yet, you will be surprised that there have been low rates of participation for the last 2 decades. Oftentimes, it not reaches over 65% of eligible voters in the federal elections. Both municipal as well as provincial elections are even lower.

While the participation in other engagements like protest activities or even petition signing has significantly increased, it is undeniable that there’s general decline in political participation. This is likewise with other nations in the West for the last 50 years. Actually, if this trend keeps going, it can be worrisome in the end. What’s more concerning here is, there’s a continuous decline in younger generations having less engagement or showing no interests in political activities.

Because what these people do are spending more of their time on searching authorized user tradelines for sale.

Cultures of Participation

An extremely influential entity to promote a higher engagement to political activities happens to be in different stages of life.

People were so immersed in cultures as well as social context that it has helped in producing political attention as well as participation.

While the said contexts may be made in social networks or in school, they are best promoted in homes.

Who Bats an Eye to Political Circumstances?

More often than not, those who have high socio economic class or people with higher income and degree of education are likely to take part in politics. One major assumption to this is, it’s brought by the impact of their higher educational attainment.

However as per research, it suggests that those who come from these backgrounds typically engage themselves in politics long before reaching higher education. Their involvement is encouraged primarily on social contexts in which behavior for political participation are promoted and normal. These social contexts have a tendency to be easily accessible among individuals from those who have high socio-economic backgrounds since their childhood.

Learning from Various Studies

Social contexts are focused on making positive action. Political talks are being promoted to be a momentum to reckon with. People may be thinking of how we could support and encourage these contexts beyond families like in schools and community as a whole and possibly the most important of all, taking part in politics by putting opportunities relevant to differing cultural backgrounds as well as socio-economics.

World Leaders Discuss the Future of Cryptocurrency

With the constantly growing demand for cryptocurrency, it is not long until it caught the attention of world leader and global regulators. Majority of the digital currencies are actually decentralized. Meaning, there is no legal body or support from central government that is backing it up. Thus, it gives every country a unique set of rules to follow.

All Eyes on Coin

Every announcement made to this subject drives the price of cryptocurrencies back in 2018. Here is a brief guide to the current status of digital currencies with the regulators and governments in various parts of the world.

At the G-20 meeting that was held, the Central Bank Governor of Argentina has outlined the summer deadline among members to have recommendations on what must be done. At the same time, it was mentioned that the task forces are working diligently in submitting all viable proposals by July. As for the central bank leader of Italy, a statement was released saying that cryptocurrencies pose no good to the government but pure risks and therefore, must be banned.

Because there’s a Market for It

Japan on the other hand is the largest market for bitcoin mining and trading.

Believe it or not, nearly half of the daily volume of this digital currency is being traded using the country’s currency.

This is as per the data furnished by Cryptocompare.

Then again, the US takes the second spot for being the biggest volume of bitcoin with around 26% as per Cryptocompare. This is not actually surprising given that it’s widespread across the country and many are using the services provided by gladage.com. As for US regulators, they have different definition of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Implementing Stringent Security Measures

The SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission mentioned that it sees digital currency as additional form of security. In early days of March, the agency has expanded scrutiny and said that it’s seeking to apply securities and appropriate laws to everything from the exchanges and trades made on cryptocurrency to digital asset storage firms which are otherwise known as wallets. The agency has concentrated its efforts on the initial coin offerings or the digital coins released via fundraisers referred to as token sales and have exerted efforts to police them via subpoenas.

Trump’s “I-Think-I’d -Take-It” Stance to Oppo Dirt, Hastens House to Act on Election Security Bill

“I think I’d take it” was U.S. president Donald Trump’s reply to George Stephanopoulos, Chief Anchor of ABC News, which specifically suggested accepting info about his opponent in the 2020 presidential elections. What made Trump’s statement controversial was that it was in answer to a hypothetical question about accepting damaging information coming from a foreign country.

Moreover, when ABC’s Stephanopoulos expounded on the topic by asking the American president if he will notify the FBI about it, Trump said,

It is not an interference, they have information…I think I’d take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I would go maybe to the FBI… if I thought there was something wrong”

Trump even refuted the testimony given by FBI Director Christopher Wray to Congress last month, about lawmakers needing to tell the FBI about cases of foreign election meddling.

House Democrats, of course, reacted by making it known that they are actually on the verge of passing an all inclusive set of election security bills. The said package of bills aims to address legal loopholes that surfaced after Special Counsel Mueller’s unraveling of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

House Dems Put Forward Information about Bill Clarifying Opposition Research as a Thing of Value

In the matter of campaign finance law that prohibits candidates from accepting foreign contribution, a passage will be added to include opposition research as a “thing of value.” if passed and approved as part of the US Campaign Finance Law, foreign contribution does not have to have a dollar amount to it, in order to be considered as a “thing of value.” Any disparaging information about election opponents supplied by a foreign country, being a case in point, will be illegal.

In addition, election security laws will include a bill that will require states to backup with paper ballots, their respective electronic voting system.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in her press conference that the House will also introduce a “Duty to Report” bill. Ms. Pelosi made the announcement right after the day Trump made known his “I-Think-I’d -Take-It” stance toward foreign-provided oppo research. The House Speaker explained that the “Duty to Report” bill, will require any campaign to report to the FBI, damaging research concerning an opposition, whether solicited or received from a foreign country.

The Politics of Different Types of Tax and Ways to Minimize Them

In order to meet the budgetary demands of the government, charges are urged by the government on every citizen and businesses as a way of raising revenue. This charges will basically finance the governments and its officials, fund projects for public good, and develop business environment thaw will promote growth of the economy.

