People indulge in the timeliness of working hard always for the sole purpose of being able to get that paycheck and save up big and bigger. People dwell their whole lives working for their family, then for themselves, then for their respective families again when settled on marriage. In between these are other branches of saving up, spending, and spending even more. But the question to this more than “does money give us happiness” is, when will this cycle ever stop?

The Social Construct of Happiness

It is very relevant to say that people obviously do this for the reason that the society and industry we live in is in fact, adamant in getting money from us in all ways, which then we have to deliver or otherwise we will be the ones to suffer the consequences of not working enough, or not having enough money. Everything is to be bought, and nothing is ever free, even if it is said to be.

Oftentimes, because of this cycle, people forget to live. The simple politics of being happy without money is such a blur, and nothing makes sense without money, because in fact, people get happy when they are able to buy things that they want, their loved ones need, and even experiences don’t come without that high price in this era.

The industry is set on investments, financial goals like one seen on FORA Financial, which is, in fact, a very great thing to consider when thinking realistically in life. A lot may think of this article as something very objective and unrealistic but the fact is, the reality is not anymore. Every transaction and cycle is the politics of money, and everybody is happy.

The exchange of ware and money will never be diminished in our social construct, and will never be something negative. What may be taken as negative though, is the fact that the first thing you think of when you wake up is going to work, and getting pay rather than thinking first that you are awake yet again, and is bound for more than going to work for the majority of your life.

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