Democratic candidates for 2020 election have the same sentiment or at least, has the same bill with regards to the crisis of student loan debt. Believe it or not, college debt in the US has almost tripled from 2006 and now has exceeded 1.5 trillion dollars. That is trillion with the “T”. This puts it shy of the first place which is mortgage debt. There are roughly 43 million students who have taken student loans across the state.

Meanwhile, US President Trump pushes a provision that’s going to put a ceiling to the amount of federal assistance a student can acquire in bid to stop the runaway debt. He made a commitment of fixing the issue and whatever is happening to it.

Then again, the Democrats rooting for his job agreeing on how big the problem was but has a different take on how it could be solved.

Senator Kamala Harris, D-Calif

She said that that she has plans of going after private colleges that are luring students with nothing but empty promises of securing profitable jobs and then, leave them in mountain of debt. One proponent of Schatz bill, she called this debt crisis as among the biggest challenges that the country is facing. Thus, pushing for a debt free college and at the same time, organizing a system for students in refinancing their debt like personal loans.

Speaking of personal loans, applying for Zebra loans to deal with education problem among college students can help parents to send their children to a reputable school. It doesn’t always have to be about student loans. Besides, this is another way the citizens can help the economy and state as a whole.

Julián Castro, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary

In a statement, he said that he wanted to make sure that students would learn the significant trade skills and focused more on community colleges as well as apprenticeship programs than completing a 4-year college program. He believes at the same time that student loan debt is something that is not needed by the country and therefore, has to be eradicated for good.

Jay Inslee, Washington Governor

Inslee is a Washington governor and has focused his efforts as well as the national campaign on global warming. However, he disclosed his plan for dealing with rising cost of education. The College Promise grant offers financial aid to students in north of 93000 students by the year 2021.