Sunday Talks for 3/26/17

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Well, this has been an interesting week. On Monday, FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers testified before the House Intelligence Committee regarding links between the Trump campaign and Russia. Comey did flat out confirm there is an investigation into this going on. He also said that the FBI did not find any proof that President Obama “tapped” Trump Tower/Donald Trump, and he also stated he had been given permission to report the same thing from the Justice Department. Trump, of course, took to Twitter and declared that Comey had said the exact opposite of what everyone watching/listening actually saw/heard Mr. Comey say. :headdesk:

Another prominent Russian has been killed; this one, Denis Voronenkov was shot dead outside a hotel in Kiev. Mr. Voronenkov and his wife fled Russia for Ukraine and were outspoken critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is the 8th Russian who has been killed in the past 5 months. Apparently disagreeing with Vlad can be deadly!

The biggest news of the week came on Friday, though, when the Republicans were to vote on the “TrumpDon’tCare” bill, but Speaker Paul Ryan did not even bring the bill to the floor because he knew he didn’t have enough votes for it to pass. Ding dong, the bill is dead! At least for now. Maybe they will put together another one, equally as horrifying as the now-deceased one. Or, in a scenario I think is more likely, they will start killing it piece by piece. But at least for now, 24 million Americans can breathe a little easier.

Lineups for this week on the talkies:

ABC’s “This Week” – Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C.; Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency; Roger Stone, former Trump campaign adviser.

CBS’ “Face the Nation” – Reps. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and Trey Gowdy, R-S.C.; Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ariz.; George Shultz, former secretary of state.

NBC’s “Meet the Press” – Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va.; Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif.

CNN’s “State of the Union” -Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.; Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio; Reps. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., and Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y.

Trump's One Mule Drag

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Trump is using an informal process of governing (twitter, public appeal, threats and lies) to bypass and override the formal process of laws, regulations, and procedures that are the constitutional structures of governing. He says over and over these rules are the enemy of freedom and liberties rather than their protectors. His narratives constantly point to every neighbor being a threat, esp. if they differ in religion or color, screaming that their culture allows them to hide an agenda of destruction both physical and ideal–and that removal of these persons is the only way to guarantee removal of the threat. For Trump, freedom comes from the repression of people, the abandonment of rules, the removal of restrictions on government actions that can be taken against residents and citizens.

Trump’s narratives of blame are also narratives of speculation: the imaginary “what ifs” seen and heard in his head about threat potential. Can he take credit for the imaginary threats he stopped? No, but the difference is Trump uses speculation/what ifs to act without cause. He acts on imagined fears, claiming he is carrying out the government’s duty to prevent threats, to secure the social order,and  means cleansing and purging the society of all persons who may appear to be agents of the perils or pawns of the unknown menace. This use of imagination to justify acts in real time crosses the edge of civil order. It turns law into fantasy to justify assaults on people and liberty, undermining both for things undone.

Farmers in the depression used mules to level the fields. The most primitive was the one mule drag, a log that bumped along on the ground. It was a load that did very little. Trump’s policies are also attached to a mule’s hind end.
His ‘bad guys streaming in” never happened. His outcry narratives offer actions that defy reason. He claims credit for things that never happened. His personality of power drives his focus, like a blind mule who cannot see consequences beyond his path.


"One Mule Drag." April 1938. FSA.

“One Mule Drag.” April 1938. FSA.

The Ugly Trump Lies To Congress

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Trump dominates the media with grossly misleading headlines. Who’s to the right of the Freedom Caucus? Or was Trump suggesting liberal Republicans on the left would win these districts?

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The President Must Be Made Aware Of The Danger He Is Trying To Hide

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Of the twin issues before the House Select Committee on Intelligence yesterday, the foreign incursion into the election process, foreshadowed by implicit references . . . → Read More: The President Must Be Made Aware Of The Danger He Is Trying To Hide

Sunday Talks for 3/19/17

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This week’s low light (among many — hey, we’re talking about the Dumpster) was the meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Cheeto Boy. First, he refused to shake her hand at . . . → Read More: Sunday Talks for 3/19/17

Trump's Presidency Is A Death Watch

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In the glare of sensationalism, important narratives are missed. Rachel Maddow loves these narratives, long stories tying rich decision-makers and governments together; her latest about the Bank of Cyprus, Trump lender . . . → Read More: Trump’s Presidency Is A Death Watch

The Haters Of Others Joined By A Pilgrimage

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The New GOP Messaging

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Climbing the ladder of power, the administration and Republican message becomes more strident and direct: now, we are a short step away from genocide, an executive order away from box cars and fences. . . . → Read More: The New GOP Messaging

Ideology Is Always Personal

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Many books written in the name of grand ideals, rigid ideology, whether about politics, economics, or religion, grind a personal ax. The sharp edges draw attention (people love blood, even when it . . . → Read More: Ideology Is Always Personal

Wealth And The New Family Stagnation

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The Federal Reserve Bank’s focus on macro-economic growth as measured by its almost singular obsession with metrics for employment, output, lending rates, and inflation ignores a very basic flaw and a . . . → Read More: Wealth And The New Family Stagnation