There are different types of taxes- Income tax, property tax, goods and services taxes. estate tax, and excise tax. If you are running a company then your employees’ salaries are probably subjected to tax through the help of Tucson payroll services. Processing paychecks for employees has never been easier with them. Tucson Services not just offer payroll services to small and large business but at the same time provide services like accounting, legal documentation, notary service, and personal and business tax. 

“Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” says U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. Without taxes, it will be hard for the government to meet the demands of societies. The government will collect this money and use it to fund projects such as  health, education, governance, infrastructure development, transport, and housing.  

On the other hand, despite the significance of paying taxes, some people do not believe that their taxes are being used in a good way. Hence, they find ways in order to minimize them.

1. Income Tax- Americans who receive a monthly income that is less than the IRS-designated gross income limit is not subject to filing a federal income tax return.

  • Single: $12,000 ($13,600 if age 65 or older)
  • Head of Household: $18,000 ($19,600 if age 65 or older)
  • Qualifying Widow(er): $24,000 ($25,300 if age 65 or older)

Now, if you want to lessen the burden of federal income tax bill, you may want to consider taking advantage of the tax deductions and tax credits. However, only some people will be qualified for this. Though you may still try child tax credit and education credit. 

2. Sales Tax- this is popularly known as the consumption tax primarily because the things we buy or consume are also subject to tax. They say that this will be more maximized among wealthy citizens because the more they consume, the more they are being taxed.

How will you minimize getting taxed from buying goods aside from avoiding unnecessary products at the mall? The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (the PATH Act) made a provision to claim general sales taxes instead of states’ income taxes as an itemized deduction. The PATH Act includes several changes to the tax law that affect individuals, families, businesses and promote security against tax


Governments Around The World Are Considering Cryptocurrencies

Governments around the world – Russia, The United States, Canada, Republic of China, Japan, Venezuela, and others – are taking significant actions to explore and learn more about cryptocurrency (learn crypto on Pheeva.com). With governments keeping a keen eye on digital currencies, there’s a huge question of whether cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins can keep it decentralized. This question had been raised considering that governments would like to keep things centralized which is the exact opposite of true cryptocurrencies.

A Government-Backed Coin

Centralized Digital Currencies

There’s a significant difference between cryptocurrencies and the CDCs (Centralized Digital Currencies). True cryptocurrencies are decentralized meaning there’s no one person, or entity such as the government that controls them. CDCs are the exact opposite which means they are centralized and run by a certain entity such as the government and the central bank.

Through centralization, the government could make exponential changes which can either be good or bad.  This is scary because there’s also a question of security and privacy despite a good option to buy goods at a way cheaper price.

Russia has, specifically, came up with intriguing ideas as to why it wants to engage in some kind of government based cryptocurrency to work with international transactions and possibly impose levy on black markets. It has not been clear though if the said digital currency would have a decentralized ledger as it is with true cryptocurrency or if it is possible for it to be mined.

Why governments are showing interest just now?

The concept and technology behind digital transactions isn’t entirely new. Even before the internet have boomed, many companies are working to make digital transactions work without the use of cash or check. With the birth of the internet, the concept wasn’t fully adopted and the technology behind it is also not cheap. Government and financial institutions has not placed so much attention to it because the majority of the public were not into it too.

When Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, the boom had been extensive that the explosion of bitcoins along with other cryptocurrencies pushed governments to have a look at these technologies that could have a huge impact in the future of commerce, the finance industry, and the centralized authorities of the movement and generation of various currencies throughout the world.

Governments are now seeing the potential of the crypto technology but they need time to further understand it. In theory, there are several advantages drawn from true digital currencies. The straightforward and efficient instant electronic transactions that prevents fraud, better book keeping and tracking of transaction are just a few of this advantages. Not to mention that no printing is involved which saves a lot of costs behind its generation. On a side note, governments alongside many companies are overwhelmed by the ongoing trend. In order for them not to be left behind, some governments tend to make up something to catch up with what’s new.

Decentralized Money vs. Centralized Money

The success of Bitcoin proves the feasibility to generate money beyond the borders of traditional financial systems that are based on the government. This fact is pushing government authorities and central banks to inquire difficult questions about their function in future economies.

For some, the issue of true cryptocurrency (decentralized) and centralized digital currency is not the main point because the system is simply a detail. However, the main point is that you can have digital money circulating around which is a huge threat to the central bank rather than to private banks. Regardless if it is done with a blockchain or through any type of database does not make a huge difference.

The goals of Russia for running cryptocurrencies indicate how governing bodies around the globe can start adopting digital currencies no matter if the end is good or bad.

Bottom line

Governments have a tendency to move slowly and thus very little will change in the near future. A series of tests may have to be conducted to find out how the whole system will work. Nonetheless, governments will be forced to adapt the system when cryptocurrencies will start to present a real practical alternative to our current financial system.

Sanders’ Confidence Gets Doused by Hecklers in “She the People Presidential Forum”

Senator Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent making another bid for nomination as the next Democratic presidential candidate, gets a jolt from hecklers during the ‘She the People Presidential Forum.”

She the People, a nationwide network of advocacy groups comprised by women of color, hosted a forum in Houston last Wednesday, featuring eight (8) of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. However, young voters coming from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) who attended the forum gave Senator Sanders a heckling. They made it clear that they were not thoroughly satisfied with his rousing speeches.

Even before the holding of the forum, students were already of the mindset to hear candidates discuss specific plans for addressing current issues faced by women of color. As one computer science student said prior to the event

I’ve seen the rhetoric, but I haven’t seen the policies.”

What Most African American Students Want to Hear

Mr. Sanders was quite eloquent with his speech, to which he emphasized the importance of party unity in order to succeed in ending Trump’s Administration. He mentioned that Trump’s presidency had worsened racism, homophobia and sexism. He also gave assurance that even if he does not win the nomination, he pledges to give all out support to whoever will be chosen as 2020 presidential candidate.

