Progressive Democratic Reps Raskin (MD) and Khanna (CA) are pushing for plans they’ve developed to drive new victories as 30 House Democrats are about to exit. Rep. Jamie Raskin, who is an expert constitutional law professor asserts that

”At this point, we have to defend the United States of America’s constitutional democracy with everything we’ve got.”

As more Republican seats are up for grabs this coming midterm elections, it suggests increased threats of Republicans taking over the House majority leadership.


Staying Optimistic to Overcome Political Handicaps

The two progressive lawmakers who apparently have tired of the ideological politics overshadowing the true Democratic messages, want Democrats to focus on coalition-building instead of preaching.
Democrats running to win seats in the national House of Representatives should also share a more optimistic message while improving their dialogue on racial divisions. Raskin and Khanna give advice for Democratic candidates to stay out of the political correctness position by shaking up discussions for reclaiming issues on patriotism.

Also Rep. Ro Khanna says it’s important for midterm candidates to ramp up reminders of how Democrats were able to pass into law the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill known as the American Rescue Plan and the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill despite slim margins in the Lower House and the Senate. Although this California legislator said he wished they could have done more, he argued that they have a fighting chance to defy the odds as the other party is out to destroy American democracy.