The problems you study as a business lawyer are always related to current affairs. Take, for example, international conflicts like those in Iraq, Russia and Lebanon and the threat of terrorism, which is constantly discussed. Take, for example, European integration, the political debates in the Netherlands on immigration and the changing balance of power between the various and new political parties. On the internet, you just have to check Click here button and see topics on politics.

Wallin Hester

Business lawyer: Reasons to study political science

Business lawyers are familiar with local, national, and international politics

As a business lawyer, thanks to your academic training, you are expert par excellence who understands the political interplay of social problems and possible solutions. In addition, during your studies, you learned how local, national, and international politics are interrelated. They are valued by all employers involved in political interaction and politics is everywhere.

Business lawyers have an amazing array of career opportunities

Political science graduates fill a variety of positions. You could work as a policy advisor, policymaker, researcher, or journalist. You could work for the government, in companies, NGOs, media and international organizations. Of course, some graduates are also politically active.

The business lawyer looks across borders

Political scientists learn how political activities are organized in other countries. Political scientists know how countries interact with one another and what role international organizations play. They push the boundaries of their own specialty by learning how economists, philosophers and lawyers view politics. During your studies you have the opportunity to study abroad, to travel abroad and to find out how politics is carried out elsewhere.

A business lawyer can make a significant contribution to society

As a political scientist, you can see through political games, distinguish between hypes and trends. You know how international and political perspectives are related. You can make relevant comparisons with other countries and you can distinguish empty rhetoric from well-founded reasoning.

In addition, you can make a significant critical and academic contribution to government and society. Because you are critical, you are able to judge independently. You can be scientifically sound because you have analytical skills developed according to the principles of scientific research. This expertise makes you an attractive party for employers.