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Political Betting

While many enjoy online casinos and sports betting, others find political betting exciting. With the emergence of social media and its involvement in the entertainment and news world, things that people don’t bet on before are now being wagered on, hence the term political betting.

With the political climate as well as the gaming industry being hot as ever, both reflect each other to involve people in political races whilst making use of political betting websites to potentially earn some money based on their predictions.

Political Events to Wager On

People who engage in political betting could place a wager on various political events. Below are some examples:

US Presidential Election

The most popular event where you could bet on various odds is the US Presidential Election. The odds are often posted a well as changed since stock for presidential candidates fluctuates during the presidential run. Handle increases naturally when the election season is nearing and where presidential candidates are more solidified. This puts the political betting season at full blast.

There was a lot of action during the 2020 Presidential Election on numerous political betting websites. Many have also added more situational props as well as altered odds especially when the election was getting closer. Several of these changes were because of the debate performances and public reception.

US Congressional Election

Although this political event isn’t that popular as the US Presidential Election, the event still has occasional handle that comes in for these. Individuals who are constantly informed and updated with politics frequently have the knowledge to handicap this less popular election however still very much important. As this event are reliant on the state itself, wagers for the Congressional Election are actually more regional than they are national, since they don’t have the appeal that the Presidential election has.

Other Political Betting Examples:

  • British Parliament Election
  • Australian Parliament Election
  • Referendums (Brexit for instance)
  • London Mayoral Election