However, as gave out anecdotes and indirect answers to questions asking for specifics on how he intends to address issues he mentioned, dissatisfaction became evident when the crowd started to boo and heckle.

Someone in the crowd shouted,

“What about black women?”

The question almost went ignored, but was pushed back by one of the forum moderators, Joy Reid of MSNBC. She nudged Sanders into giving a response by restating the heckle to a formal question and as follow up to Sander’s mention of social justice:

“For black women in particular?”

In response, Senator Sanders simply said

“Black women will be an integral part of what our political campaign and what our future administration is about.”

The response only drew more heckling from the dissatisfied crowd.

Behind Self Funded Political Campaigns

While many running candidates have relied on campaign finance to back their political campaign, there are quite a few who have funded their own political campaigns. Self-funding in electoral campaigns had always been a fact as far as politics can go. Many known politicians have had spent a huge amount of their own earnings in order to win an electoral campaign.

How Campaign Finance Works

When Senator Hillary Clinton offered $5 million in loans for her campaign, she temporarily joined other self-funded presidential candidates, which includes Mitromny, Rose Perot, John Kerry, and Steve Forbes among others.

Self-financing commonly indicates that a political campaign is economically struggling and has maximized its contribution to the donor base. However, political scientists state that voters do not automatically think this is something bad.

Clinton’s self-financing size is comparable to that of the presidential campaign of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry in 2004. Kerry loaned his home in Boston for a staggering $6 million loan to assist in a successful number of Democratic presidential selections on Super Tuesday, nevertheless, he lost to the present president George W. Bush on the general political election.

This fact is not only true to a presidential campaign; candidates from other political races have previously put in their own finances heavily.

How Far Could Self Funding Go To Boost Political Career?

A Republican independent, Michael Bloomberg, and a Democrat Jon Kozan also made use of their own wealth to reinforce their career in politics. Bloomberg put in $75 million to be among New York’s notable Mayors; On the other hand, Kozan put in $60 million to be among New Jersey’s list of governors.

Even so, for every single successful story, there is an angle of self-financing that has not reaped good rewards. Billionaire Steve Forbes failed to win the presidential nomination seat twice. He self-financed his campaign for millions of dollars in both the 1996 and the 2000 race however failed to win the electoral campaign.

Texas millionaire H. Rose Perot drew even more than $63 million in an electoral race. The race sometimes led him to a major candidate but in the end, he won third place. However, his 19% vote share is incredibly great for third-party candidates. In 1996. he ran again for an electoral campaign but this time he had taken public financing.

These candidates, when they fund their own activities, they treat these spending as a loan. For those who lose the race usually writes off the loan as a loss.

Candidates who succeed in congressional elections can take back a few of their investment by having a debt burning effort. In these instances, the lobbyists and their committees are wanting to build contacts with the new legislators and at some point find access to the legislator’s own bank account.

Thus far, there seems to be no limit in terms of self-funding. The stakes could be high. Either way, candidates will have to weigh their options when it comes to campaign spending as there are other sources of funding that will not entirely hurt their bank accounts.

Further Thoughts…

Self-funding is not the only source of funding for many political candidates, there is also the campaign loans granted to a candidate to finance such campaigns. Regardless of the nation, campaign loans are true. But only a fool takes out a personal loan or even a quick loan like quick loans NZ to fund their own political career. Candidates will have to be wise when they fund their campaigns. It can help boost your campaign or break you in the future.

Veto-Override Voting Results Showed Lack of Concern Over Congress’ Constitutional Mandate

Last Tuesdày (March 26, 2019), the Congressional voting to decide over Trump’s veto failed to muster the two-third majority necessary to bar Trump from using the National Emergency law. Apparently, there was not enough Republican defection in both chambers that will allow Congress to stop Trump from diverting military funds to his proposed expansion of the US Mexico border wall. Although voting will again take place on Tuesday, observers believe that the same results can be expected.

Previous passing of the related resolution by Congress in February 2019 had the support of both houses. However, in last Tuesday’s session, not enough Republicans rallied behind in support of overriding Trump’s veto. This, despite some previous expressions of views that Trump’s use of the National Emergency law is an abuse of presidential powers. It became obvious therefore, that those who chose not to stand by their objections were apparently more concerned with the votes they might lose in antagonizing pro-Trump supporters.

Acknowledging Democrats in Taking a United Stance to Uphold the Constitution

Praises to the Democrats, whose actions stayed true with the doctrines of democracy. Separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judiciary branches of the government is a liberal solution to limiting the powers of the majority. This received embodiment in the United States Constitution, designating Congress as controller of overall government expenditures.

In February, right after Trump declared the National State, the Democrats vowed that

”The Congress will defend our constitutional authorities in the Congress, in the Courts, and in the public, using every remedy available”

Acknowledging the Republicans Who Chose to Uphold Congress’ Constitutional Mandate

Even Republicans are wary that in allowing Trump to usurp Congress’ constitutional mandate to control government expenditures, they will also be giving future Democratic presidents a way of circumventing spending resolutions passed by Congress. As it is, only 14 House Republicans voted to override Trump’s veto.

The 14 included Rep.NY John Katko who missed voting on the February Congressional resolution to nullify Trump’s National Emergency declaration. Last Tuesday he upped the Republican override vote by joining Rep-MI Justin Amash, Rep-WA Jaime Herrera Beutler, Rep-PA Brian Fitzpatrick, Rep-WI Mike Gallagher, Rep-TX Will Hurd, Rep-SD Dusty Johnson, Rep-KY Thomas Massie, Rep-WA Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Rep-FL Francis Rooney, Rep-WI Jim Sensenbrenner, Rep-NY Elise Stefanik, Rep-MI Fred Upton (R-MI) and Rep-OR Greg Walden.

