For the past decade, the word “supercar” becomes a staple in automotive industry. And despite the fact that some are using it a bit loosely, its general description is a car that’s extremely luxurious, outrageously powerful and remarkably expensive.

Despite the fact that you can walk into several car dealers and buy secondhand supercar right from their lot, that is not how real car enthusiasts play the game. When visiting such dealerships, interested individuals are expecting to have a car that is specifically crafted for their needs. They don’t want something that is generic that everyone else can have.

Bespoke Car for Meticulous Buyers

Whenever supercar manufacturers have received orders from their clients, it sometimes takes weeks or even months before having the car delivered to them. The reason is that, they are specialty boutique. They don’t make cars for mass production like corporate manufacturers.

Every part is hand-built by real humans, constructed with care, love and tenderness. Sometimes, the process of buying a supercar is so intricate that only selected individuals can make it to the cut.

It doesn’t matter if your CTL is approved, if you fail to meet the set requirements of supercar manufacturers especially for ultra-rare car, you wouldn’t be eligible to buy it.

Abuse of Power?

However, this is the exact same reason why some people who are in position and power are taking advantage of it to get special privilege on buying supercars. Believe it or not, just recently, the Swiss government will auction supercar collection that is amounting to over 13 million dollars that were seized from Vice President of Equatorial Guinea. At the moment, the former VP is facing multiple charges of money laundering and corruption.

All the 25 cars were allegedly under the name of Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue who happens to be the son of Africa’s president who took power via coup back in 1979. They were taken in custody in 2016 and his governance were unsuccessful in arguing that some cars did not belong to him but to a state company that sent them to Geneva for repairs. Ultimately, the cars were surrendered to close the case.

Among the supercars that were seized included one out of the only nine Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters (4.5 million dollars), Ferrari LaFerrari (2.5 million dollars and McLaren P1 (1.5 million dollars). Spokesperson for the Bonhams, which is the company that is handling the auction told Fox News Autos that the proceeds are bound to be given to different charities in order to benefit Equatorial Guinea. The event is also set to take place in the 29th of September in Geneva.

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