With the partial shutdown of the government, it can potentially affect various programs down the road. At the same time, delay home loans and even lainavertailu would not be an exemption. To give you an example, the US Department of Agriculture said that the Women Infants and Children nutrition or WIC program runs at local and state level with whatever funding is available.

The Alabama Arise Policy Analyst Carol Gundlach stated that this spells trouble for folks who are currently in this program. She additionally mentioned that WIC is running on the state money offhand and don’t any clues on how far the program can operate with that finances. Spokesperson with Alabama Department of Public Health mentioned that healthcare services are functioning as normal as of the moment.

SNAP or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program isn’t even guaranteed to get funding this past January.

It Looks Good on the Surface

Barry Spear who is the spokesperson with Alabama Department of Human Resources indicated that SNAP keeps operating as normal. He has recommended for people to still apply for the said program so long as they’re eligible. Alabama Arise has said that there are countless of non-profits who are providing services to people in the said state with federal dollars via federal formula grants. Gundlach had said as well that most of the grants originated from the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs and Department of Justice. Both departments have had appropriation from Congress yet. This can include sexual assault programs, homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters.

Not to mention, the government shutdown can delay a couple of USDA home loans. Helga James, one of the mortgage brokers with Barr Group Mortgage have three clients who are waiting for USDA approval. They cannot get the approval at the moment as a direct effect of USDA shut down.

That’s the Job they have to Take

James mentioned that they don’t have any other ways of knowing how many documents or applications USDA is going to receive throughout the shutdown and that the backlog may look like. This is why people in the department are working diligently to assist and support every applicant to prevent any issues.

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