Why Australia’s Labor Party is More Successful than U.S. Democrats

In Australian politics, the equivalent of the U.S. Democratic Party is the Labor Party but the latter is more openly socialist than its American counterpart. After all, being branded as a socialist in the Australian political arena does not affect the views of Australian voters. Mainly because socialism has been part of the country’s politics since the establishment of the Australian government.

Still, there are similarities between U.S. Democrats and AU Labor Party because both push for policies in favor of the working class and the economic conditions of the underprivileged families, regardless of their race, religion, culture and/or sexuak orientation.

Since the Labor Party is openly socialist, they have succeeded in pushing for progressive reforms that most Australians view as practical, as far as their welfare and economic well being are concerned. Unfortunately, the majority of American voters cringe at the mere mention of socialism when it comes to politics.

An Example of the AU Labor Party’s Success in Helping Ordinary Australian Citizens 

One of the most significant achievements of the AU Labor Party is the exposure of the financial greed that used to prevail in Australia’s banking and financial institutions. Actually, the expose’ of the financial industry’s sales-driven culture was initiated by a group of Australian journalists. Yet the Labor Party acted on the matter by recommending the establishment of a Royal Commission to oversee the investigation of numerous bank scandals that took advantage of millions of Australians and their money.

In December 2017, the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, investigated the allegations of misconduct by banks, pension organizations and financial service companies. The outcomes of which were revelations branded by the media as a “culture of greed” among several of Australia’s financial institutions.

An example of the sales-driven culture that prevailed in Australia’s financial industry were the faulty practices of many car dealerships. Dealers sold vehicles by way of auto loans even if a buyer did not have the financial capability to settle such financial obligations The accredited banks likewise simply approved the granting of auto loans that car dealerships passed on to them for servicing.

The long and short about this particular example is that the Royal Commission has recommended the abolition of the Point of Sale Exemption that enabled car dealers to offer and transact Auto financing deals even if they did not have the proper license to do so. As a result many Australian automotive consumers shelled money out of their limited budget just to pay for loan amortizations.

Most of these consumers eventually defaulted with their payments and therefore lost the vehicle they had purchased due to bank repossession actioms. Errant auto dealerships remained free from any legal responsibility in relation to their involvement in the facilitation of the bad auto loans. The servicing banks simply sold the repossessed cars in order to recover the money paid to car dealerships.

How National Loans Australia can Help Automotive Consumers

While the Australian government is yet to act on the recommendations of the Royal Commission, National Loans Australia (NLA) gives advice to automotive consumers not to be pressured into signing Auto finance contracts with car dealers.

NLA offers financial services by helping consumers find the right financing deals, since the group has had more than 24 years of expertise in the field of Auto finance. Moreover, they have built a sound relationship with more than 30 reputable banks and financing institutions, which is important in working out customised financing solutions for clients.

The people behind National Loans can also help those looking for a bank or financing company that accept car loan refinancing, with offers of the most affordable loan amortization payments.

Choosing A High-Net-Worth Or Ultra-High-Net-Worth Wealth Management Firm

High net worth individuals (HNWI) have a net worth of over $1 million. On the other hand, ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI) are those with $30 million or more net worth. While they differ in the manner on how they make and expend their money as well as the way they get on with their lives outside or past the financial aspects, one thing is certain, wealth management is imperative, regardless if it is for high net worth wealth management or ultra high net worth wealth management.

This is where wealth management firms come in. These companies offer numerous distinctive capital solutions to their clients, whether high net worth individuals (HNWI) or ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI). Since these clients have greater levels of wealth as well as investment portfolios, they need to work with wealth management firms with experienced, strategic services so as to properly apportion their funds.

Choosing A Wealth Management Firm

Prior to choosing a wealth management firm, it is imperative that you take into consideration the experience, expertise and services they provide as not every wealth management companies offer similar services. Several firms specifically cater to high net worth clients whereas others to ultra high net worth clients.

So what are these considerations that you have to bear in mind when looking for a wealth management firm to assist you? Here are some:


Wealth management firms aid their clients to create refined and efficient financial planning approaches. Every wealth management firm is unique and have their own methods and personalized according to the needs as well as the financial goals of its clients. But, regardless of your needs and goals, advisors of reputable wealth management firms can help you create a clear and sound strategy that make certain it gives precedence to your needs.


Look for a wealth management firm that provides complete asset protection services. Whether you are an HNWI client or UHNWI client, your assets have to be protected from various threats, such as lawsuits or even from government authorities. When dealing with legal disputes, experienced wealth managers can offer recommendations on the best financial solutions for your assets to be protected.


Reputable wealth management firms provide its clients effective strategies to investment monitoring in order to efficiently manage HNWI or UHNWI finances. For finances to be monitored well, they offer their clients comprehensive services on portfolio advisory investment. As the invested capitals are great, the strategies have to be particularly calculated as well as systematized so as to manage the wealth of clients the best and most proper way.


Wealth management firms aid their clients in planning financial approaches for their future generations. This means that they would have added incomes to apportion for the coming generations. When working with a reputable, competent wealth management firm, you will be able to build a legacy building plan in the distribution of your estate and inheritance.

How these Countries are Moving its Way around the Pandemic?

What do you think is the reason why Brazil, Mexico and Argentina reacted differently than any other countries towards Covid-19? Well typically, the response to this question is limited to whether their Jair Bolsonaro, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Alberto Fernández accordingly recognize scientific facts as well as supporting ambitious measures in fighting the pandemic and mitigating its economic impact. On the other hand, there’s a divergence between the three biggest federations in Latin America that has been driven fundamentally by deeper institutional dynamics.

Experts in political science made a research offering clues to understand such developments particularly when reviewing at 3 critical areas:

  1. Relative power of governors and presidents
  2. Welfare states and;
  3. Political party identification

Among Argentina, Mexico and Brazil, it’s the former that offered the fastest and the most comprehensive response to Covid-19. This is partnered with nationwide and mandatory lockdown, as well as a travel ban and generous social policy package for its citizens that have low-income level and also to those who are in the informal sector.

In Brazil, they have exhibited among the worst responses in areas that are on lockdown. Yet, Brazilian Congress passed social policy package and at the same time, boosted the capacity of its health system. By contrast in Mexico, AMLO offered least comprehensive response with the lack of mandatory lockdown and quite limited plan in protecting informal sector of the society and those who are at low-income level.

How Each Country Reacted to Covid-19 Outbreak?

For the fact that quarantine orders are implemented and somehow impacted individual freedom, you may expect that the regime type – authoritarianism vs. democracy may evidently show its differences. Yet, all countries mentioned are democracies and the ideological orientation of its presidents do not seem to have any sort of relevance as well. Brazil as well as Mexico are after all ruled by its parties and both countries have far from satisfactory results with how it responded to the outbreak.

Labor informality may explain as well why other countries have refrained from enforcing nationwide lockdowns that are hard for informal sector workers. Yet such explanation lacks information because the levels of informality are the same in Brazil and Argentina.

A Very Brief Explanation

Political science research showed a handful of explanations. The orientation of the country’s political parties has enabled its presidents to impose somewhat unpopular moves like nationwide lockdowns. These measures have greater territorial uniformity when its governors are enjoying lower fiscal authority. However, it is imperative as well that they impose sms lån på minuttet anmeldelse to those who are planning to open up a business in these trying times.

Trump And Republican Allies Turns The Tide On The Witnesses Of The Impeachment Hearings

Fresh off the Impeachment Trial at the Senate, US President Donald Trump appears to seek more than just proving his innocence from all the allegations thrown against him that almost cost him his seat of power at the White House. At this time, the Republican leader promised to not let those people behind the movement to oust him from office get away with what they had done.

Specifically, Trump is said to be holding grudges against those personalities who went to the witness stand during the Impeachment Trial. With the way things are going right now, it is clear that Trump and his allies are starting to exact revenge on the witnesses.

Public Servants Under Fire For Standing Against The President At The Impeachment Hearings

A handful of diplomats and government officials gave their testimonies regarding the Trump administration’s questionable dealings with Ukraine. Unfortunately for them, Trump is now going after them with Lt. Col. Alex Vindman being kicked out of the White House last Friday, which is unexpected as Vindman is set to leave his post only after several months. Although with Trump’s revenge machinery, Vindman’s removal is totally expected after standing witness against the former. As for now, Vindman will see his way back to the Pentagon, but his future still appears uncertain.

Another casualty is US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who was also recalled from his post recently. Like Vindman, Sondland also played a significant role during the Impeachment inquiry.

Many others connected to the Impeachment Trial have already left the government office, or at least re-assigned themselves to another office just to have a safe distance from the White House. However, there is no guarantee that Trump won’t be able to touch them. After all, Trump made it clear that those who showed dissent against him will NOT be tolerated. His message is strong enough that he won’t need any soundboards to be heard.

For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and all other Democrats who have worked for Trump’s impeachment for the past few months, the battle is still on. Their concern for now is to call out Trump’s childish behavior in seeking retribution after the impeachment hearings.

In New Zealand, Elderly Care Becomes A No-No For Municipalities

Municipalities sound the alarm bell about the bill for helping older residents. The costs rise enormously while the income falls. A million-dollar threat is imminent, signals VNG municipal umbrella.

More and more elderly people turn to their municipality for help in their daily lives. Municipalities offer such services for vulnerable residents through the Social Support Act (WMO). This concerns, for example, personally tailored facilities such as domestic help, home adjustments, and daycare.

A new cost forecast from the VNG, based on a few large municipalities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Amersfoort, and Apeldoorn), shows that in 2024 many thousands of elderly people will make use of WMO support in these cities. As a result, the costs for the municipalities involved will increase by around seven percent annually in the coming five years.

Home help

The causes: aging, policy to let people live at home longer, less availability of informal carers and the introduction of a new subscription rate for support. Because from this year on, the government will no longer look at income or capital when calculating the personal contribution for home help. Everyone pays a maximum of 17.50 euros per four weeks.

The VNG has always opposed the introduction of this system and now it appears why. The number of clients has risen sharply in the past six months, partly due to the advantageous fixed rate. As a result, spending increased by an average of over seven percent. At the same time, municipalities see a reduction in WMO income from their own contributions to 30 percent on an annual basis.


The municipality umbrella now calls on Minister De Jonge (Health) to look together at measures to ‘keep support and care affordable’. A spokesperson for the minister said that the pocket money for the municipalities already takes into account inflation, rising health care spending and demographic developments, such as the aging population.

ANBO, the elderly organization, is not surprised that municipalities see that their WMO budget is ‘threatening to fly out of the corner’. Director-director Liane den Haan. At ANBO, we believe that we must invest much more in prevention so that we prevent older people from increasingly requiring care. That is why we have been arguing for years for sufficient and suitable housing for the elderly. ”

Elderly care is a growing issue that shouldn’t be taken for granted. While more and more citizens are purchasing life insurance for elderly, there is a need for better facilities to take care of the growing number of seniors.

Should We Trust 100% in Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin is claiming that it’s the very first decentralized P2P payment network that’s powered by its own users without the presence of middlemen or central authority. As a matter of fact, it is the same reason why there are so many trading platforms and bots like https://gladage.com/bitcoin/trading/best-crypto-trading-bots/ that have filled the market. In reality, the lack of central authority is the major reason why governments are not confident of cryptocurrency.

As a regular individual, you may not be able to totally understand the fear that this is causing to the government as well as currencies. So let us try to step down another level.


What We Trust?

Fiat is the term that’s used in describing traditional currencies issued by the government. These fiat currencies actually have no value until the government say they do. To the people under its sovereignty, this means nothing. At the end of the day, fiat currencies aren’t supported by tangible assets. You simply cannot return the currency back to the government so you get a bar of silver or gold, pack of cigar or any items that may have value to you.

Fiat currencies are backed by government credit and full faith that’s been issued on them. So, if you want silver, gold or pack of cigar, you have to trade your fiat currency with someone who has that item.

Why having Control Matters?

It is the government that is controlling fiat currencies. They are using central banks in the issuance of money. They do this by what’s referred to as monetary policy in exerting economic influence. They are dictating as well how fiat currencies could be transferred by allowing them to monitor currency movement, direct who will profit from movement, track criminal activity and collect taxes on it.

All these controls will be lost as soon as non-government entities have created their own currencies.

There are drawbacks for having control over policy. And there are a lot of them. Possibly, the one that is affected the most is the nation from its effort in controlling crime, nation’s fiscal policy and business environment. While every topic is deep and broad to fill in the void, let us discuss what’s fundamental in this concept.

  • Fiscal Policy

Due to the reason that the government increases or restricts intentionally the amount of money that’s circulating in the economy to stimulate spending and investment, avoid recession, generate jobs, having control over currency is actually a huge concern.

Are There Laws That Regulate Lawsuit Loans?

If you are a plaintiff in a personal injury (or other type of lawsuit) and have a cash shortage, you may be considering a lawsuit loan. With a lawsuit loan such as pre settlement loans auto accidents, you can receive the funds you need right away. A private lender prepays the money to the plaintiff, expecting that the money plus interest will be repaid from future settlements or judgments.

Lawsuit Loans in Your State

Not like other forms of financing, lawsuit loans are generally not governed by certain laws of the federal government. There are only a few states in the U.S. that have implemented some consumer safeguards for those who wants to avail of this type of funding. This is partially based on the argument that that lawsuit funding is basically not a loan but a form of cash advance from the money or settlement entitled to the plaintiff if he or she wins the case.

The lawsuit funding sector explained that lawsuit loans are generally not loans since these type of funding is nonrecourse. This means that plaintiffs do not have to pay back the money in the event that they lose the case. Rather, they define the ventures as nonrecourse acquisitions of a percentage of the profits of a probable future case settlement.

The industry continues to be criticized because of its huge fees and insufficient transparency in terms of business practices. Having less or no transparency at all makes it hard for borrowers to come up with an educated decision if a lawsuit loan will benefit them in their case. Some state and federal authorities make an effort to safeguard people from unethical loan providers in other aspects of consumer credit, including student loans, promissory notes in cases of a home mortgage, an application for a credit card, a car installment and even lease contracts.

Using this argument, lawsuit lenders have convinced some state legislatures not to regulate their products as if they were traditional loans. Though, certain courts and some states require lawsuit lenders to comply with state lending laws or otherwise regulate lawsuit lenders. For example, a 2015 decision by the Colorado Supreme Court determined that these kinds of agreements are, in fact, loans and subject to state lending laws.

By this statement, private lenders providing these types of funding have persuaded some legislatures of the state not to control their loan solutions like regular loans. On the other hand, a number of courts and selected states necessitate litigation lenders to conform with lending regulations imposed by the state. For instance, the Colorado Supreme Court ruling in 2015 identified that many of these contracts are in reality loans and they are governed by the laws of the state on customer loans.

Because there are little formal consumer protections regarding lawsuit loans, if you are considering this type of funding, you need to be extra vigilant. Understand what the loans are, carefully consider whether such a loan is a wise financial decision in your situation, and if you decide to look for a loan, shop carefully.

Since there are no well defined laws that protect the consumer against lawsuit loans, extra care must be taken when considering these kinds of funding. Fully comprehend what the loan is then cautiously reflect if this type of loan is a wise financial resolution in the present scenario.

Bottom line

Lawsuit loans aren’t closely regulated in contrast to various types of loan products that are closely regulated. Nonetheless, there are some settlement loans that are regulated in some states. Therefore, every state has its own stand concerning lawsuit or settlement loans. You must get in touch with the attorney general in your area to know if there are certain rules that are imposed regarding this type of funding.

Look at other options like taking out a personal loan. For those who have good credit, obtaining a regular personal loan could be a wise choice. Good credit rating could help you be eligible for a significantly lower interest rate compared to a settlement loan.

How Charitable Are The 2020 US Presidential Candidates?

Charity is providing or voluntary help to indigent individuals, as a philanthropic or humanitarian deed. Others put is as altruism, the practice or idea of unbiased, selfless and self-effacing concern for the welfare of others.

Insuring These Philanthropic Acts

Because of these altruistic and humanitarian deeds, numerous charity organizations of various cause have been and are being established. And just like any other organizations, whether profit or non-profit, need to have a form of insurance to protect what they have.

Certain charity insurance is formulated to cover the numerous risks that may be encountered by charities, non-profit organizations, voluntary origination, local community groups and more. Such coverage includes Employers’ liability including volunteers, property damage for buildings and contents, and Business interruption including for donations and grants.

How Giving Are The US Presidential Candidates of 2020?

Individuals who give to charity are usually those who are well-off. However, not all who are affluent are charitable.

For instance, candidates of the US presidential elections in 2020 have comfortable lives, where two are billionaires and most of them are almost millionaires. However, they aren’t the most charitable group.

Almost all candidates with tax returns have donated not more than 5% of their revenue, frequently falling behind average Americans in similar tax range. As per recent findings, the entirety of their identified giving which amounts to $198 million appears impressive, until you take into account that 98% of the total amount is from Tom Steyer alone, a billionaire who has donated 193 million US dollars to three of his charities.

Among the 2020 presidential candidates, the very charitable one, with regards to the percentage of donated income, is Cory Booker. From his tax return record, over the past 10 years, the US senator from New Jersey has donated 485,000 US dollars. Approximately half of the amount came in 2013 alone when he has given away in cash about 130,000 US dollars and 130,000 US dollars’ worth of stock to charities in New Jersey. His tax returns, every other year, display gifts/donations from 2% to 16%.

In absolute terms, billionaire Tom Steyer is the identified to be the biggest donor. However, of the hopefuls who have issued their tax returns, Senator Cory Booker has revealed to have given the biggest fraction of earnings.

The other candidates who have made known of tax returns have given much less. For instance, Elizabeth Warren and husband since 2008 have donated to charity almost 420,000 US dollars which is about 4% of the 10 million US dollars they earned throughout that span of time. The tax return of Kamala Harris displays a giving of around 200,000 US dollars since 2014 which is about 2% of his earnings. Since 2009, Bernie Sanders gave around 106,000 US dollars which is approximately 2% of what Sander’s and his wife earned.


Senior Voters will Likely Support a Democratic Candidate who Can Address Their Retirement Problems

Older adults, ages 65 and over, are known to be more involved in presidential elections than the younger groups of people.

Based on data gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau, 71% of the American voters who participated in the last 2016 presidential elections were senior citizens. Even more notable is that aside from Social Security benefits and health care costs, they are now showing support for actions that address climate change, inequality of income and accessibility of education. Apparently, their interests are veering toward the ideologies supported by the leftists.

After all, the previous Obama administration was able to address social and economic issues with a balanced view, instead of simply focusing only on economic and world conflict problems.

That is why Joe Biden, who served as vice president to Barack Obama appears to be the candidate that older voters will support in the forthcoming 2020 elections. However, many are gradually having doubts about the former vice president, since the latter has yet to present a clear and solid plan on how he intends to address the issues that the older generation cares about.

Bernie Sanders is the next likely candidate that senior citizens would choose to elect. Still, Sanders’ constant voicing of his Medicare-for-all agenda leaves them the impression that he has not given much focus on other problems that greatly affect the quality of life in America.

Although Elizabeth Warren is a less seasoned candidate when compared to Biden and Sanders, she appears to be the only candidate who presents well-thought-of-plans concerning various important issues.

They hear Warren mouthing not only promises on Social Security and health care reforms. Senior adults are also hearing specific actions on how she intends to institute and carry out reforms. After all, most senior voters today come from working class families,

Warren’s awareness of how the elderly are still experiencing difficulties when it comes to saving for a decent retirement, has piqued their political interest.

Most of Today’s Older Adults are Still Striving to Make Ends Meet

A recent survey was conducted to determine the main reasons why most senior American adults today, have not opted to retire despite reaching age 65. Provision Living, a company focused on providing the basic needs of senior citizens, polled 1,000 eligible retirees to find out why they are not keen on retiring.

A third of the eligible retirees who participated in the polls cited financial ineptness. About 23% of whom indicated that their family is still largely dependent on their financial support. Nineteen percent (19%) still need to settle financial obligations. Generally, they foresee retirement as an option that they will take once they reach age 72.

Nonetheless, many of those who are deferring plans for retirement have taken on a Lifetime Mortgage that will allow them to semi-retire by working on part-time jobs. That way, they can still provide support to their family or allow them to settle their remaining financial obligations without having to engage in full time jobs.

What is a Lifetime Mortgage?

A Lifetime Mortgage is a type of loan available to olders citizens who are at least 55 years old and living on real property that they own. This loan works on the principle that since properties appreciate in value, older adults can harness their equity interests on their property, in order to solve problems that prevent them from retiring.

The advantage of a Lifetime Mortgage is that it will not burden the senior adult with monthly payments. That is because the entire settlement of the equity borrowing will be deferred until the borrower passes away or has entered a nursing home.

When considering this option as a means to solve problems that prevent an eligible retiree from retiring, the value of the loanable amount must first be determined by using an equity release calculator.

Unfortunately, Supercars aren’t for Everyone

For the past decade, the word “supercar” becomes a staple in automotive industry. And despite the fact that some are using it a bit loosely, its general description is a car that’s extremely luxurious, outrageously powerful and remarkably expensive.

Despite the fact that you can walk into several car dealers and buy secondhand supercar right from their lot, that is not how real car enthusiasts play the game. When visiting such dealerships, interested individuals are expecting to have a car that is specifically crafted for their needs. They don’t want something that is generic that everyone else can have.

Bespoke Car for Meticulous Buyers

Whenever supercar manufacturers have received orders from their clients, it sometimes takes weeks or even months before having the car delivered to them. The reason is that, they are specialty boutique. They don’t make cars for mass production like corporate manufacturers.

Every part is hand-built by real humans, constructed with care, love and tenderness. Sometimes, the process of buying a supercar is so intricate that only selected individuals can make it to the cut.

It doesn’t matter if your CTL is approved, if you fail to meet the set requirements of supercar manufacturers especially for ultra-rare car, you wouldn’t be eligible to buy it.

Abuse of Power?

However, this is the exact same reason why some people who are in position and power are taking advantage of it to get special privilege on buying supercars. Believe it or not, just recently, the Swiss government will auction supercar collection that is amounting to over 13 million dollars that were seized from Vice President of Equatorial Guinea. At the moment, the former VP is facing multiple charges of money laundering and corruption.

All the 25 cars were allegedly under the name of Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue who happens to be the son of Africa’s president who took power via coup back in 1979. They were taken in custody in 2016 and his governance were unsuccessful in arguing that some cars did not belong to him but to a state company that sent them to Geneva for repairs. Ultimately, the cars were surrendered to close the case.

Among the supercars that were seized included one out of the only nine Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters (4.5 million dollars), Ferrari LaFerrari (2.5 million dollars and McLaren P1 (1.5 million dollars). Spokesperson for the Bonhams, which is the company that is handling the auction told Fox News Autos that the proceeds are bound to be given to different charities in order to benefit Equatorial Guinea. The event is also set to take place in the 29th of September in Geneva.

The Politics of Happiness Without Money

People indulge in the timeliness of working hard always for the sole purpose of being able to get that paycheck and save up big and bigger. People dwell their whole lives working for their family, then for themselves, then for their respective families again when settled on marriage. In between these are other branches of saving up, spending, and spending even more. But the question to this more than “does money give us happiness” is, when will this cycle ever stop?

The Social Construct of Happiness

It is very relevant to say that people obviously do this for the reason that the society and industry we live in is in fact, adamant in getting money from us in all ways, which then we have to deliver or otherwise we will be the ones to suffer the consequences of not working enough, or not having enough money. Everything is to be bought, and nothing is ever free, even if it is said to be.

Oftentimes, because of this cycle, people forget to live. The simple politics of being happy without money is such a blur, and nothing makes sense without money, because in fact, people get happy when they are able to buy things that they want, their loved ones need, and even experiences don’t come without that high price in this era.

The industry is set on investments, financial goals like one seen on FORA Financial, which is, in fact, a very great thing to consider when thinking realistically in life. A lot may think of this article as something very objective and unrealistic but the fact is, the reality is not anymore. Every transaction and cycle is the politics of money, and everybody is happy.

The exchange of ware and money will never be diminished in our social construct, and will never be something negative. What may be taken as negative though, is the fact that the first thing you think of when you wake up is going to work, and getting pay rather than thinking first that you are awake yet again, and is bound for more than going to work for the majority of your life.

Personal Loans From Political Candidates

The most usual form of personal injury settlement loan is for vehicular accidents. The American Pride Legal Funding or APLF could provide settlement loans for such accidents. These settlement loans are related to various funding, which includes loans for pre-settlement, loans for legal funding, as well as loans for legal settlement. This kind of loan will greatly help individuals, especially those who are in immediate need of money for car accident settlements.

Although there are loans for such incidents, there are other types of loans for other purposes that, for most of the time, is what many individuals seek out, such as for education, home improvement, debt consolidation, starting a small business, for medical bills, or for paying utility bills. On the other hand, in terms of politics, loans could be taken out to fund political campaigns.

Loans from Political Candidates

Political candidates have the option to loan their personal finances for the intent of political campaigns. When candidates loan their funds, they are actually contributing to their campaigns. Compared to other contributions, these contributions by the candidate aren’t answerable to any limits however are subjected to added reporting. Furthermore, applied to the personal loan repayment are timing restrictions totaling to over 250,000 US dollars for an election.

What Aren’t Regarded as Personal Funds from Candidates

Personal Loans and Gifts

If any individual loans or gifts the candidate money for the intention of impacting any poll for office in the federal level, the finances aren’t regarded as the candidate’s personal funds even though they are directly given to the candidate, even if it is from a candidate’s peer or relative. Rather, the loan or gift is regarded as a donor’s contribution to the campaign, which is set for per-election limit and is to be reported by the campaign. This is also applicable even though the candidate utilizes the finances for expenditures for personal living whilst campaigning.

Bank Loans Related to Campaigns

Loans taken from the bank aren’t regarded as contributions from the financial institution if they act in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) in terms of loans from the bank. When a political candidate gets a loan from the bank to utilize it for campaign-related purposes, the loan is regarded to be from the financial institution, not from the personal funds of the political candidate. The political candidate works as the campaign agent.

Forgiving or Absolving Personal Loans

The political candidate may have the option to forgive or absolve the entire or a partial of a loan from the candidate’s personal finances to drum up support. It is a need for the political candidate to file a statement together with the candidate’s signature specifying that the loan is forgiven.

Policymaker’s Take on Federal Student Loans?

Democratic candidates for 2020 election have the same sentiment or at least, has the same bill with regards to the crisis of student loan debt. Believe it or not, college debt in the US has almost tripled from 2006 and now has exceeded 1.5 trillion dollars. That is trillion with the “T”. This puts it shy of the first place which is mortgage debt. There are roughly 43 million students who have taken student loans across the state.

Meanwhile, US President Trump pushes a provision that’s going to put a ceiling to the amount of federal assistance a student can acquire in bid to stop the runaway debt. He made a commitment of fixing the issue and whatever is happening to it.

Then again, the Democrats rooting for his job agreeing on how big the problem was but has a different take on how it could be solved.

Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif

She said that that she has plans of going after private colleges that are luring students with nothing but empty promises of securing profitable jobs and then, leave them in mountain of debt. One proponent of Schatz bill, she called this debt crisis as among the biggest challenges that the country is facing. Thus, pushing for a debt free college and at the same time, organizing a system for students in refinancing their debt like personal loans.

Speaking of personal loans, applying for Zebra loans to deal with education problem among college students can help parents to send their children to a reputable school. It doesn’t always have to be about student loans. Besides, this is another way the citizens can help the economy and state as a whole.

Julián Castro, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary

In a statement, he said that he wanted to make sure that students would learn the significant trade skills and focused more on community colleges as well as apprenticeship programs than completing a 4-year college program. He believes at the same time that student loan debt is something that is not needed by the country and therefore, has to be eradicated for good.

Jay Inslee, Washington Governor

Inslee is a Washington governor and has focused his efforts as well as the national campaign on global warming. However, he disclosed his plan for dealing with rising cost of education. The College Promise grant offers financial aid to students in north of 93000 students by the year 2021.